Text reads, “The Very Small Creatures.” The word “The” appears in yellow, “Very” is pink, “Small” is green, and “Creatures” is blue. Blue, red, orange. Yellow, and green stars appear around the words. Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Green—very small creatures of the same colour as their names, peek over a white disc with the text on top. They jump down and bounce in front of the text. Blue appears above the text and jumps down to bounce with the others.

[Giggling, upbeat music plays]

Text reads, “Light Show.”

The very small creatures play with buttons, pipe cleaners and bows on the floor. Pink puts a green bow on its head. Blue positions an orange pipe cleaner like a pair of antlers on its head. Yellow, Green, and Orange bounce a pink pom pom off their heads.

[Gibberish, laughter]

Orange says, HM?

Orange chases the pom pom as it rolls beside a green and blue flashlight with a red button.

[Panting, giggle, music note plays]

Orange says, OH!

Orange hops on the flashlight and turns it on.

[Boinging, click]

The very small creatures look at the flashlight.

[Gasp, gibberish]

A very small creature says, OH!

[Green exclaims, boing]

Yellow says, OH!

Yellow watches its shadow as it bounces.


Yellow says, AGAIN, AGAIN!

Yellow and Green’s shadows jump up and down. A shadow with antlers appears on a wall.



The shadows of Green and Yellow quiver. Blue wears antlers as it stands on Pink’s head.

[Gibberish, laughing, upbeat music plays]

As Yellow walks closer to the flashlight, its shadow grows on the wall.

Green says, HUH?

Yellow says, HUH? A-HA!

[Thoughtful music plays, gibberish]

Yellow moves away from the light and then closer to it.


Orange bounces and accidently turns off the flashlight.

[Boinging, click]

Yellow says, OH, NO.


Orange says, A-HA!

[Upbeat music plays, boinging, click, cheering]

[Gasp, upbeat music plays, sliding, grunting]

Yellow runs away from the flashlight. It pushes a toy dinosaur in front of the light as the other very small creatures look at the craft supplies on the floor. The dinosaur shadow appears. Orange, Pink, Blue, and Green run away from the wall.

[Boing, shouting]

Yellow says, HUH?

[Gibberish, gentle music plays]

Yellow finds the hiding very small creatures cowering behind a ring tower. Pink and Orange watch as the dinosaur and Yellow’s shadows shrink on the wall. They watch Yellow move the dinosaur toy.

[Sliding, gibberish, squealing]

[Yellow imitates a dinosaur roaring]

[Giggling, boinging, roaring, upbeat music plays]

End credits:
“Aardman production for Sky Kids.”

“Sky Kids”