Raven's Quest Season 3


Thomas is an 8-year old boy from Curve Lake First Nation, Ontario. He and his family take a walk at the Mshkiigag Wetlands, and he tells us about the turtles he saw there in the summer. Thomas loves animals and back home he introduces us to his new pet - a baby chameleon named Emerald! Afterwards he shows us how he and his brother help out by bringing in the wood to feed the wood stove - that's how his family heats the house. He and his Mom pick some cedar branches in order to make cedar tea with his cousin Liam. When you boil it, the steam will cleanse your house and the tea will cleanse your body. Thomas, Liam and their friend Jordan try to replicate pottery made out of clay by Thomas' ancestors using homemade dough, and then head out for a game of manhunt in the snow!