Text reads, “The Very Small Creatures.” The word “The” appears in yellow, “Very” is pink, “Small” is green, and “Creatures” is blue. Blue, red, orange. Yellow, and green stars appear around the words. Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Green—very small creatures of the same colour as their names, peek over a white disc with the text on top. They jump down and bounce in front of the text. Blue appears above the text and jumps down to bounce with the others.

[Giggling, upbeat music plays]

Text reads, “Sleeping Bunnies.”

The very small creatures jump on a fuzzy pink blanket.

[Giggling, shrieking]

They lie down on the blanket.

[Gentle music plays, sighing, yawning]

Orange sneezes.

[Sneeze, giggling]


Pink jumps up and bounces.

[Excited chatter, boinging]


Pink says, HUH? OH.

[Excited chatter, boinging]

Pink wakes up Green. Green stands, then lies back down.

[Grumbling, snoring, boinging]

Pink says, HUH?

A corner of the blanket rises and falls as Blue sleeps beneath it.

Pink says, OH...

Pink falls over.


Pink tosses and turns.

[Sad chatter, snoring, boing]

Pink bounces away from the others. Pink slides down the blanket.


Pink says, WHOA!

[Giggling, boing, sliding]

Pink says, WHEE! WHEE!


Pink says, HUH?

Pink walks under the blanket.


Pink bounces up the blanket and slides down again.

Pink says, WOW! WHEE!


Pink says, OOH! HM?

Pink bounces under the blanket towards the others as they sleep.


[Giggling, boing]

Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue fly up into the air. They look startled.

[Giggling, blink]

[Laughter, boinging]

The very small creatures move under the blanket.

[Giggling, boinging]

Orange, Green, Yellow, and Blue emerge from under the blanket. Blue looks under the blanket.

[Snoring, slide whistle]

Blue says, HUH?

Pink sleeps under the blanket.

[Gentle notes play, snoring]

Hearts rise from Orange, Green, Yellow, and Blue.


Orange, Green, Yellow, and Blue say, AHHH.

[Green shushes]


End credits:
“Aardman production for Sky Kids.”

“Sky Kids”

[Splatting, whoosh]