5:00 AM
Gastroblast - Gr 1-3 Science
No salmonella is coming for dinner tonight, as Link demonstrates some basic kitchen hygiene while preparing crunchy oven-baked Chicken Fingers. The key is washing his hands before and after handling raw eggs and raw chicken. That's because raw foods such as these have the potential to host a bacteria called salmonella that can make us sick. --- Sushi is a popular meal comprised of seaweed rolled up around fillings such as fresh vegetables and rice. Link discovers why he needs to use a sticky, short-grain rice to keep everything encased -- and with a bit of help from I.Q. discovers the differences between the varieties of this amazing grain.
5:23 AM
Making Stuff - Gr 1-3 Science
Mango purée, mango juice and mango pulp are mixed and frozen to create the icy Italian treat. Gears and Wiz learn what ,stabiliser, does to ice crystals.
5:30 AM
Monkey See Monkey Do - Kindergarten
Monkey learns that wool comes from Sheep.
5:41 AM
Monkey See Monkey Do - Kindergarten
Monkey wants to help sew the hole in Parrot's hammock but needs a needle, like the ones on Hedgehog's back!
5:52 AM
Yakka Dee!
Dee encourages a friend to say 'ball' and we go on a whirlwind word adventure. We see lots of different balls and explore how they look and what they do. There's a green ball, a blue ball and even a ball that goes moo! There's a seat ball, some meatballs and a funny ball too! We see a ball to kick, a ball for disco dancing and a sparkly ball on a Christmas tree! The journey is repeated with some special surprises along the way and everyone has a boogie when Dee's friend finally succeeds in saying today's word!
5:57 AM
That TVOkids Show
Dr. Cheddar talks about teeth, and how to care for them.
6:00 AM
Book Hungry Bears - Kindergarten
Melody learns that when animals blend into their environment (camouflage), it is harder to find them. She learns that to observe well you must be patient and look closely. BOOK: Have You Seen Elephant? A boy has a hard time finding his friend elephant who is hiding in and around the house. --- Scout wants to find his favourite thing, fireflies, but is having a hard time and gives up. He learns that one can be passionate about and interested in more than one thing at a time and he takes an interest in twinkling stars. BOOK: Daniel's Dinosaurs Daniel is so fixated on dinosaurs that he imagines seeing them everywhere he goes.
6:21 AM
Animanimals - Kindergarten
One day the zebra runs against a tree.
6:26 AM
Splash and Bubbles - Kindergarten
Dunk discovers that what he considers "just playing with sand" is actually considered beautiful art by his friends, and he is proud of himself for having a special talent.
6:38 AM
Treasure Champs - Gr 1-2 Health
Kari is trying to be a magician, but Barry is very discouraging of her attempts to perform tricks. Barry realises what he must do and becomes an elaborately dressed magician's assistant to cheer her on. The result is a brilliant trick making Thingy appear from under her hat!
6:42 AM
Tinpo - K-1 Science
The Kid Po have built a big an impressive Snow Po - but it keeps on blowing over. Can Team Tinpo help?
6:50 AM
Ping and Friends - K-2 Arts
Pong gets an idea how to repair a broken music box and this makes everyone happy again.
6:57 AM
Tee and Mo - Kindergarten
Tee is super excited when a delivery of new shelving for his room arrives. However, he soon discovers there going take some time for Mo to build.
7:05 AM
Let's Go Luna - K-2 Social Studies
Senor Fabuloso has lost his creativity and must find it in his hometown of Barcelona. Curriculum: The Arts - Arts & Crafts - In Barcelona, there once was a playful architect named Antoni Gaudi who designed many interesting buildings, cathedrals and parks. ------ In Barcelona, Carmen makes a new friend and Senor Fabuloso reunites with his own childhood friend at the book fair. Curriculum: Social Skills - Friends - Holidays - St. Jordi's Day is a day for friends and family to exchange roses and books as tokens of their friendship. It is also World Book Day.
7:30 AM
Arthur - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
When Ladonna befriends a new member of the Mighty Mountain soccer team, Francine becomes convinced she is leaking top secret team info. --- The City Council has voted to close the Elwood City Library! Can Sue Ellen save the library before it's too late?
7:56 AM
Frankie and Frank
Frankie and Frank (and Frank's left thumb) all know how important it is to get up and exercise!
8:00 AM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
The Mighty Pups have to save the day when Harold makes a cloning machine! --- Harold uses his super powers to turn Cap'n Turbot's lighthouse into a rocket! The Mighty Pups need to Charge Up and stop him!
8:23 AM
The Ollie & Moon Show - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
When Ollie reads "to be continued" at the end his latest comic book, he flies with Moon to Japan to find the reclusive creator.
8:35 AM
Abby Hatcher - Kindergarten
While morphed into a toy, Grumbles is accidentally taken away, and Abby has to get him back.
8:47 AM
16 Hudson - K-2 Social Studies
When Luc finds a lost wallet, everyone has fun ideas about what to do with it, but doing the right thing proves to be the most fun of all.
8:54 AM
Blynk and Aazoo - Gr 1-3 Science
Our young inquirer, Latitia, asks Blynk and Aazoo, How can I grow a plant as tall as a skyscraper? With the help of our intergalatic science expert, Anthony, discover how plants grow, find out about the tallest trees in the world, and the future of trees in our homes. Blynk and Aazoo turn the spaceship into a space garden!
9:02 AM
Create - Gr 1-3 Arts
Form your own star constellations with any pattern of your choosing without having to leave your house! Our space experiments expert is here to show you how!
9:05 AM
Odd Squad - Gr 1-3 Math
When the power goes out in headquarters, Odd Squad must figure out a way to control the temperature of two dragon eggs which will hatch if they get too hot or too cold. --- The Odd Squad takes on a real page-turner of a case at the local library, where books are mysteriously coming to life.
9:31 AM
Wild Kratts - Gr 1-4 Science
A bored Martin and Chris want to play a game of Creature Hide and Seek and secretly ask Aviva's help to program a new creature power disc to use. But first, they need to find a creature that has amazing hiding powers. The stingray. Science Concept : Cartilaginous fish - fishes with no bones
9:57 AM
Create - Gr 1-3 Arts
The best way to show off your true creativity is by making an abstract sculpture, where the only limit is your imagination and the amount of clay!
10:00 AM
Dino Dana - K-2 Science
When Dana and Grandma are playing Cowboys and Dinosaurs and go on a fantasy adventure in the wild west, Saara doesn't want to play. Or does she? --- Things get heated when Dana and Dad take on Saara and Uncle Ravi in a game of ball hockey but Dana figures out she can defend the hockey net like how a Triceratops defends her nest against a trio of hungry carnivores.
10:20 AM
Bitz and Bob - K-2 Science
Bitz, Bob and Bevel are racing across the desert in a steam train to deliver ice cream for the opening of Purl's ice cream parlour. But rustlers Zippy the Kid and Prospector Pop want to get their paws on it and create a distraction before making off with the train's engine. Our heroes manage to get it back but there's no water left in the tank, which means there's no steam to make it go and the ice cream is starting to melt in the heat - will Purl's grand opening turn into a grand closing?
10:31 AM
You Can Do It Too! - Kindergarten
Warm water, a bright light, a spoon or nothing at all - which will melt the ice quickest and free the button? Our friends are exploring melting and freezing by making their own ice lollies and fruit cubes. Hoo Yeah!
10:36 AM
MathXplosion - Gr 1-4 Math
Marvel at the mystery as mathemagician Eric turns a bird turn into a fish! What's the secret to his shape-shifting trick? It's not magic... it's math!
10:40 AM
Science Max: Experiments at Large - Gr 1-4 Science
A home-made hot air balloon gets turned into a giant floating monstrosity! Plus: dry ice, the coldest temperature possible and Phil wears a suit of blubber and gets into a tub of ice water.
11:02 AM
That TVOkids Show
Join TVOkids hosts Lucas, Laura and Greg every weekday as they talk to Ontario kids and have fun in their special blanket forts at home! Today, Greg and Lucas celebrate Eid with Asma and Sumayyah!
11:07 AM
Top of the Tops - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
Top 4 Fun Musical Facts 4- Karaoke originated in Japanese 3- Ludwig Van Beethoven was deaf 2- 4'33 is a silent song 1- "As Slowly As Possible" is a really long concert
11:10 AM
Finding Stuff Out - Gr 1-4 Science
How do illusions occur? From camouflage to placebo effects to mirages in the desert, the world is full of things that trick our brain. Zoey investigates the science behind illusions with help from twin scientists who make her think she's seeing double. My Great Challenge: Kid magicians compete to see who has the better illusion tricks. In the Field: Zoey visits a professional magician to understand how our eyes can deceive us.
11:32 AM
Create - Gr 1-3 Arts
Help keep your shoes organised with this funky way of reusing old wrapping paper and milk cartons!
11:35 AM
The Wacky Word Show - Gr 1-4 Language
Inspired by all the cool books they read at the library, Zoey and Lukas decide to write their own stories, casting themselves as superheroes. Along the way they discover that all stories answer the five W's - who, what, where, when, why. Lukas programs Booboo Bot with some story beginnings, middles and ends so that Booboo Bot can write his own stories, but the bot gets the order all wrong and his stories are hilariously nonsensical. Kids have to correctly identify the 5 W's on a big game show board and put them together in wacky story. A video game writer shows how video games tell stories, too. In the challenge, kids are superheroes whose super powers have been stripped. They put together a puzzle while blindfolded and put comic strip panel cubes in the correct order while slowed down by bungee cords around their arms and legs. POW!
11:57 AM
Leo's Fishheads - Gr 1-4 Science
Christian and Sayat visit Algonquin Wildlife Research Station to net and tag Snapping Turtles. One of the largest turtles in North America, this turtle has recently been put on the Species-At-Risk list, and it needs the FishHeads help! Weighing and measuring these snappers is no easy feat, but they quickly fall in love with big guys Babyface and Crash. Leo and the FishHeads soon realize the snappers aren't as nasty as they seem!
12:08 PM
Backyard Beats - Gr 1-3 Arts
Country star Brett Kissel visits the backyard and shares the first song he wrote with his guitar. Monica is inspired to build her own craft-strument guitar from recyclables. Junior Jammer Ryder shows his songwriting skills before they all come together for a backyard performance.
12:19 PM
When I Grow Up! - Gr 1-4 Social Studies
Allyson is a Robotics Engineer who shows Mikaela the future of robots. Together they modify a robot for Mikaela's special use.
12:30 PM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
A comet is coming and the Paw Patrol get to work building a giant observatory! When the observatory starts rolling out-of-control Rubble and the pups need to get to work re-building everything it's destroyed.
12:53 PM
Dino Dana - K-2 Science
Dana and Saara aren't taking care of Nixon like they said they would. Dana is busy doing a dino experiment about how the Edmotosaurus take care of their babies while Saara is doing homework. In the end, Dana learns that it takes a herd to care for a dino baby and it takes a whole family to care for a dog.
1:05 PM
It's My Party - Gr 1-4 Social Studies
Two kids who have never met are sent to experience a Hindu party celebrating the popular Festival of Lights. They get styled in traditional clothing, eat a delicious meal and enjoy a night of fireworks.
1:27 PM
Making Stuff - Gr 1-3 Science
Computers, presses, inks and paper run at high speed to turn out stickers and labels. Gears and Wiz see how colours are added step by step to create an image.
1:32 PM
Zerby Derby - Kindergarten
Zack and Lily take different paths to Zerby Town Marsh. When they get there they can't see each other. The Zerbies can talk to each other with their radios, but they still have to find each other. Lily tries honking her horn for Zack to find her, but the noise echoes, making it hard for Zack to figure out where it's coming from. Lily tries shaking a tree, but the only tree that's small enough for her to shake is too small for Zack to see. Finally, they hit upon the idea of using something they can both see (an old, dead tree) to drive towards until they find each other. --- Zack comes upon Axle who is struggling to drive up a hill with a large flag that he made. Axle's tires aren't very good at gripping the dirt. Zack's tires are very grippy but he doesn't have enough power to climb the hill with Axle's big flag. They call the strongest Zerby they know, Rex. But Rex can't climb the hill either, because he's a heavy truck and even all his power isn't enough to make it up the hill. Sandy the bulldozer comes by and the Zerbies learn that not only are Bulldozers super powerful, but the caterpillar treads grip the dirt even better than wheels. Sandy not only carries the flag to the top of the hill, but tows up Axle, Zack and Rex as well. --- Bob the Boat and Flynn the Float-Plane meet up with the Construction Zerbies, who, with the help of Fran the Ferry, are moving rocks across the lake. Bob and Flynn want to help move rocks. Bob has Strut place a rock on his front, but that just tips him forward. Flynn tries a rock on his back, but that just tips him backward. They both try their sides but that doesn't seem to work either. Zack comes by and shows them how he has his rock right in the middle - where it balances. Bob and Flynn decide to try, try again, this time with rocks right in the middle, where they feel they balance the best. Sure enough, when the rocks are in the right spot Bob and Flynn can carry them across the lake with no problem.
1:52 PM
Create - Gr 1-3 Arts
Roll up, Roll up, it's time to make your very own roller tool you can use to create a unique pattern perfect for a print or your own custom wrapping paper!
1:55 PM
Shutterbugs - Kindergarten
The Shutterbugs enter a race around Murky Marsh's pond, but encounter more obstacles than expected. Namely, the fear of getting lost! --- Murky Marsh's Great Grape Festival is about to start, but the grapes have been replaced with shriveled up raisins!
2:18 PM
Doki - Gr 1-2 Social Studies
Anabella loves all things pink, she even invented a holiday for her favourite colour. Pink day! But when her friends aren't as excited to celebrate, her feelings are hurt. To make it up to Anabella, the gang decides to move the festivities to Lac Rose in Senegal, a pink lake! But hang on, why is the lake pink? When they arrive, Doki sees someone putting something mysterious in the lake. Aha! They must be polluting it and the white mounds surrounding the lake must be pollution too! The Team jumps into action to save the lake - but they soon discover that they've been jumping to conclusions too... --- En route to a comic book festival, Doki stumbles upon a newly hatched duckling. To Doki's surprise, the duckling follows him! It seems like 'Ducki' has mistakenly 'imprinted' on Doki, he thinks he's his mama! To set things right, half the Team heads off to search Lake Weewananoh for the mother duck, while Anabella and Gabi stay behind with a reluctant Doki. Doki grudgingly agrees to behave like a Mama duck to avoid confusing Ducki. He soon grows fond of Ducki, and even saves him from danger!
2:40 PM
The Ollie & Moon Show - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
When Ollie and Moon go to Canada to get special maple syrup for their special pancakes, they discover that being generous has some delicious rewards.
2:52 PM
Top of the Tops - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
Top 5 Ancient Modes of Transportation 5- Horse 4- The Snowmobile 3- The Steam Powered Locomotive 2- The Steamboat 1- Dirigible
2:55 PM
Cutie Pugs - Kindergarten
It's another beautiful day, as Penny runs around outside, Poppy plays with her toys, Petey tries tot nibble some flowers, and Pablo - wait, what's wrong with Pablo? He's lying on the grass bored... but not for long! Uncle Marcus has arrived, and who should emerge from the car but Maggie the Sheepdog! Mom calls out to Dee Dee who appears and gives Maggie a big hug, before being dragged by Maggie to the backyard to see the pugs. Pablo leaps up, excited, and wants to know more about this ,Maggie,. He discovers that even though she looks very different, she is a dog, just like him. He finds other similarities and he learns that dogs are different from people who have two legs, whereas dogs have 4 legs. The day ends with Mom and Dee Dee playing with Maggie and Pablo realizing he's not bored after all. Best day ev-errr!!
3:02 PM
Opie's Home - Kindergarten
When Dad tells Opie he is going to 'prune' his favourite plant, Opie misinterprets the idea and vows to be a 'plant defender' and protect it from danger.
3:09 PM
Yeti Tales - Kindergarten
Nina and Leon swap their button collections. This reminds Yetili of a story, about Ferdinand, who collects stones.
3:17 PM
Frankie and Frank
Frankie and Frank (and Frank's left thumb) all know how important it is to get up and exercise!
3:19 PM
Book Hungry Bears - Kindergarten
Boomer leads a parade in ways that challenge his friends until it seems they aren't having fun anymore. But he is surprised to find that they still love him and still want to play his games. The Bears learn that you can love someone no matter what. Love and friendship is unconditional. BOOK: Why Do You Love Me? A boy and his dad go on a walk. Along the way the boy continually asks why and the ways his dad loves him.
3:31 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - Kindergarten
It's Super-Tweet to the rescue to save some friends in need! But by the time Tweet's sung her super chant and performed her special dance to make her feel 'super' enough, her helpers Ruff-Ruff and Dave have already saved the day! It's only when Tweet stops worrying and flies to the rescue of Littlest Bunny that she gets to show just how Super she really is!
3:42 PM
The Day Henry Met... - Kindergarten
Today Henry meets a cheeky Wheelie Bin and his two friends, Recycle Bin and Compost Bin. All the Bins on Henry's street have been put out for the Waste Collector to pick up but it's his day off! Henry becomes a Waste Collector and helps collect all the rubbish in his Lorry before it gets too stinky.
3:47 PM
Floogals - Gr 1-3 Science
Fee Floogal's special report sees the Floogals investigate Boy Hooman's band practice in the garage. Curious why anyone would play instruments all at the same time, the Floogals form a band of their own to find out.
4:00 PM
Arthur - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
When Arthur catches Buster sucking his thumb, Buster worries that Arthur will tell the entire school. Can Arthur stay mum? Or is this secret just too juicy not to share? --- Tired of doing chores, Arthur and the gang decide to invent their own country: Kidonia. But when there are no rules, no laws, and no chores, someone's bound to ruffle a few feathers. Will this kid-ruled utopia flourish or descend into anarchy?
4:26 PM
That TVOkids Show
Laura demonstrates how to make 5 different flower crafts you can make at home with simple supplies.
4:30 PM
That TVOkids Show
Lucas and Laura learn about sharks.
4:45 PM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
When Mandy the monkey escapes from her cage on the train, Ryder and the PAW Patrol are lead on a wild chase through Adventure Bay!
4:57 PM
Super Mighty Makers - Gr 1-3 Arts
Craft Kid Chase shares a bedroom with his older brother Raine, and it can get a little messy when the boys play together. Chase wants to make something they can both use to make cleaning up fun. With Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Chris, Chase makes the "Super Roving Roombot".
5:10 PM
Odd Squad - Gr 1-3 Math
When dinosaurs break out of the dinosaur room in headquarters and wreak havoc, Olive and Otto travel back in time to stop it from ever happening.
5:23 PM
Waffle the Wonder Dog - Gr 1-3 Health
While her home dries out, Mrs Hobbs is at the Brooklyn-Bells' house with George. She doesn't want Waffle pestering her, so the family walk him to school on Evie's first day. But Waffle causes playground chaos and the new Headteacher sends him home!
5:35 PM
Wild Kratts - Gr 1-4 Science
The Kratt Bros. are hanging out with Shadow, the Black jaguar cub, when they receive news that a scientist has just named a newly discovered praying mantis species after them- Liturgusa krattorum. It's time to celebrate. But Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata and Chef Gaston Gourmand are not happy. They feel the species should have been named after them. So they hatch a plan to capture all the Liturgusa krattorum. It's now up to the Wild Kratts to rescue their namesake and return them safely to their jungle home.
6:01 PM
I'm a Fish - K-2 Science
Giant Clam explains what they eat that help them to grow from being very tiny clams to giant ones. They also have a very effective defense mechanism that has helped them to live for up to 100 years.
6:03 PM
All-Round Champion - Gr 1-5 Health
It's the last week for the elite athletes competing in their individual sports. Kayaking was no surprise and Brodie has been "patiently" waiting to be deemed the Sport Leader and to prepare his fellow athletes for the competition in only three days. Daniel is hoping a podium appearance will secure him the title, Jasmine is desperate for one more medal while Fenella breaks down.
6:30 PM
All-Round Champion - Gr 1-5 Health
Kayaking was no surprise as the last sport and Brodie has been "patiently" waiting to coach his fellow athletes. Daniel is hoping a podium appearance will secure him the title, Jasmine is desperate for one more medal while Fenella becomes more confident with the rapids. The athletes are sad that their adventure is ending... but they are shocked to learn the competition is not over!