Sing Along Kitties

One day, the kittens and their parents are rushing home from vacation to celebrate New Year's Eve. They missed their flight because the kittens had a tummy ache so Mommy and Daddy decided to rent a car. They need to take a ferry to get home but it isn't leaving for two hours so the family store their belongings in the luggage room and get in a very long line to buy tickets. When the family finally makes it through the very long line Daddy realizes he's left his wallet in the luggage room. By the time they return with the money, all the tickets are sold out. As the kittens try to figure out how to cross to the other shore, the captain announces he will be giving away free ferry tickets to the winner of the music talent contest. The family get their instruments and perform a song about home sweet home. The kittens learn that nothing can brighten up a bad day like a good song!