Paw Patrol Season 4

Mission Paw: Royally Spooked!

Who you gonna call when a ghost knight is haunting your castle?? The Paw Patrol! When the spooked Earl of Barkingburg calls Ryder, the Paw Patrol jet to Barkingburg for a 'Mission Paw' to prove there's no such as ghosts and to discover what's really behind this spirited scare. But, while Ryder is ready to bust this royal "ghost", one of the pups isn't running on the double to save the day. Rubble's afraid of ghosts - and until they prove this one isn't real, he's going to steer clear of the castle in the Mission Cruiser. While Rubble keeps safe on the team vehicle, Ryder discovers who's really haunting the castle - it's Sweetie! She's trying to scare everyone out so she'll have the castle all to herself. She'll finally be Queen of the Castle! When Sweetie succeeds in clearing the castle of everyone but her and her ghost knight, Ryder calls on Rubble to board his Mini-Miner to break into the castle and save the day. But Rubble still thinks a specter has taken over the castle, not Sweetie. To save Barkingburg, Rubble will have to overcome his fear of things that go bump in the night! This is a 'Mission Paw'!