Text reads, “The Very Small Creatures.” The word “The” appears in yellow, “Very” is pink, “Small” is green, and “Creatures” is blue. Blue, red, orange. Yellow, and green stars appear around the words. Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Green—very small creatures of the same colour as their names, peek over a white disc with the text on top. They jump down and bounce in front of the text. Blue appears above the text and jumps down to bounce with the others.

[Giggling, upbeat music plays]

Text reads, “Boing.”

Pink walks on a wooden floor. It approaches colourful building blocks on the floor.

[Speaks gibberish]

Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange look down from on top of a small red case on top of the crate that stores the block set.

Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange say, HIYA! HELLO!

[Giggling, thumping, excited chittering]

Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange walk out on a ruler on top of the suitcase.

[Slide whistle, exciting music plays]

The creatures bounce on the ruler and run back on to the suitcase.

[Shrieking, scared chittering, speaking gibberish]


Yellow blinks as it looks at the ruler.

[Blipping, whistle]

Yellow says, HMMM.

Yellow bounces on to the ruler. Yellow bounces high into the air.

[Giggling, excited squealing]

Blue, Green, and Orange say, WOW!

[Slide whistle, squish]

Yellow lands on Pink.

[Giggling, shouting gibberish]

Blue slowly move on to the ruler.

[Nervous muttering, excited chittering]

[Blue inhales deeply, slide whistle]

Blue looks over the side of the ruler and runs back to Green and Orange.

[Gibberish, Green chitters excitedly, honk]

Green jumps on Blue, and bounces to the end of the ruler. Green jumps high and lands on the floor in front of Pink and Yellow.

[Slide whistle, splat]

Green stands and stars move around its head as it sways, dizzy.

[Blipping, groaning, popping]

Yellow and Pink lean against Green.

[Giggling, boinging, excited chittering]

Blue looks nervously over the side of the suitcase. Orange encourages Blue.

[Nervous mumbling, comforting gibberish]

Orange says, OKAY?

Blue shakes its head.

[Orange speaks gibberish, giggles, deep breathing]

Blue says, OKAY.

[Speaks gibberish]

Orange says, ONE.

Orange and Blue say, TWO. THREE!

Orange and Blue bounce off the ruler together.

[Upbeat music plays, boing, squealing]

Blue and Orange bounce off each other in the air. They knock the others over as they land.

[Boing, giggling, rattle, giggling]

Blue says, AGAIN!

[Boinging, chittering, laughing, upbeat music plays]

The very small creatures climb back up to the top of the suitcase, with Blue leading the way.

End credits:
“Aardman production for Sky Kids.”

“Sky Kids”