Book Week

It's Book Week! The kids have come dressed as literary characters. Viktor and Prisha connect over their favourite book, while Salwa and Tiffany have come dressed the same! But Team Mahaki has bigger problems - the Handball Zone tournament (Zone) against the best players from each of the local schools is tomorrow, and Mikey's got no partner! Salwa refuses to step up. Jerry tells the gang to trial the whole school. So they do! But no one comes close to being a good doubles partner for Mikey. Finally, Mikey and Prisha get Salwa onboard for Zone. But Salwa is out of practice and needs to learn to have fun to be a better player! Meanwhile, Tiffany's teamed up with Team Volkov allowing them to compete at Zone! This hits Team Mahaki hard! Plus Mikey is feeling guilty as he hasn't told his friends about the potential Butterfield scholarship and the possibility that they may not be together next year at high school.