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Katy Carr is a bit of a tomboy, with an over active imagination. She has a secret den at the back of her neighbour's garden where she regales her friends and siblings with fantastic tales and where she likes nothing better than to climb trees. Katy life changes when she falls from a makeshift swing and suffers life changing spinal injuries. KATY is about how a regular 11-year-old faces up to the challenges of every 11-year-old - a new school, new teachers, new classmates (and an old foe), parents that 'just don't understand', with the added challenge of being a new wheelchair user. Taking inspiration from physios, nurses, patients, her family and her fantasy figure - Smash Hornet, Katy refuses to be defined by her disability. Katy learns how to dream again. She takes her wheelchair to the Skate Park and shows us just how you can, ,fly when you cannot even walk,.