Chuggington Season 2

Frostini's Meltdown

On the hottest day of the year, when the trainees are going to help Frostini deliver ice cream, there's a power failure and it looks like all the ice cream will melt! Speedy has an idea: he and Frostini will go to the ice caves in the mountains and bring back ice to keep things cold. Meanwhile, the trainees must look after the refrigerator cars; they'll keep working as long as the trainees keep moving! At the ice cave, Frostini's over-enthusiastic ice-cutting brings a huge piece crashing down, blocking the exit. He and Speedy are trapped! Speedy uses his steam to melt a way through. They return with the ice, only to discover that the trainees have fallen asleep, so the refrigerator cars have stopped working and the ice cream has melted. Disaster! Until Speedy saves the day, by suggesting they make slush cones, using crushed ice flavoured with the melted, fruit-flavoured ice cream.