Chuggington Season 2

Hodge Sails Away

It's a windy day in Chuggington, which is causing lots of problems. Eddie has a list of jobs as long as his arm! Hodge really wants to help. Some fencing needs to be delivered, but the hooks that hold the tarpaulin down over the load are missing. As Eddie dashes off to yet another job, he asks Hodge to pick up some more hooks. Farmer Felix is anxious to get his fencing before his animals escape. Not realising he actually needs the hooks to keep the tarp secure, Hodge decides it would really help if he took the fencing with him on his way to pick them up. On his travels, the wind works the tarp loose. It affixes itself to Hodge, turning into a kind of sail. It whizzes Hodge along and lifts him high in the air, sailing him all round Chuggington. Eventually it drops him back in the depot. When Eddie learns that Hodge has inadvertently fixed everything on his 'to do' list in the process, he thinks Hodge should sail away more often!