6:00 AM
Book Hungry Bears
The Bears learn that you can play together in different ways when Melody wants to be a sandcastle but her friends want to be dinosaurs. Melody has to use her creativity, flexibility and persistence to find a way to play together. BOOK: Bobby's Castle Salma's persistence, creativity & positive attitude encourages Bobby to venture out and helps him realize that having a friend to play with is actually lots of fun. --- Melody wants to pretend she's a mother cat and her friends are her little kittens, but the others each want to be their own different animals. Melody learns that parents can love all kinds of babies. BOOK: Which Egg? A stork, a parrot and a crocodile get their eggs mixed up but come together to care for their babies as a family.
6:21 AM
Emily Elizabeth, Samantha, Pablo, and Jack turn a giant cardboard box into an epic fort. It's the perfect place to play! When the kids head inside for lunch, the dogs decide to take a turn playing in it. But what happens when they accidentally wreck it?! Will they own up and tell the kids the truth of what happened? Or do they have other plans?
6:34 AM
Donkey Hodie
When Donkey hurts her hoof and can't go to Cheesy Con with Panda, Panda brings Cheesy Con to her!
6:46 AM
Super-rectangle Twelve helps the super-excited Numberblobs work out how many tokens they need for each fairground ride.
6:51 AM
Gabby's Farm
Gabby builds a friend for Mr Scarecrow out of straw. Together they explore the farm to see how straw is made and stored and all the ways it is used.
6:58 AM
Odd Squad
Olympia and Otis are tasked with calling a truce between feuding guests.
7:12 AM
Urban Tails
When he's not tearing up the charts, BIG BADGA is tearing up the ground with his Badger Clan and their powerful front claws. They have distinctive black stripes over both eyes that makes them style icons in the hip hop world, and they know it! Big Badga gives us a rap performance of ,Badgaz comin' at ya!, in the park. His rap is packed with Badger facts about where he lives and how he hunts for his food. He's a real cool dude but he is a stickler for cleanliness, he and his Badger Clan ,go outside when they need to pee,!
7:14 AM
Paw Patrol
The Aqua Pups must save the Merpups' golden orb release when Moby lures a Giant Squid into Puplantis
7:26 AM
Wild Kratts
When Aviva makes a Flamingo Creature Power Suit, the color doesn't work - the suits are completely white!!! The gang can't figure out why. All the DNA is correct. There's nothing wrong. So where does the flamingo's pink come from?! The gang is on a quest to solve the Mystery of the Flamingo's Pink. Science Concept: Foods. Your body uses the nutrients and minerals from the foods you eat.
7:54 AM
Elinor Wonders Why
Elinor and her friends are trying to make an awesome couch cushion castle, but they each have their own ideas of how to build it. When they can't seem to share materials, it looks like all hope is lost, until Elinor notices ants walking by her windowsill. Fascinated, the kids follow the ants and notice them co-operating with each other to build the perfect nest. Now they know just what to do. The kids go back inside and now that they're working together, the castle-building is much smoother. They can even move the biggest pillow - together! --- When Ari can't find his favourite ball, he and his friends retrace his footsteps, where they observe a bird with eggs in her nest, then find Mr. Dog burying a toy. Mr. Dog explains he loves to put things away, which is why he buries them and keeps them safe in their "special place". At that moment, Ari suddenly remembers where he left his ball, and once they find it, Elinor and Olive help him find a "special place" to keep it, AFTER they finish playing, of course!
8:19 AM
The Birdwell Fun Fair has arrived! Try your hand at the ball toss! Dunk Fire Chief Franklin! Get your fortune told by the Amaaaazing Emily Elizabeth! All is fun and games until Emily Elizabeth predicts that Clifford will "lose something." He gets so worried about his future that he can no longer have any fun at the fair. Will Emily Elizabeth be able to help assuage his fears before the Fun Fair is over?
8:32 AM
Jasmine & Jambo
Jasmine and friends set up a music group, The Bugs, which is an instant success. The Lalalas get excited every time they play. All of them spend the summer travelling the world and giving performances. But, gradually, they begin to get tired. Being famous is nice but the summer is nearly over and they haven't had time to go to the beach yet.
8:40 AM
Messy goes to Okido
When the sun mysteriously disappears, Messy and his friends zoom up to space to find out what's going on and bump into some old friends. Can they all bring the sun back or will Okido be in darkness forever?
8:51 AM
Bamboo Loves Music
While playing with some pots and pans, Bamboo Love makes a horrible racquet but is having fun playing. Bamboo Love feels and hears a new drum beat and follows the rhythm to the perfect spot, and is thrilled to see a friend playing a unique instrument. Learning about the bongo drums, Bamboo Love learns to play this new bongo drum loud and proud!
8:54 AM
Little Malabar
While looking for the egg that his friend the Goose misplaced, Little Malabar discovers an enormous cloud of gas and dust in outer space. Perhaps the egg took shelter in this big colorful nest where baby stars pop out? Stars are born in gigantic clouds of gas and dust. Sometimes they group together and then are scattered throughout the galaxy.
8:59 AM
Paw Patrol
When Mayor Humdinger challenges the Adventure Bay team to a soccer match, Ryder and the Paw Patrol are called in to play. The Paw Patrol players start strong but a series of mysterious mishaps - a liver sausage pizza distracts their goalie, gophers appear on the field and their holes cause havoc, a crank call for help from a very phony looking farmer - all lead to the Adventure Bay team trailing and the game in jeopardy. The Paw Patrol must work as a team to overcome some dirty tricks by Mayor Humdinger and pull out a victory! --- Marshall wins a shiny new collar, and he's sure it's bringing him good luck and nothing can harm him. Buoyed by his new role as the Lucky Pup he takes risky chances while helping to rescue Hootie. It takes good friends to rescue Marshall when he and Hootie fall into a deep crevasse.
9:23 AM
Kangaroo Beach
Gemma is determined to win the Kangaroo Beach junior triathlon, score a trophy and, most importantly, beat super competitive Pounce! But when an emergency breaks out during the race, she discovers there are more important things than winning gold.
9:37 AM
Momolu and Friends
Playing pirates allows Huhu, Hiko, Kimu, Momolu, and Banni to participate in their own ways and learn that it's fun to do nice things for your friends especially when they do nice things for you!
9:44 AM
Jojo & Gran Gran
JoJo wants to celebrate the St Lucia carnival with Great Gran Gran. Great Gran Gran shows JoJo pictures of the local carnival via video call, but JoJo is disheartened when Gran Gran says it's too far for them to travel to and join in with. Instead, JoJo and Gran Gran have their own carnival in the back garden, including making their very own parade float for JoJo to ride on! JoJo and Gran Gran celebrate their heritage at home with Great Gran Gran on the webcam. Together the family enjoy the festivities with all of JoJo and Gran Gran's friends!
9:56 AM
Curious Crafting
Sukruti and Ben hop into action to learn Mandisa's Bunny Craft that has the ability to jump. The craft involves two cups - the first cup becomes the bunny's face, complete with ears, googly eyes, pipe cleaner whiskers, and yarn for hair. The kids fashion elastics to the top cup so it leaps off the other one when it's released.
10:00 AM
Book Hungry Bears
The Bears learn that everyone is different, with different strengths and talents. When the Bears pretend to be birds, Crystal has a hard time finding which bird is the best bird for her to be - until she discovers she is really good at keeping her balance like a flamingo. BOOK: "A Busy Day for Birds" The book invites the reader to imagine they are different types of busy birds hopping, swimming and swooping through the day.
10:11 AM
Kit & Pup
Let's find out about cardboard with Kit and Pup! Kit and Pup are playing with differently shaped cardboard boxes, but whenever they stack the boxes, the tower eventually falls over. What could be going wrong? Through their adventures Kit and Pup find out that cardboard can be folded, can be smooth and can be firm. In the live-action investigation a little scientist tests the strength of cardboard tubes by building a cardboard bridge, and in the material world a mini explorer waves from the mouth of a cardboard tube.
10:16 AM
Tik Tak
Explore dancing tomatoes in the garden conservatory, a magic puppet on the bedroom wall and watch as Book Boy toasts bread by doing magic.
10:21 AM
The Game Catchers
The Game Catchers visit a balloon planet, where they meet water balloon aliens. Their new friends want to teach them the game Waterfall but first they need to stop the water balloon tree from running away!
10:29 AM
Bamboo Loves Music
Startled by a low deep sound, Bamboo Love quickly hides before setting off to find out what could be making these unique vibrating sounds with playful patterns. Spotting Rabbit and Mr. Elephant practicing with a large brass instrument, Bamboo Love, learns that the sounds come from a Tuba, which happens to be the largest and loudest brass instrument when played in the orchestra.
10:32 AM
Baby Baby
The babies and their friends have fun with adorable kittens! Meow.
10:38 AM
Pins and Nettie
Pins, Nettie and their friends are playing ,Follow the Leader, and Pins is ,it,! But Pins isn't sure he wants to be the leader - what if he does a bad job and ruins the game? Lesson: making a plan can make things easier
10:43 AM
Polkaroo Counts!
Polkaroo meets Cara at the playground sandbox to search for the missing number five! Meanwhile, Angela is in the Polkaroo Counting Lab finding 5 all by herself! High-five Angela!
10:46 AM
Red and Blue meet Yellow and have fun colouring the seaside. Discover the colours around you with the Colourblocks.
10:52 AM
B.O.T. and the Beasties
B.O.T. drops down into Rocky, Grassy World and has to collect data on the Fruity Tapper. The excitable Fruity Tapper uses its pointed beak like a jackhammer to rattle and shake the fruit out of the trees. The hungry beastie races around on the hunt for more delicious fruit. B.O.T.'s mission is not easy as the little robot gets rattled, bounced around and covered in sticky fruit juice!
10:59 AM
Very Small Creatures
The Very Small Creatures are playing a game of Hide & Seek. As Pink counts to ten the others rush to find the perfect hiding place. Who will stay hidden the longest and win the game?
11:03 AM
Birdwell Farm is overgrown with weeds! Good thing Farmer Jones has arranged for a few goats to come visit the island and chew them down! But wait... where did the goats GO? Do Emily Elizabeth and Clifford have what it takes to wrangle a handful of crazy goats before they turn Birdwell Island upside down?
11:16 AM
The Ollie & Moon Show
Moon wants to find the perfect present for Ollie, but in the process, she forgets what friendship is really about.
11:28 AM
Number 1 Newton Avenue
Libby has made a minigolf course out of cardboard in the shared garden. Libby tries to instruct her mum on how to navigate the course but ends up confusing herself as there are too many instructions to remember. With the help of her trusty whistle, Libby starts to understand how maths can help solve this puzzle.
11:36 AM
Dino Dana
When Uncle Ravi and Anjali have communication problems, Dana tries to help the couple by observing how a Male Brontotherium attracts a Female and then suggesting to Uncle Ravi to use the same wooing techniques.
11:47 AM
Backyard Beats
Rock band 'The Beaches' stop by the backyard ready for an epic jam session. Monica gets working on her electric guitar craft-strument before Junior Jammer Benny joins them for the performance.
11:58 AM
Paw Patrol
Rubble and Wild rescue animals from a giant runaway ball of yarn.
12:04 PM
Paw Patrol
The Pups are on a PAW Patroller Road trip to the Savana where they meet up with Photo Safari fans Cap'n Turbot and his cousin Francois. In the middle of the night the campers are awakened by an intruder who turns out to be a lost baby elephant - Gilda. The PAW Patrol is called in to action find Gilda's mom or dad and get the family back together. When they do find Mom, they have another rescue to complete to get her out of a deep ravine. --- Adventure Bay has been picked as a Finalist in the Tidiest Town Contest and looks like they're going to win! That is until Mayor Humdinger unleashes his Kitten Catastrophe Crew and those naughty kittens mess up everything in sight. Mayor Goodway calls in the Paw Patrol to find the source of the mess and help get the town back into ship shape!
12:27 PM
Momolu and Friends
Banni's attempt at an art lesson leaves Hiko stuck! With Momolu's help, Hiko's fear of messes and Banni's need to get organised are reimagined with the right preparation and equipment.
12:34 PM
Messy goes to Okido
Messy's fur is all spikey and everything's getting stuck together! Will a trip to Okido's Valley of the Lost Balloons have the answers?
12:46 PM
Blynk & Aazoo
Our young inquirer, Tema, asks Blynk and Aazoo: Could I ever live on the moon? With the help of our intergalactic scientist, Simon, we take a look at what humans need to live and breathe on another planet, how scientists are making some fascinating moon discoveries, and how there are actual plans for a moon village! Blynk's lunar invention has some refreshing oddities!
12:53 PM
Hero Elementary
When the bell on top of the school's Leaping Tower keeps ringing, Sparks' Crew plans and conducts an investigation. They discover that vibrations make sound, but what's causing the bell to vibrate and ring?
1:06 PM
Molly of Denali
It's the summer solstice, so the sun stays up all night in Qyah! Trini can't run on her hurt ankle, but she can still cheer. She's planned a big surprise at the finish line. Who will get there first? Then, Molly and Tooey practice traditional Gwich'in river navigation. Will they be able to steer Auntie Midge's boat to help Grandpa Nat, who is stranded downriver?
1:32 PM
Pins and Nettie
It's a rainy, rainy day and Nettie and Pins are having fun playing in the rain. But then they come upon a puddle and aren't sure what to do. It looks like splashing in the puddle could be fun, but they've never done it before, so maybe not? Lesson: you can build confidence by trying something smaller first
1:37 PM
B.O.T. and the Beasties
B.O.T. drops into Spacey, Glowy World and down a crater into darkness but then follows a glowing trail left by a Squiggling Tooter. B.O.T. has trouble negotiating the uneven terrain in this underground world and struggles to keep up with the trumpeting beastie. B.O.T. discovers that there is more than one Squiggling Tooter when it is joined by two more of the colourful beasties. B.O.T. follows them down to a subterranean cave where hundreds of Tooters are having a colourful and noisy party, honking and dancing! B.O.T. successfully collects the data needed and flies up to the portal - the mission is complete.
1:43 PM
Canada Crew
Bebe and Mo are stuck inside the lodge due to rain, where they learn about the seasons from Environment Canada's senior climatologist David Phillips, while Gavin gets lost in the grand banks, one of the foggiest places in the world.
1:50 PM
Pip and Posy
Posy makes a fun robot costume but when the robot game she plays with Pip gets boisterous, they accidentally break Frankie's model beach diorama. At first Pip lets Posy take the blame, but later realises that they were both responsible and comes clean.
1:57 PM
Tik Tak
Explore a block puzzle of a chimp, an origami windmill and watch as Book Girl milks plays a guitar by doing magic.
2:02 PM
One day, the kittens and their parents are traveling and have booked a room at a hotel. The hotel turns out to be an old castle with a lot of knights' coat of arms and suits of armor! Daddy is distracted for a moment with a phone call and loses sight of the kittens. They keep running down different hallways to find each other but are misled by the sound of their echoes. When they smell a delicious pumpkin pie in the hotel restaurant, they decide to use their noses to find each other. Daddy and the kittens find the restaurant and finally reunite with their parents. The kittens learn it's best to discover new places with your parents!
2:08 PM
Book Hungry Bears
Melody thinks her dancing has made a leaf turn red and fall from a tree and wants to put it back. She learns that it is natural for things to change, and that a fallen leaf signals a change of season- from summer to autumn. BOOK: My Turn Showing how the four seasons bring change to the surrounding natural environment.
2:19 PM
Cutie Pugs
Dee Dee is playing in the basement rec room stacking a pile of wooden blocks of different shapes. Petey really wants to topple the stack, but Pablo defends it valiantly... only to accidentally topple it when he back into it. Dee Dee moves on to another activity: dragging a small red plastic slide into the middles of the room. She climbs the three steps to the top and... Wheeee! Down to the bottom! Now it's the pugs' turn. Penny bravely goes, as do Poppy and Pablo. Only Petey declines. Dee Dee picks him up and before he knows it, he's on the top of the slide, and Wheee... down he goes!
2:26 PM
The slug wants to crawl along with the snails. But does she want that for the rest of her life?
2:30 PM
Brewster is so excited about seeing the new Action Engine movie today at the ride-in movie theatre. But Irving gives him the job of taking tin cans to the foundry for recycling. Brewster worries that he'll never be back in time for the film - unless he can be as speedy as his Super-chugger hero! Brewster charges off and gets caught up in pretending to be his hero. He performs various 'heroic' acts along the way that cost him a lot of time. Now he'll never make it back in time for the film - unless he ditches his load. He finds a skip by the side of the track and plans to return the following day to pick it up. But the weight of his cans makes the pile of rubbish topple onto the track! Never mind. He'll clean it up later. Rushing back to see his hero Action Engine - who's helpful, and strong, and gets the job done! - Brewster realises he hasn't got the job done. He returns to do the right thing, even if it means missing the movie. He arrives late at the ride-in theatre, only to discover that - due to a bit of an accident with the popcorn machine - the start of the film has been delayed anyway. Action Brewster will get to see the movie after all!
2:40 PM
Super Mighty Makers
Craft Kid Fabricio's dog, Buddy, has to be walked a few times every day. Since Fabricio is mostly at school, his dad often ends up walking Buddy. Fabricio wants to make his dad something that will help with walking the dog. With Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Holly, Fabricio makes the "Bow Wowie Pooch Peg".
2:51 PM
Now You Know
Safari Howie and Baboo are in the jungle searching for a turtle. They sit on a rock, and realize it's a turtle's shell. They wonder, ,Why do some animals have shells?,, and visit reptile expert Andre at Reptilia Zoo, who introduces them to a very large turtle, and the world's smallest turtle. They learn about other animals that have shells, and how they use their shells for protection.
2:58 PM
Hungry Brain
The top 4 facts on San Francisco. 4 - A tolerant city 3 - Alcatraz prison 2 - Winding streets 1 - Seals of the Marina
3:01 PM
Once a year the great giant trees of Broc Patch produces wondrous flowers that the mighty Broccoliosaurus feast on. Their long necks enable them to reach up high into the tree tops to grab them. One flower, however, so beautiful, big and delicious is out of reach of even the tallest Broc. Enter Ginger and the baby Pea-Rexes to help get the prized flower! Even with Ginger on the head of the tallest Broc and the three baby Pea-Rexes outstretched on her horns, it is still not enough to reach it. Idea two. Catapult time. Wasabi sits on the tail end of Kid Broc, who on Ginger's command, catapults Wasabi up into the tree. But Kid Broc has too much power and Wasabi goes sailing over the top of the tree. Try again. Minty is next. Kid Broc flicks its tail and Minty soars through the air and lands with ease high in the tree tops. She's done it! But it's the wrong tree. It's the one next door. Split's turn. Ginger checks the wind conditions. Slight breeze left to right. She adjusts Kid Broc accordingly. Conditions look perfect. They don't have much time either. These special flowers close up at the end of the day into rock hard pods and never bloom again. They're ready. Whoosh! Split flies through the air. The flower pod begins to close. On lookers down below gasp. Split's getting closer. It's all slow motion now. The pod is all but closed. Split is right on target, their sprout pointing forward, Oh no! The pod has closed! But wait! Split's sprout has stopped the flower pod from jamming shut. And like an elevator door that reopens when somebodies hand slips in at the last second, the flower pod reopens, releasing the flower. Split plucks the flower and holds it aloft like a sporting champion holding up a victory trophy. But the sheer weight of the flower causes Split to topple over and she falls toward the ground only to land on the neck of a big Broc and she slides down. For his efforts Kid Broc is presented with the last delicious flower of the season. But like a true champion, Kid Broc shares it with everyone.
3:07 PM
16 Hudson
When Amala hears her favorite tree will be cut down, she goes to great lengths to save it.TBD
3:14 PM
Hungry Brain
The top 3 facts on static electricity. 3 - It can make the hair stand up on your head 2 - It can produce lightning 1- It gives electric shocks
3:17 PM
Odd Squad: Gadget Testers
Agents test out new gadgets: Fast-talker-inator, make-another-gadget-inator gadget, Subtract-by-6-inator
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
Something's gone wrong on the swamp tour. This Ultimate Rescue calls for Zuma and his Ultimate Swamp Vehicle! --- Everything is shaking and breaking beneath Adventure Bay! Ryder will need Rocky to lead the pups on an Ultimate Fix-it Rescue!
3:43 PM
Hungry Brain
The top 4 facts on feet. 4 - The boniest bit of your body 3 - They are essential to our balance 2 - Our feet swell in the afternoon 1 - Sometimes our feet are smelly
3:46 PM
Kangaroo Beach
When Pounce earns Bondi's lifeguard cap for the day as a reward, it goes to his head - he thinks he IS chief lifeguard! But as he attempts a rescue, he winds up having to be rescued himself. When Gemma and Neville are caught in a whale-made whirlpool, will he leap in to save them, or alert a lifeguard?
3:57 PM
Step By Step Let's Dance
Dancers are going to learn the basic steps in Jazz and perform it in a fantastical floating forest.
4:04 PM
Work It Out Wombats
After discovering that Super takes an hour for herself every day, the Wombats go on a quest to create the perfect ,Me Time., Next, after a too-calm ,Quiet Day,, Zadie yearns to make some noise with her Really Big, Really Loud Noisy Thing!
4:31 PM
Odd Squad Mobile Unit
The Mobile Unit is sent to New York City to fill in for the local Odd Squad agents, who are on strike because they don't like what's being served for lunch. It's up to Opal and Oswald to figure out what they would like to eat. Meanwhile, Orla and Omar must venture out into the city to solve oddness, and see the sights along the way. --- Agent-in-training Orpita decides to do her agent profile report on Omar, who is on creature duty, while the rest of the Mobile Unit goes out to defeat a giant robot. But when Orpita turns out to be too laidback, Omar must use fractions to feed the creature properly before it grows too big and escapes.
5:00 PM
How To Do Stuff Good
Get ready for school with some super fun hacks! Molly has some DIY lunch snacks, Gabe and Jenna are both pranking the teacher with some clever tricks, and Devonte is shining school shoes with... bananas!
5:15 PM
Urban Tails
GRANDMASTER BUCK is a male Fallow Deer who loves chill in the park. The grassy areas are his most favourite place to be! In his video for ,Oh Deer, he gives a concert performance in the park for all his fellow fallow deer! Every king needs a crown and this deer has palm-shaped antlers with several points, his pride and joy! But this legend says he needs to update his style yearly, and Buck sheds his prized antlers each spring, only for them to grow back immediately. Better than ever! He has a chestnut coloured coat with white spots on his side and loves to canter around like he owns the place. You don't get bling much greater than his!
5:17 PM
Blynk & Aazoo
Our young inquirer, Kyla, asks our intrepid inventors, Blynk and Aazoo, "Why don't we see dead wild animals?" With the help of our intergalactic science expert, Simon, learn about the circle of life and how scavengers clean up! Blynk invents a fossilizer that saves precious objects but turns the space ship into a ballroom!
5:26 PM
Wild Kratts
Chris is in the middle of organizing his creature power discs, when they get a call from Wild Kratts kid Manuel who lives in the Sonoran Desert. He says he has spotted an ocelot in his backyard. An ocelot in the desert? That's so rare, since these wild cats usually live in rainforests. Their Creature Mission - to "spot" an ocelot in the desert. Science Concept: Wild cat identification and habitat adaptation.
5:53 PM
Backyard Beats
Joy Lapps visits the backyard with her steelpan, an instrument originating from the Caribbean. Monica gets inventive to build her own craft-strument and they are joined by Junior Jammer Monica to perform an epic song.
6:04 PM
Pup Academy
Meet the freshman class at Pup Academy, a secret school where pups become dogs! There's goofball golden Corazon, shy sheepdog Whiz, stray boxer Spark and 10-year old Morgan, who is about to discover his secret destiny: his family have been the caretakers of this secret school for generations, and it's time for Morgan to start his new job!
6:29 PM
Dream It To Be It
9-year-old Bradley has spent his fair share of time in the hospital with doctors and now he's ready to become a doctor himself! With the help of Tai, Bradley will get to learn all about MRIs, how our brains develop and work alongside a real doctor to complete a physical examination!
6:36 PM
Green Squad
When twelve-year-old Vikram visits his grandparents in India, he's always inspired by how his family saves water and limits food waste, and wants the Green Squad to help him do the same at home. Shakira and Vikram head to the bathroom to measure how much water is wasted when the tap is left on while brushing your teeth, and create a helpful chart to keep track of how much water you save when you take shorter showers! Sigfried takes Vikram and his sister Shrika to visit Erin, who makes all kinds of sustainable bathroom products, and together they make plastic-free shampoo bars! Lisa learns a thing or two from Vikram's mom about Indian cooking and the Squad shares a meal with the family, then Lisa teaches Vikram some funky know-how about composting. With new waste-free habits in his toolbelt, Vikram is able take his family's eco-friendly lifestyle all the way from Bangalore to Burlington!