6:00 AM
Zephie admires the 'big' chuggers, and wants to pull freight just like them. Brewster is dismissive when she offers to help him - you have to be big and strong to do the things he does. When Zephie overhears Brewster being given his jobs for the day, she decides to do some of them for him. Then he'll see just how good she is at pulling freight! But Zephie creates chaos, delivering eggs to the Safari Park and animal feed to the ice cream factory. Baffled Brewster races round trying to put everything right. But Zephie gets in real trouble when she tries to pull some heavy tiles - she derails! Happily, Brewster saves the day. Zephie is sorry for what she did. She just wanted to be useful like the big chuggers. Returning to the depot, they find that everyone really missed little Zephie - there were loads of jobs that only she could do. Thank goodness she's back. Zephie realises that, in her own way, she's just as useful as the big chuggers!
6:10 AM
Puffer Pete's firebox is completely worn out and he can't move without it. It's going to take ages to have a new one made. Until then, Pete is stuck and can't move by himself. Meanwhile the trainees are playing hide and seek in Old Town. Brewster hides in a shed. When he emerges, he's covered in bits of old junk. Koko and Wilson think it's funny! When they get back to the depot, Pete notices the things stuck to Brewster and remembers that there used to be a spare parts shed in the Old Town. A convoy heads out. They find the shed, but the part Pete needs isn't there. The gloomy group head back to the depot. On the way home Brewster tries to cheer Pete up by pointing out some beautiful flowers on a platform. Pete takes a look and gasps. The flowers are planted in an old firebox just like Pete's! Morgan retrieves it, and before long Pete is happily puffing along under his own steam again.
6:21 AM
Book Hungry Bears
The Bears hunt for books near a farm, but when they come across a baby bird and baby horse, Boomer can't understand why they can't do things that all birds and horses can do. He learns that baby animals need time and practice to do things that adult animals do. BOOK: Kitten's Spring A story about mothers and their babies in spring and the sounds they make. Kitten visits them all before going to sleep at the end of the day. --- Scout gets startled by a crow and is upset that he scares so easily. So, when the Bears come across a scarecrow, Scout decides he will be a scarecrow too! He soon learns that while sometimes we compare ourselves to others and wish we were like them, we can be happy being ourselves. BOOK: Me and You Two very different friends explore what it would be like to be each other... and discover they are best just the way they are.
6:43 AM
Two discovers a magical shoe shop and the even more magical Two Times Table. Learn the two times table with the Numberblocks.
6:48 AM
Urban Tails
Coming at ya live in the bay, MISS SEAL, the oceanic hip hop queen, bobs her head up and down in the water to the beat! In her video ,It's the Grey Seal, she showcases her impressive rapping and swimming skills that enable her to seize that all important catch of the day! Though she may be graceful in the water, when she's on land she bounces clumsily on her big belly! She likes the sun but ain't scared of the cold, her blub- ber keeps her nice and warm. At the end of a successful fishing trip she heads back to the rookeries...that's where she feeds her seal babies!
6:50 AM
Big Words, Small Stories
Davey and his family are going to the beach. Abigail doesn't want to go, but reluctantly agrees. But she's lollygagging as she gets ready. At the beach, she's forced into a game of beach volleyball against the chipmunks. Because of her lollygagging, they lose the match. Davey says there's an obstacle course, which Abigail also tries to get out of. Again, because of her lollygagging, they lose to the chipmunks. Abigail wants to go home, but there's a sandcastle building competition. Abigail builds a ditch around the castle, and Davey says they're going to lose if she continues. The chipmunks have seemingly won, when the tide comes in and destroys their castle. Davey and Abigail's remains intact thanks to the ditch, and her lollygagging makes them win!
6:57 AM
Odd Squad
When a mysterious jinx infects the entire OS office, only Oscar and Dr. O can solve the problem.
7:10 AM
Dr. Cheddar
Felix discovers he has an allergy to peanuts, and is given a cool bracelet to wear to let helpers know about this allergy. He tells Dr. Cheddar about his adventure at the hospital!
7:13 AM
Space Kids
Take a trip to Neptune the furthest planet from the Sun in our Solar System. Get an up-close look and find out how this cold, slushy planet gets its bright blue colour.
7:15 AM
Paw Patrol
Travelling Travis's balloon gets caught on the Flounder, Travis and Cap'n Turbot wind up on a wayward airborne cruise all the way out into the desert.
7:27 AM
Wild Kratts
The Wild Kratts team splits up across the amazon in search of a strange group of mini monkeys to figure out why they have such elaborate hairstyles and colors. Science Concept: Species recognition.
7:55 AM
Elinor Wonders Why
With their keen eyesight, the Goat twins are too good at hide and go seek, so Elinor and her friends have to figure out a better way to hide. ---- Elinor learns that some animals have a different schedule.
8:21 AM
Hero Elementary
AJ invents a gadget that switches everyone's powers. But having different powers is harder than they thought. How can they use their new powers in order to get their old powers back?
8:34 AM
How Do You Feel?
Akin's friend is in a sticky situation: two of his other pals are fighting, and he's worried about what might happen. He discusses the issue with Duane, then explores using "I" -messages to help to resolve an argument.
8:42 AM
Let's Go Luna
Leo wants to hear a famous Jamaican storyteller, but then finds out she specializes in ghost stories!
8:55 AM
Little Malabar
Little Malabar and his friend the Firefly are admiring shooting stars. They wonder if other fireflies are creating this "rain of light". They'll have to take a closer look! Shooting stars are not real stars. They are dust particles that come from outer space and that burn upon entering the Earth's atmosphere.
8:59 AM
Paw Patrol
Myrna the Mynah bird leads her new feathered friends astray and it's up to the Paw Patrol to recue the wayward flock. --- Adventure Bay is holding a "kids only" soapbox derby race when a mysterious newcomer named "Hum-Kid" shows up, and breaking rules!
9:24 AM
Donkey Hodie
Donkey and Panda discover a golden rainbow outside after a storm. Will it lead them to a mythical bowl of Golden Crunchdoodles cereal?
9:37 AM
When an erupting geyser disturbs the rabbits, the team helps them to find a more peaceful home.
9:44 AM
Jojo and Gran Gran
JoJo tries to grow a daffodil, but is disheartened to discover that it will take a long time to bloom. Cynthia tells JoJo how to take care of the plant, and Gran Gran shows JoJo a way to measure how much it is growing.
9:56 AM
Curious Crafting
What zoo animal has spots and a looooong neck? Mandisa shows Colette and Connor how to fashion a giraffe craft with a paper towel roll neck, yellow construction paper, and brown paint for spots.
10:00 AM
Book Hungry Bears
On the hunt for books, the Bears become tired and need to rest, except for Boomer who is full of energy. Boomer keeps playing on his own and is excited to find a book but learns to respect other's need for rest when he starts to feel tired too. BOOK: Daddy Cuddle A young rabbit tries to wake his father so they can play - only to discover that cuddling is the best game of all.
10:11 AM
Kit and Pup
Kit and Pup are in their garden. Can you see if their paddling pool is full or empty? Kit and Pup are also helping a little investigator predict how many small cups a big jug of water will full.
10:16 AM
Tik Tak
Explore a theatre of dancing paint pots, a block puzzle of a tiger and watch as Book Girl plays hook-a-duck.
10:21 AM
Bing is playing Hide and Seek with Sula, Pando and Coco. Bing doesn't go to the toilet with all the others before the game starts and when he needs to go before he is found he has to decide whether to give up his hiding place or try and hold on.
10:29 AM
Bamboo Loves Sports
Warming up before a big run, Bamboo Love and Rabbit are ready at the starting line. With some helpful hints, Bamboo Love learns to pace, focus and persist past the finish line in the sport of running.
10:32 AM
Pip and Posy
Pip and Posy try to teach Jamila how to sled down the hill, but give her confusing and conflicting advice. Jamila helps them realise that listening to each other will make them better coaches.
10:39 AM
Pins and Nettie
Pins and Nettie encounter a snail who is even more shy than they are. Now the wellie is on the other foot and the hedgies must learn how to help their shy friend and make her feel safe and comfortable. Lesson: sometimes you need to imagine how someone else is feeling
10:44 AM
Polkaroo Counts!
Clap, clap, stomp! Polkaroo and Angela make some noise and learn some cool new moves using patterns to have a fun dance party! Party on!
10:46 AM
The Day Henry Met...
Henry meets a trophy in trophy shop. Henry asks why Trophy isn't in the trophy cabinet with all his friends, it turns out he is a trophy for the "Best Gymnast in the Whole Entire Universe" but on the day of the big gymnastics final all the gymnasts got lost so there was no-one take take part! Henry becomes a gymnast, wins the "Best Gymnast in the Whole Entire Universe" finals so Trophy can live in trophy cabinet with all his friends.
10:51 AM
Yakka Dee!
Dee encourages a friend to say nose and we go on a whirlwind word adventure.
11:00 AM
Opie's Home
Opie and Dad are making Mom breakfast in bed, but he has a very hard time staying quiet. Just when the breakfast surprise seems ruined, Opie learns that it's the thought that counts.
11:07 AM
Ladybird & Bee
Ladybird and Bee discover how strong ants are.
11:10 AM
The Ollie & Moon Show
When Ollie and Moon can't agree on a how to make a kite, their disagreement leads to bigger and better things than either could imagine!
11:22 AM
Zerby Derby
Zack wants to build an obstacle course. He can see it perfectly in his head. Unfortunately, he isn't doing a great job explaining what he wants to Rex and Strut.
11:31 AM
Zamzoom's Animal Adventures
In the misty rainforest of French Guyana, Zamzoom and Orbie shrink down to take a look at a few of the 1,000 types of creatures that call the forest home. The poison frogs may be dangerous, but they take good care of their young!
11:35 AM
Dino Dana
When Dana's dino backpack and Field Guide are stolen by a Titanis (a prehistoric "Terror Bird"), she enlists the help of a very special police officer who has her own connection to the Dino Field Guide.
11:46 AM
Five Ingredients Challenge
Emma and Serena are cooking raspberry pancakes in their pajamas.
11:49 AM
Number 1 Newton Avenue
Jayden decides to draw the ice cream from his jigsaw box. He has trouble copying it, and feels frustrated. Papa finds some thin paper, so Jayden can trace the ice cream picture instead. He then offers to help Papa fit carpet tiles around a tricky shaped section of the floor. With the help of his trusty craft box and the shapes song, Jayden starts to understand how maths can help solve this puzzle.
11:56 AM
Wacky Number Songs
What measures what? There are many tools that can be used to measure the size, length, or amount of something - tape measures, clocks, pedometers, and more! Ava gives a quiz - in song form of course!
11:58 AM
Paw Patrol Season 8
The Pups rescue Mr. Porter and his stranded Food Truck.
12:05 PM
Paw Patrol
Mayor Goodway and Farmer Al are ready for a day filled with Skydiving fun, but their adventure is quickly derailed. It's Paw Patrol to the rescue! ---- Alex and the Mini Patrol get locked inside the flounder, the Paw Patrol dives in to save the day!
12:30 PM
My World Kitchen
Hannah's family is from South Korea, and she will be making a Korean salmon marinade, which is a popular recipe used there. She starts by adding garlic puree, Korean chilli paste, soy sauce, honey, toasted sesame oil and her special ingredient, sesame seeds, into a jug and mixing them all up. Next, Hannah puts pieces of her salmon onto individual baking sheets and spoons the marinade on. She garnishes them with freshly chopped spring onions, and then her salmon is ready to be cooked in the oven. Hannah wears a colourful Korean outfit and treats her friends to some local Korean kimchi, but will her pals be able to guess her special ingredient?
12:41 PM
Fee Floogal is back to report on her first ever Hooman birthday party! But when Boomer accidentally inflates a bounce house in the garden, Fee and the Floogals get a little more than they bargained for.
12:52 PM
Blynk and Aazoo
Our young inquirer, Morghen, asks Blynk and Aazoo, "How can I have X-ray vision?" With the help of our intergalactic science expert, Jessie, discover how our we see, the different types of light in our world - some of them that are invisible to us but which some animals use to see, and how sciensts are trying to see through solid objects. Blynk's invention reveals how Aazoo brain works.
1:00 PM
Wolf Joe
Important packages must be delivered by the friends but Joe is not able to run and jump through the forest as well as Nina and Buddy and feels he is not useful until Kookum helps him realize that his super seeing skill will save the day.
1:11 PM
Abby Hatcher
Mo and Bo get lost and befriend another ponytailed little girl that loves Fuzzlies and later becomes Abby's new friend.
1:24 PM
Pins and Nettie
Pins and Nettie are in their costumes and ready for Halloween. But what they aren't ready for are the scary looking jack-o-lanterns. Lesson: something that seems scary at first may end up being fun
1:30 PM
Sula, Pando and Bing find a bird's nest in their playhouse, but learn they can't both be in it at the same time. So, Bing decides to give it to the bird... for now.
1:37 PM
Mr. Moon
Silva wants to visit the Wishing Star and discovers that it's Venus.
1:50 PM
Pip and Posy
Posy wins a snow sledge race by accidentally missing out a section of the course and persuades Pip to keep her secret. When Pip unintentionally blurts out the truth, Posy has to own up and realise that it was unfair to expect Pip to cover up for her.
1:57 PM
Tik Tak
Explore a sliding puzzle of a hedgehog, a mini cable car riding through a bedroom and watch as Book Boy makes a cuckoo clock by doing magic.
2:02 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Today Henry meets a Cookbook. Cookbook is full of hundreds of delicious recipes but he is stuck on the book shelf with no chef around to cook the meals. Henry becomes a master chef, is transported into a busy kitchen and creates the Super Duper Henry Special, which turns out to be the most deli-cious dish ever! Hurrah!
2:07 PM
Book Hungry Bears
The Bears learn that finding similarities with others can be fun. When all the other Bears find animals who look similar to them, Scout is determined to also find his animal match! BOOK: The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice A little girl tries to find someone to play with, but keeps scaring them away with her big voice until she finds someone who is just as loud as she is and they have fun playing together.
2:18 PM
Cutie Pugs
It's another beautiful day! Mom mows the lawn and from behind the fence, the pugs chase after her playfully. Inside the house, Dee Dee and Dad watch an instructional video that shows them how to dance the cha cha. Forward and backward they go! Afterward, Dee Dee goes outside to play. Time for a wagon ride aboard the Dee Dee Express! With a little encouragement from the other pugs, Pablo overcomes his apprehension and realizes a wagon ride is tons of fun!
2:25 PM
Naomi loves to sing.
2:29 PM
Dunbar has a new training device: a voice-operated storm simulator tunnel, which simulates wind, rain and fog. It's programmed to respond only to Dunbar's voice. Wilson particularly loves battling the wind. Dunbar says that in real conditions, it's best to couple up to another chugger as the added weight gives control. When Dunbar is called away on an emergency, Wilson discovers he can work the simulator by imitating Dunbar's voice. He gets carried away and asks for a storm at level three hundred. The storm maker unleashes a violent storm. The wind is so strong that Wilson can't reach the controls to tell the storm maker to stop. Wilson remembers Dunbar's advice, and when Brewster and Koko come looking for him, he tells them to buckle on! Together, the trainees have the weight they need to reach the controls and stop the storm maker. When Dunbar returns and asks Wilson if he'd like another go in the tunnel, Wilson says he's battled enough storms today!
2:41 PM
Super Mighty Makers
Craft Kid Scarlett's best friend Keith was born with cerebral palsy. Keith gets nervous when he rides the bus, so Scarlett wants to make Keith something that will boost his confidence and make him smile on the bus! Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Holly help Scarlett make Keith a cool fidget toy, the "In-Fun-ity Cube".
2:52 PM
Now You Know
Why does an Astronaut Float in Space? Astronauts Howie and Baboo take off in a space shuttle, and release their seatbelts to find they are weightless. Back in a cardboard version of the capsule, they wonder, ,Why does an astronaut float in space?, They visit real-life astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield at an indoor trampoline park, where he shows them pictures he took in Space, and explains gravity while jumping on a trampoline.
3:00 PM
The team helps a group of residents to construct a huge playground in their tiny courtyard.
3:07 PM
16 Hudson
When Lili and Sam are tasked with an assignment on friendship, it nearly tears them apart in the unlikeliest of places.
3:14 PM
Treasure Champs
Barry is adventurous by exploring the wonders beneath a magical trapdoor; coming back with tales of a land full of glitter and unicorns! But Kari is unsure and would prefer to play things safe.
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
When Mayor Humdinger runs for Mayor of Adventure Bay, his Mayor Mobile runs out of control, the Paw Patrol have to save the day! --- Ryder and the Pups visit Tracker and Carlos in the jungle, a group of monkeys find themselves in sticky bubble trouble!
3:43 PM
The Ollie & Moon Show
When Ollie loses his special red pajamas on his way to a camp out, will he be able to find them before bedtime? Or will he never, ever sleep again?
3:55 PM
How to do Stuff Good
How to make your own party speakers, a breakfast prank, and make edible egg bites for your lunch box.
4:03 PM
D.W. and Bud embark on an epic wilderness adventure! Dense jungles, jagged peaks, mystical ruins...the backyard has never been so exciting! --- Apple picking, bake sales, craft classes...there's so much to do in Elwood City in the fall! And Ladonna's determined to do it all. But when you're juggling so much at once, you're bound to drop a ball...or five...
4:29 PM
Odd Squad Mobile Unit
The Mobile Unit is called to investigate an odd tunnel that some (but not all) agents have disappeared into. When Omar insists they drive the van through the tunnel, he ends up stuck in a white void all alone. By collecting and comparing data, Omar must figure how to escape. Curriculum: Deductive Reasoning --- When Omar catches a case of Clown-i-tosis, Orla must keep track of him in the van before he runs off to join the circus. Meanwhile, Opal and Oswald trek through the Odd Woods to find the ingredients for the antidote. Curriculum: Numerical vs. Categorical Data
4:57 PM
If you only have plain clay colours, never fear you can still make some adorable animals!
5:00 PM
Katy Carr is a bit of a tomboy, with an over active imagination. She has a secret den at the back of her neighbour's garden where she regales her friends and siblings with fantastic tales and where she likes nothing better than to climb trees. Katy life changes when she falls from a makeshift swing and suffers life changing spinal injuries. KATY is about how a regular 11-year-old faces up to the challenges of every 11-year-old - a new school, new teachers, new classmates (and an old foe), parents that 'just don't understand', with the added challenge of being a new wheelchair user. Taking inspiration from physios, nurses, patients, her family and her fantasy figure - Smash Hornet, Katy refuses to be defined by her disability. Katy learns how to dream again. She takes her wheelchair to the Skate Park and shows us just how you can, ,fly when you cannot even walk,.
6:32 PM
Big Top Academy
Nicholas is forced to confront his fear of heights while Rosa feels pressured to go back to Circo Gran Malabar. Meanwhile, Celeste forgets Ella's birthday.
6:55 PM
What do you do if you don't have any green paint? Eric learns how to make the colour green by combining blue and yellow. It's not magic, it's science... it's STEM! Educational Gist: By mixing different colours, we can create new colours.