6:02 AM
Splash and Bubbles - Kindergarten
Splash takes his pals to go see his friend, LU, a fearless explorer in the deep. He has met Lu in his travels, and she has been an inspiration for Splash. Lu turns out to be a female football fish (the "Lu" stands for "bio-LU-minescent") who leads them on an adventure in the abyss.
6:15 AM
Doki - Gr 1-2 Social Studies
Gabi's always been competitive, but sometimes, she takes winning WAY too seriously. When Gabi demands a re-match after losing a just-for-fun race, Doki wonders - does Gabi really have to win, to have fun? To find out, they set off to the 'One of a Kind Game Kingdom' - a silly sports park In Japan, where the games are as goofy as they are unique. With Gabi and Doki as Team captains, the kids compete at hilarious games they can't help but enjoy - all except Gabi, who's still too focused on winning. Even Doki starts to catch the competitive bug! Will Gabi and Doki spoil the adventure for their friends... or will they remember that games are meant to be fun? --- When Oto finds Fico's favourite rubber band ball 'Bouncer' under the stairs, he figures it's fair game. Finders keepers! It ends up as part of Oto's Mars lander, and is blasted off to space! But when Fico finds out, he demands they go to Mars and get it back. But can we really go to Mars? The Team blasts off, and before you know it, they're exploring 'Mars' while Fico and Oto go looking for the lander. But the two are stunned to see a space-suited 'Martian' take the lander inside his house! When they attempt to recover it, the Team learns that they aren't really on Mars.
6:37 AM
Ping and Friends - K-2 Arts
Djembe is back to visit Ping and Pong in Melody Meadow. He brings with him his Kora and together they make a very special song
6:44 AM
Tee and Mo - Kindergarten
Mo is trying to exercise and Tee wants to get involved...
6:51 AM
Numberblocks - K-2 Math
Ten promises to take the others on a trip to the moon but blasts off on her own. How will they get there? Find out which pairs of numbers add to make ten with the Numberblocks..
6:57 AM
Odd Squad - Gr 1-3 Math
The agents try and stop baby Agent Orson from getting kicked off the squad.
7:10 AM
Animanimals - Kindergarten
The little giraffe wants to have some leaves from the trees. But it can't reach them and the big ones won't share any of it.
7:14 AM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
When Mayor Humdinger runs for Mayor of Adventure Bay, his Mayor Mobile runs out of control, the Paw Patrol have to save the day!
7:27 AM
Wild Kratts - Gr 1-4 Science
The Wild Kratts aren't too sure what to do for Halloween. Should they go trick or treating or just have a Halloween Party? The Kratt bros decide that the best thing to do is to discover some new "creepy cool" creatures. Heading off to find these new animals friends, Martin and Chris don't realize that Zach and the other villains have come up with a plan to ruin Halloween. Can the Wild Kratts defeat the villains and still get to celebrate Halloween?
7:55 AM
Abby Hatcher - Kindergarten
We flash back to the very first time Abby met Bozzly. --- When Mrs. Melvin leaves for a day trip and closes the salon, Abby tries to help Harriet find a replacement hobby.
8:20 AM
My Home My Life - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
Meet Zoe! At Mom's house, 7 year old Zoe is an only child and at Dad's she's the youngest of three. No matter where she is, she is loved.
8:27 AM
Let's Go Luna - K-2 Social Studies
In Rio, Carmen, worried she'll be always be seen as a delicate little butterfly, gets to know a Ranger in the Tijuca Rainforest, who shows her how mighty butterflies can be! Curriculum: Social Studies - Tijuca National Park, a rainforest that is home to many animals including butterflies, exists right next to the urban areas of Rio.
8:39 AM
Space Racers - K-2 Science
Stardust Bay's annual "All-Star Weekend" is a few days away, and most of the kids can't wait to meet some of the academy's famed former cadets. Raven, however, seems unusually quiet. When Headmaster Crane shows them a tribute video that highlights the flying skills of legendary cadet/racer Falcon Fairflight, Raven quietly slips away. What's gotten into him? Turns out he's trying to master Falcon's signature move, the near-impossible "triple corkscrew," but failing miserably. Crane finds Raven alone, wistfully rewatching the video... and wishing he could be more like Falcon, whom we learn was his late father. It's not what Falcon was able to do in the air, Crane explains, it's what he had inside: heart and determination. Raven ultimately finds a way to prove to himself - and to his friends - that he's made of the same strong fiber as his celebrated dad.
8:51 AM
Create - Gr 1-3 Arts
Make someone this special bush bouquet and everyone will want one!
8:55 AM
That TVOkids Show
Join TVOkids hosts Lucas, Laura and Greg every weekday as they talk to Ontario kids and have fun in their special blanket forts at home! Today, Greg and Lucas celebrate Eid with Asma and Sumayyah!
8:59 AM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
A huge monkey follows the Paw Patrol home, because it wants Rocky to scratch its back. --- When one of Humdinger's kittens finds herself in the cross hairs of a protective mother eagle, the Paw Patrol must leap into action to save her. Skye must conquer her fear of eagles to lead the high stakes, high altitude rescue mission.
9:23 AM
Book Hungry Bears - Kindergarten
Melody learns that when animals blend into their environment (camouflage), it is harder to find them. She learns that to observe well you must be patient and look closely. BOOK: Have You Seen Elephant? A boy has a hard time finding his friend elephant who is hiding in and around the house.
9:35 AM
TVOKids Teacher Power Hour
Join teacher Joel as he dances his way through the subjects of paleontology, scientific observation, and number doubling. First, we learn that to be a good scientist, one needs to ask lots of questions. And later, we learn how quickly numbers can grow when we keep doubling them.
10:28 AM
Let's Find Out
This is a math series supporting a greater understanding of financial literacy. In this episode, Melissa and Shamus earn money doing chores around the house.
10:32 AM
Homework Zone Interstitials - Gr 2-5
Freaky Fog! Teacher Aldo explains how dry ice goes through sublimation.
10:35 AM
Splash and Bubbles - Kindergarten
When a big storm passes over Reeftown, the friends experience rain and stormy conditions. They learn they don't need to be afraid, but it's good to stay close to home in a storm and take shelter. --- The kids' old friend Scoot, a juvenile sea turtle, stops by the reef to see Splash and the gang. While there, he explains that he is getting older and wants to scout for some potential places to settle, so the kids show him everything that Reeftown has to offer!
11:03 AM
That TVOkids Show
Get up and get active with Laura, Greg and Teacher Heather for an outer space themed workout!
11:10 AM
Zerby Derby - Kindergarten
While exploring Zerby Town Forest, Zack and Rex come across a puddle. But they can't explore the other side of the puddle because it gets too deep for Zack. They try to come up with solutions to make the puddle shallower so Zack can cross to the other side. They try using a large piece of bark, but when Zack gets on top of it, the bark starts to float Zack around. Rex tries to add more dirt to the bottom of the puddle, but the dirt just ends up mixing with the water and going away. Finally they decide to use gravel, which doesn't mix with the water and stays put on the bottom of the puddle. Zack gets across and he and Rex decide to fix all the other deep puddles too!
11:17 AM
Zerby Derby - Kindergarten
Mika the Mechanic has had a busy day charging Zerbies. She uses her solar panels to charge a big battery pack, which she uses to charge any Zerby that needs it. But she needs to use the sun to charge the big battery back up again. She picks a sunny spot and falls asleep. When Zack and Rex find her, looking for a charge, Mika is in the Shade. She moves and waits again. When they return Mika is convinced that the shadow is following her. Rex and Zack look at the situation and realize there is a tree that is casting a shadow. The tree's shadow is moving because the sun is moving across the sky. They find a nice open spot and Zack and Mika wait for a charge while the fully charged Rex drives in excited circles.
11:25 AM
Now You Know - Kindergarten
Superhero Baboo the Spider monkey must save his precious Choo Choo from Howie the Puzzler! In mid-rescue, Mom interrupts their make-believe to remind them it's bedtime. They wonder, ,Why do I have to go to sleep at night?, They visit Dr. Colleen at her sleep lab. She explains why we need our sleep, and shows them tools and computers to study the brain to help people sleep better.
11:35 AM
Dino Dana - K-2 Science
While Dad is trying to get Dana and Riley to help him hang laundry, they would rather imagine that they're dino knights in a medieval jousting competition against dinosaurs.
11:46 AM
Bitz and Bob - K-2 Science
It's Race Day in Craft City and Bob is determined to come first and win the trophy, until disaster strikes and his go-kart starts falling apart! Has Bitz got a solution?
11:57 AM
You Can Do It Too! - Kindergarten
Bob's missing an all-important check list which turned his go kart into a no go kart, but our friends are on hand to help. They're using engineering to show how check lists can help get paper planes flying and balloon car races on track!
12:01 PM
Create - Gr 1-3 Arts
Wondering what to do with all those left over crafty bits from your last project or art piece? Then this is for you! Grab your crafty scraps, some glue and some paint and get printing!
12:05 PM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
Envious Humdinger tries to draw the Adventure Bay Monster Movie production to Foggy Bottom by commandeering the mechanical movie monster. But he can't control the fireball breathing robot. All the pups join Marshall on this Ultimate Fire Rescue!
12:29 PM
Floogals - Gr 1-3 Science
Boomer is sad that Girl Hooman's dolls house looks like it's being side lined and maybe even given away! Fleeker and Flo find that all the furniture in the spare room is covered in sheets! They investigate all the strange rolls of patterned paper, paint and goop, and they take what they have learned to give Girl Hooman's dolls house a new lease of life.
12:40 PM
Ping and Friends - K-2 Arts
Matilda is embarrassed when she can't remember a special dance like the Turkish, Karsilama rhythm.
12:47 PM
Splash and Bubbles - Kindergarten
The Reeftown Rangers, continuing their migration adventure in the Antarctic, meet Pebbles, a gentoo penguin, and learn that she will receive a gift of a pebble from a male penguin who wants her to be his partner for life.
1:00 PM
TVOKids Teacher Power Hour
Join teacher Kristy as she practices movement on a grid . We go through grid label, axis and how to read labels and also identify and describe the location of an object using the cardinal directions.
2:00 PM
Big Top Academy - Gr 1-4 Health
Nicholas Zolta is one of many students invited to audition for Big Top Academy, a prestigious boarding school for circus performers. It's his chance to prove he can follow in his father's footsteps - a legendary daredevil who mysteriously disappeared!
2:32 PM
That TVOkids Show
Get up and get active with Laura, Greg and Teacher Heather for an outer space themed workout!
2:40 PM
Mister Maker - Gr 1-3 Arts
Mister Maker makes a fantastic picture using tennis balls, shows how to paint with sponges and creates realistic spaghetti bolognaise that look really tasty! Guess the answer to today's shape puzzle, and watch 'The Mister Maker Kids' make a gigantic caterpillar picture.
3:01 PM
Tinpo - K-1 Science
Team Tinpo's new Mega-Truck is so mega-high-up it doesn't fit under the garage door!
3:08 PM
16 Hudson - K-2 Social Studies
Amala launches a pet spa to raise money for an endangered animal but finds herself with too many customers and a hard choice to make.
3:17 PM
Create - Gr 1-3 Arts
Not only do herbs smell great but they are perfect for cooking as well! This will show you how to plant your herbs and also tell them apart!
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
The Turbots are trapped somewhere in the jungle. They tried to call the Paw Patrol, but their phone cut out! --- Chickaletta has laid an egg, but it's rolled away and is heading through town. The Paw Patrol has to catch it before it breaks.
3:43 PM
The Ollie & Moon Show - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
When Ollie wrecks the special Hawaiian shirt Scoot gave him, he must replace it and fast!
3:55 PM
Numberblocks - K-2 Math
One Hundred shows us what she's made of in a big song about being big.
4:01 PM
I'm a Fish - K-2 Science
In the waters of South America we meet the misunderstood Piranha who explains that they are more than just scary monsters as the films make them out to be.
4:03 PM
Arthur - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
It's the Elwood City dog show and Killer is facing off against Sebastian Winkleplotz, the snooty, championship-winning poodle. At stake: the Read family's honour. Can Killer's coach, Pal, transform her from combative canine to sophisticated show dog? --- Arthur agrees to watch Amigo while Alberto's off at camp. At first Pal is thrilled to have the company! (He even teaches Amigo his coveted table begging secrets!) But when Arthur appears to favor Amigo during a game of catch, Pal begins to worry that he's lost his place as top dog...
4:29 PM
That TVOkids Show
Join TVOkids hosts Lucas, Laura and Greg every weekday as they talk to Ontario kids and have fun in their special blanket forts at home! Today, Lucas, Greg and counsellor Duane answer your questions about school being out until the fall.
4:35 PM
Odd Squad - Gr 1-3 Math
Agents compete against rival Odd Squad agents to solve an odd problem. --- Otis and Olympia investigate why people in town are stuck in slow motion.
5:01 PM
Pup Academy - Gr 1-3 Health
When D.O.G. fails to fulfill the prophecy, Pup Academy closes its doors forever. The entire world is turned upside down: cats reign supreme, Charlie becomes Morgan's roommate and - worst of all - dogs are no longer human's best friends. Now it's up to the former Academy students to find a way to get their world back to normal!
5:25 PM
Wild Kratts - Gr 1-4 Science
The Wild Kratts aren't too sure what to do for Halloween. Should they go trick or treating or just have a Halloween Party? The Kratt bros decide that the best thing to do is to discover some new "creepy cool" creatures. Heading off to find these new animals friends, Martin and Chris don't realize that Zach and the other villains have come up with a plan to ruin Halloween. Can the Wild Kratts defeat the villains and still get to celebrate Halloween?
5:51 PM
Dino Dana - K-2 Science
Dad, Dana and Saara are on a camping trip when their firewood is stolen. Dana is pretty sure the thief is the Incisivosaurus, Mammoth or Maiasaura and does a dino experiment to figure out which dino (or prehistoric mammal) eats wood.
6:02 PM
That TVOkids Show
Dr. Cheddar explains why parents are home, but still so busy.
6:04 PM
Backyard Beats - Gr 1-3 Arts
Country star Brett Kissel visits the backyard and shares the first song he wrote with his guitar. Monica is inspired to build her own craft-strument guitar from recyclables. Junior Jammer Ryder shows his songwriting skills before they all come together for a backyard performance.
6:16 PM
The Wacky Word Show - Gr 1-4 Language
Inspired by all the cool books they read at the library, Zoey and Lukas decide to write their own stories, casting themselves as superheroes. Along the way they discover that all stories answer the five W's - who, what, where, when, why. Lukas programs Booboo Bot with some story beginnings, middles and ends so that Booboo Bot can write his own stories, but the bot gets the order all wrong and his stories are hilariously nonsensical. Kids have to correctly identify the 5 W's on a big game show board and put them together in wacky story. A video game writer shows how video games tell stories, too. In the challenge, kids are superheroes whose super powers have been stripped. They put together a puzzle while blindfolded and put comic strip panel cubes in the correct order while slowed down by bungee cords around their arms and legs. POW!
6:38 PM
Raven's Quest - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
8-year-old Natalya and 10-year-old Adriana are sisters who live in Mount Currie, British Columbia. They are from the Lil'wat Nation. When they aren't hanging out together in their bedroom, the girls love to decorate cookies and cupcakes and go sliding with their best buddies - the ,H Babies,, their 4 friends from next door. Adriana and Natalya are on the Whistler Indigenous Snowboard Team. They show us how to make traditional bracelets from cedar bark and introduce us to the Douglas Fir Tree - an important symbol in their community. Their special word is "Shrep7ul" which is "Douglas fir tree" in their language, Ucwalmicwts.
6:45 PM
Dino Dan
When Penelope and her Mom take Trek camping, they wake up to find that something's messed up their campsite. Trek thinks it was a dino. But which dino? It's up to Trek and Penelope to track it and find out!