Raven's Quest


Phenix is an 8-year-old Mi'kmaq boy from Gesgapegiag, Quebec. He helps out at his grandparents' sugar shack making maple syrup from sap and he shows us how it's done. It can take up to 45 buckets of maple sap to make just one bucket of syrup, so it's hard work! He also shows us all the delicious candies and treats that are made from the syrup. In the summer, Phenix barrel races with his horse, Paris. In barrel racing, you ride as quickly as you can around standing barrels, and the horse and rider with the fastest time wins. In the winter, Phenix and Paris give sleigh rides to his friends. He also has a pet cat named Max. Phenix loves to play soccer with his friend, Caleb. In their town, there is a special church shaped like a gigantic teepee. Inside the church is a small museum that has pictures and artifacts from Phenix's family! Phenix's special word in Mi'kmaq is ,s'na'way s'tok'gunn, which means ,maple tree,.