Chuggington Season 1

Can't Catch Koko

When Harrison breaks down, Koko volunteers to replace him on the night shift, determined to make the fastest run ever. But Vee insists that Wilson and Brewster go too, despite Koko's protests that Brewster will slow them down. Koko races off, teasing Brewster about being a 'slowcoach.' Suddenly she shudders and slows to a stop and Brewster and Wilson overtake - thinking that it's one of her games and she'll shoot past them any minute now. When she doesn't, Wilson is worried - but if they turn back they'll never make the delivery on time! They call Vee for help but she doesn't answer. There's a power cut! They remember that unlike them, Koko is electric and draws her power from the track, so she must be stranded somewhere! They turn back to rescue her. Wilson pushes a relieved Koko back to Chuggington, while strong Brewster takes all three cars. When Koko learns that Brewster made the delivery on time, she promises never to tease him about being slow again!