Chuggington Season 5

First Responder Calley

It's a busy day at Chug Patrol Headquarters: Jackman attends to a spilled load and firechugger Asher deals with a trackside fire. As Calley watches Jackman in action with his crane and Asher with his fire hose, she worries that she doesn't have a specialty of her own. Then, when a mix up leaves an emergency situation unattended, Jackman decides that Chug Patrol needs a first responder to be the first to report to an emergency scene. Calley and Asher compete for the job. At the ChugG aGsonic Speedtrack, Jackman tests them on their speed and knowledge. In the end it is clear that Calley has a vast understanding of emergency situations and lots of experience dealing with them. To her delight, she gets the job, along with her own specialty