Raven's Quest Season 3


Teiota'sharià:kon - who's English name is Tommy - is a 7-yr old Kanien'kehá:ka boy from Kahnawà:ke, Quebec. Tommy, loves to play chess, is learning how to play piano, and wants to be an artist like his dad! His new ribbon shirt and breech cloth are special and just for ceremonies that take place at the longhouse. His sister Iakotonhnhetsheraká:ion helps explain what a wampum belt is, and that they are made with purple beads that come from quahog shells. Tommy is also learning how to do taekwondo - it's hard but he loves it because you get ,that feeling!, After he and his sister make some apple crisp, Tommy tells us about the ,Stirring of the Ashes Ceremony,, which is part of the Mid-Winter Ceremonies and represents the end of one cycle, and beginning of a new one. Then he heads outside to do some snow shoveling, and he and his sister go sledding! Tommy's special word is ,akohserà:ke, which means ,winter, in Kanien'kéha.