Family Movie Night

Dino Dana The Movie

It's Dana's biggest adventure and scientific discovery yet, as she tests the Shape Shifting Theory -- that some dinosars with different names are actually the same dinosaur just at different ages! Themes of family and belonging are woven throughout the films. Saara's mom is moving far away and Saara has to decide if she will move with her mom or stay living with her Dad, step mom, Dana, and Dexter. Meanwhile, new upstairs neighbours include step brothers Mateo and Jadiel, who are learning how to be in a blended family for the first time. Dana realizes that for both dinosaurs and humans, if you only focus on what makes them different, you'll miss seeing all of their similarties, which ultimately make them a family. At the end, Saara realizes the importance of siblings and stays living with Dana, and Jadiel accepts that Mateo is his brother now and is able to focus on the positives of that.