Raven's Quest


Morgan is a 12-year-old girl from East Selkirk, Manitoba. She's Métis. Morgan gets to hang out at the local firehouse with her best buddy Adrea - their fathers are volunteer firemen! She has three dogs and loves to play with them in her gigantic backyard. She and Adrea love to go swimming together. Morgan shows us her collection of blocks. In her bedroom, she's got tap shoes and traditionally beaded hair clips. She teaches her Mom how to do Métis beadwork and explains to us what the colours on her Métis sash mean. Morgan's passion is Métis fiddling and she plays each day with her Dad who accompanies her on the guitar. Morgan and her father go to a local home for the aged to entertain them with their music. Morgan's special word is "li vyaloon" which is Michif for "fiddle".