Text reads, “The Very Small Creatures.” The word “The” appears in yellow, “Very” is pink, “Small” is green, and “Creatures” is blue. Blue, red, orange. Yellow, and green stars appear around the words. Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Green—very small creatures of the same colour as their names, peek over a white disc with the text on top. They jump down and bounce in front of the text. Blue appears above the text and jumps down to bounce with the others.

[Giggling, upbeat music plays]

Pink walks on a wooden floor. A wooden piece of train track leans on a round toy. Blocks and a pink tambourine lay scattered on the floor.

Text reads, “Seesaw.”

Pink looks at the seesaw.

Pink says, UM. OH. OH!

Pink jumps on to the seesaw.

[Boing, creak, giggles]

The seesaw tips. Pink panics and runs back to where it started.

[Squeak, gibberish]

Pink says, UH.

Pink walks up the seesaw.

[Drum roll, boing, squeak]

[Squealing, giggling, boinging, cheering, happy music plays]

Pink says, WHEE!

Pink runs from side to side on the seesaw.

Pink stands on the tip of the seesaw and it does not go down. Pink looks confused, then notices Yellow standing on the other end of the seesaw.

Yellow says, YOO-HOO!

Pink says, HUH?

[Tink, tink]

Pink and Yellow ride the seesaw.

[Giggling, squeaking, shrieking]

Pink and Yellow say, WHEE!

Green says, OH!


Yellow and Pink say, WHEE!

Pink says, WHOA!

[Giggling, boing]

Yellow says, YEAH!

Green bounces to the top of a tower of blocks and watches Yellow go up and down.

[Giggling, chattering, sqeaking]

Yellow says, WHEE!

Green jumps on to the seesaw beside Yellow and they look at each other. The seesaw goes down and throws Pink in the air.

[Squeak, scream, slide whistle, crash]

[Giggling, distant cheering, laughter]

Pink bounces over Yellow and Green to the top of the seesaw.

Pink jumps and says, AGAIN. AGAIN. AGAIN.

[Giggling, grunting, boinging]

Yellow and Green stare at Pink.

Pink says, AWW. HMM...


Orange and Blue jump to the top of a tower of blocks. They jump on the seesaw beside Pink. That side of the seesaw goes down, sending Yellow and Green flying up into the air.

Yellow and Green yell, WHOA!

[Slide whistle, chatter, giggling]

Yellow and Green bounce to the seesaw.

[Boinging, cheering, giggling]

Yellow and Green bounce off the blocks, on to the side of the seesaw in the air. They look down at Orange, Blue, and Pink. Yellow and Green jump.

[Grunting, boinging, slide whistle]

Yellow says, OH.


Pink says, OH!

Pink bounces across the seesaw to Yellow and Green. Orange and Blue fly up into the air. They land and Pink runs to their side. Yellow and Green fly up into the air. Pink runs back and forth.

[Boinging, panting, laughter, upbeat music plays]

End credits:
“Aardman production for Sky Kids.”

“Sky Kids”