Sunny's Quest: The Complete Series


Owen is a 9-year-old Canadian Rwandan boy from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. He teaches us about Rwanda, its culture, and its rich history. His parents left Rwanda for their safety during the Rwandan genocide. Owen teaches us about the new Rwandan flag, adopted in 2001. The colours represent peace, happiness, development, hope, and intelligence! Owen loves to relax in his room and has an impressive toy car collection. On the wall are several ribbons Owen has won for cross country running, and he shows off some of his soccer jerseys for all the teams he has played on. Owen heads to the kitchen and with his mom's help, he makes some mandazi, a kind of Rwandan donut. He likes to eat them by dipping them in chocolate. After, Owen and his music teacher play the traditional Rwandan instrument, the inanga, and dances to the music in his traditional Rwandan outfit. Finally, Owen has his photo taken and tells us about his love for modeling and acting. He gets an awesome message from a producer, Sabine Daniel, who tells Owen to follow his dreams in front of the camera!