The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

Dog Show

Tom and Derek are taking Rooster to a dog show. If they win the prize money, they plan to buy treats for themselves and Rooster. It takes ages to get Rooster looking pooch perfect, but the excitable dog can't resist jumping into a muddy puddle. Tom's not worried, surely, they can just give him a bath?! UH OH. Rooster hears the B word and immediately rolls around more in the mud. He is not keen on having baths! Liz shows us how to make a magic wax resist doodle with white wax crayon and water colour paint. Tom invites us to play a game - match the pets with their owners. Does that hamster belong to Mr Fullerman or is it that cat with the big round head? Hmmm. Tom and Derek bath Rooster and get him nice and clean. They just need to give him a brush. Tom has ,borrowed, a brush sister Delia. She won't mind - much! Rooster is clean but a very fluffy. They make it to the dog show just in time for him to win fluffiest dog in show! Tom shows us how to make our own winning rosette.