Nora is an 8-year old Ojibwe girl who lives in Curve Lake First Nation, Ontario. She introduces us to her family, her cat Lucy, and her other unusual pet - a bearded dragon named Rexy! After giving us a tour of her room, Nora and her mom make some strawberry jam - yum! She shares with us that her favourite thing about strawberries is when you cut them open, because the inside looks like a heart. She also shares the Seven Grandfather Teachings, which are guiding principles to live by that are embraced by her Ojibwe culture. Nora loves karate - she already has her green belt and is getting better every day. She and her friends Hailey and Aliyah have a lesson with Sensei Ed, then come home to make some slime. Then they head outdoors to do some snowshoeing! Nora's special word is "Ndi zaagin" which means "I love you" in Ojibwe.