6:00 AM
Book Hungry Bears
The Bears learn about the joy of rhythm and movement when Melody gets them to use their creativity to form a book band and use their music to attract books. But Melody has trouble finding her own special book band instrument. BOOK: Amazing Me! Dance! Kids explore dancing and moving to the beat and discover they are all amazing. --- The Bears come across a mysterious creature (a moose) that Crystal is convinced is a horse until she learns to admit that she doesn't know what it is. BOOK: My Tail's NOT Tired! Little Monster does not want to go to bed and keeps demonstrating how each of its body parts are not tired until it can no longer hide its fatigue and falls asleep.
6:21 AM
Opie's Home
Opie wants to be a bigger boy, just like his neighbour Gavin. But when he tries to do something that's beyond his capabilities, he realizes that some things will just have to wait until he's a little bit bigger.
6:28 AM
Dino Dan
Trek dreams that he and Mom are Police Officers on "The Case of the Missing Fish!". Can they figure outwho stole Fisherman Bobby's fish - the Spinosaurus, the Plesiosaur or the Archelon? You bet they can!
6:39 AM
Ping and Friends
Mr Prickles holds auditions for one musician to play at his garden party. Ping and Friends come up with a whole other idea : Motown !
6:46 AM
Bamboo Love
After playing and leaving her toys all over the floor Bamboo Love doesn't want to tidy up. But when she discovers that tidying all her toys can be a great game she enthusiastically puts everything back where it belongs.
6:49 AM
Gabby's Farm
Gabby is visiting an asparagus farm. She helps pick the asparagus and get bags of the vegetable ready for the customers.
6:56 AM
Odd Squad
Olive and Oren battle with rival agents Oren and Olaf over who gets the best chairs at headquarters. Meanwhile, Ms. O and Oscar run a top secret mission with Agent Octavia.
7:10 AM
Treasure Champs
In order to celebrate their gifts, Kari is hosting a Treasure Champs talent show, but Barry needs help to see that his unique talent is worthy of a performance. Thingy's limbo stunt and Kari's trumpet playing and ball bouncing act go down a storm, but how will Barry's combination of yodelling and eyebrow dancing be received?
7:15 AM
Paw Patrol
With the farmers out of town, Mayor Goodway calls the PAW Patrol to wrangle the animals and control the chaos on the farmerless farm.
7:27 AM
Wild Kratts
When the Wild Kratts Tortuga is accidentally miniaturized and carried off by a coyote, the mothership's shell defense is finally put to the test. The gang embarks on a box turtle-­‐style mission to get back to the Miniaturizer and restore the Tortuga back to normal size.
7:55 AM
Abby Hatcher
Mo and Bo cause Fuzzly trouble when they beocme obsessed with a video game on Lex's tablet. --- Grumbles slides down the drain while taking a bath. Abby and Bozzly have to save him before it's too late.
8:19 AM
My Home My Life Season 2
Meet Ashton! He is living the condo life with his mom and two big brothers in the big city. Stop by and find out how he turns minimal space into maximum fun.
8:26 AM
Let's Go Luna
When Honey rides off in a hot air balloon over Paris, worried Carmen and pals give chase.
8:39 AM
Hero Elementary
Sparks Crew wants to make their own theme song, but they have no musical instruments. How can they find a way to make sounds of different pitches?
8:52 AM
Yeti Tales
Yetili reads us the story of The Rhinoceros and the Dromedary.
8:56 AM
Little Malabar
When Little Malabar's kite string gets stuck on a comet, he and his friend the Sloth are carried away on a magnificent voyage to the comets' wonderland! Are we there yet? Comets are balls of ice that travel in the furthest orbit of the Oort cloud. From time to time, some of them get close to the Sun and take a tour before they go.
9:00 AM
Paw Patrol
The Paw Patrol takes to the sky in their all new Air Patroller airplane! Ryder outfits the pups in new flight suits so they can launch from the air and drop in on friends in need. An active volcano on far away Volcano Island spews out hot lava everywhere and threatens Franciois and Cap'n Turbot who are on a monkey communication expedition. The frightened monkey family scatters into jungle and it's up to the Paw Patrol to gather them all and bring them back to safety.
9:23 AM
Tee and Mo
A monkey mom, Mo, and her 3 year old son Tee, dance and enjoy musical moments together.
9:25 AM
Yeti Tales
Yetili reads us the story of The Oak and the Reed.
9:30 AM
TVOKids Teacher Power Hour
Join teacher Joel as we explore the writing form of writing a letter and all about the parts of a letter: Date, Greeting, Body, Closing, and Signature. In math, explore all about how to find number patterns on a number line. Solve and find the missing number on the number line.
10:26 AM
Tik Tak
Explore a costume tower, mosaic food bridge and watch as Book Girl makes a campsite.
10:32 AM
Bamboo Loves Sports
Warming up before a big run, Bamboo Love and Rabbit are ready at the starting line. With some helpful hints, Bamboo Love learns to pace, focus and persist past the finish line in the sport of running.
10:35 AM
Ping and Friends
Ping and Pong's learning how to improvise jazz helps Matilda finish a painting.
10:42 AM
Baby Baby
The babies and their friends enjoy making music. They know how to put on a show!
10:47 AM
The Day Henry Met...
Today Henry meets a Border Collie sheep dog and learns what a sheep dog does and why shepherds use them. Oh no, the sheep pen has been left open by accident and all the sheep have escaped. Henry becomes a shepherd and has to round up all the sheep, ready to be sheared for wool to make woolly jumpers.
10:52 AM
Yakka Dee!
Dee encourages a friend to say egg and we go on a whirlwind word adventure.
10:57 AM
Polkaroo Counts!
Where is six? Polkaroo hits the golf course and searches the park for the missing number while Thomas hangs back at the Polkaroo Counting Lab, both of them counting and finding different iterations of the number 6!
11:00 AM
Opie's Home
Opie is excited to make a special dinner for Mom when he drops a carton of eggs and has to change plans. Fortunately, an act of neighbourly kindness inspires Opie to find a new way to make dinner special.
11:07 AM
Zerby Derby
Rex's collection of pinecones is big enough to climb. If only Zack and Rex can figure out a way to get the pinecones to stay in a pile and not come apart when they try to climb up.
11:15 AM
How to do Stuff Good
How to attract birds to your garden, print your own t-shirt designs, and make the tastiest cake pops.
11:24 AM
Raven's Quest
Cayda is an 11-year-old girl who lives on the Tsuu T'ina Nation reserve near Calgary, Alberta. Cayda is a fantastic hockey player and plays on two different boys' teams. Cayda has a horse Dakota that she rides in the barrel race at the rodeo. Cayda takes us to a rodeo and explains how horses are a big part of her life and her nations' traditions.
11:31 AM
Zamzoom's Animal Adventures
Back in Kenya, Zamzoom and Orbie joke along with a cackling clan of hyenas. As the sahara's cleaner uppers, hyenas provide an important service to the ecosystem!
11:35 AM
Zamzoom's Animal Adventures
Zamzoom and Orbie drop down into Newfoundland, Canada to meet some gannets, peculiar sea birds that live on the cliffs of Cape St. Mary's. They dive off the cliffs and into the distant water below to hunt.
11:39 AM
Dino Dana
Dad, Dana and Saara are on a camping trip when their firewood is stolen. Dana is pretty sure the thief is the Incisivosaurus, Mammoth or Maiasaura and does a dino experiment to figure out which dino (or prehistoric mammal) eats wood.
11:50 AM
Bitz and Bob
Bitz promises to build a strong house for Little Bo Purl's goats and for the three little pigs, one that Big Bad Robo Wolf can't blow down. First they build the cutest little house out of straw but Robo Wolf soon huffs and puffs and blows it away. Then they build a house out of sticks but he blows that one down too and all they have left to use is some snow - and how can you build a house out of soft squishy snow? Its time for a Bitz Brain Blitz!
12:01 PM
You Can Do It Too!
Bitz, Bob and the children are building houses for their little pig toys. They have straws, lolly sticks and cubes - but which will be the strongest building material? Oink! Join in and make your own sand bricks at home; it's compacting fun!
12:06 PM
Paw Patrol
Ryder surprises the Pups with their newest vehicle - THE PAW PATROLLER! Now the PAW Patrol can save the day outside of Adventure Bay in this 18 wheeler, mobile Lookout! It's just in time too because Jake ends up lost in the south pole when he loses his equipment and phone - Pups to the rescue! While the Pups race down, an Arctic storm picks up but Jake finds help from a brave Mountain Ranger Pup named EVEREST!
12:30 PM
My World Kitchen
It is the turn of talented young cook Mason, who is making a traditional recipe from Yorkshire. Mason's recipe, yorkshire pudding, is named after the place it comes from, and he hopes all his friends will like it as much as he does. Mason serves his recipe with broccoli, parsley and traditional Yorkshire gravy. One of his ingredients is horseradish, which none of his friends like the taste of at first. Let's hope it tastes different when they try it in his yorkshire puddings with sausages.
12:41 PM
On a day-trip to the local farm, the Floogals encounter a sheep and become fascinated as to why it's so fluffy. And what's wool? And how could it possibly be turned into a sweater?
12:52 PM
Big Words, Small Stories
When Davey sees that Al holds several world records, he decides he wants to try one himself. Al takes the whole thing very seriously so shuts up the café and tells Davey he will train him through the whole experience! Davey announces he plans to balance books, on a unicycle while playing the ukulele and despite Al and Abigail's skepticism they support him through it. Al's methods of preparation are a little strange and Davey isn't sure they're going to lead to him breaking anything but maybe a bone. When it comes time for his attempt, he manages to hold the whole thing for a miniscule 7 seconds and is upset this is all he managed. But Al reveals because no-one has ever attempted what he just did, he is technically the world record holder!
12:57 PM
Top of the Tops
Top 5 Facts about the Solar System: 5- The solar system is huge 4- The planets revolve around the sun 3- 3 celestial bodies make up most of the mass of our solarsystem 2- There are other systems within our solar system 1- Life is possible because of where the Earth is located
1:00 PM
TVOKids Teacher Power Hour
Join teacher Spencer and his pal Rosco as we explore the Point of View Paragraph writing from. Learn and review about personal points of view using opinions, facts, debates and challenges. Plan and brainstorm ideas for writing your point of view paragraph.
1:51 PM
Ping and Friends
Mr. Prickles leaves the babysitting of his moon flower houseplant to Ping and Pong, leading them to discover a new instrument : the hangdrum
1:58 PM
Tik Tak
Explore a magic coat rack, a theatre of dancing toilets and watch as Book Girl makes a music organ.
2:03 PM
Odd Squad Mobile Unit
Orla interviews agent Onika, the person who built the van, and learns about some of the van's secret functions.
2:07 PM
Book Hungry Bears
Melody thinks she has discovered a magic hole with a magical fairy living in it. But when she learns it is a rabbit's hole, Melody wants to make friends with the grumpy rabbit but doesn't know how. She learns that a homemade gift is a good way to make friends and amends. BOOK: I Am an Artist A young girl makes wonderful scriptures and art out of objects she finds in nature - in the forest, on the beach; even in the rain and sky.
2:18 PM
Yeti Tales
Nina and Leon are having a tea party on the mezzanine. Yetili comes along and joins them for a cup of tea before reading their story.
2:25 PM
Yuvraj loves to play cricket.
2:27 PM
Wacky Number Songs
5, 10, 15, 20! Skip counting is a way of counting forward faster by numbers bigger than 1. Ava sings a song about a family of kangaroos that skip count by different amounts!
2:29 PM
Odo and Doodle pretend to be 'Inspector Oodle' and award the camp a Golden Acorn trophy. Everything goes well until the real inspector comes along. Now, how will Odo explain their silly disguise?
2:37 PM
Super Mighty Makers
Craft Kid Arianna describes her sister, Veyda, as adventurous and fun but needs help to calm down. Arianna wants to make something for Veyda to help her feel cozy at the end of her day. Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Maria help Arianna make the "Mighty Mood Mellower".
2:48 PM
Now You Know
Relic hunter Howie and his trusty sidekick Baboo are in a stone temple trying to find a secret entrance. Howie gets stuck in a spider web, and back to reality in the attic, they wonder, ,How do spiders make webs?, They visit spider expert Rosie at Reptilia Zoo, who shows them a tarantula making a web up close, and they learn about different types of spiders and how webs help them catch food.
2:55 PM
Space Kids
This episode looks at our beautiful, fragile Earth from outer space and shares some inspiring words from the people who've seen it and study it firsthand.
2:57 PM
Top of the Tops
Top 4 Facts about the Fire Tarantula 4- They don't hear or see 3- They molt often 2- They use their hair as a weapons 1- They can regenerate limbs
3:00 PM
My Home My Life Season 2
Meet Sadie! All aboard the ferry as we cross the lake to Sadie's island home! She and her family live in a big cozy log cabin and enjoy the remote island life. She also enjoys hockey, gymnastics and family campfires!
3:07 PM
16 Hudson
When "Fix-it Sam" gets too big for his britches, it's his friendships that wind up needing the biggest fix.
3:14 PM
In this episode Skaggs and Fibber misread the Captain's note and mistake SAUCE for SOCK.
3:17 PM
Sometimes a plant will grow out of its pot and if you want it to grow even bigger you have to plant it in a new home and provide it with the right environment to be a happy and healthy plant.
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
Mayor Goodway, Danny and the Turbots are stuck in a canyon in the mountains. It's time for a highflying Ultimate Rescue lead by Skye! --- Rubble leads the pups in building an emergency landing pad for Captain Gordy in this Ultimate Construction Rescue!
3:44 PM
The Ollie & Moon Show
When Ollie goes a little overboard and makes a meatball as big as a house, Moon wants to have a big Italian feast to celebrate his creation.
3:56 PM
Adam loves to play hockey.
4:00 PM
ABC with Kenny G
Kenny G sings about the letter O to a crowd of animals, making it an ode to the ocean, oatmeal and orange orangutans.
4:03 PM
Math, schmath. That's what Sue Ellen thinks... until she runs into a problem her artistic vision can't solve. --- Sue Ellen can't wait to meet her pen pal in person. But Tenzin seems to be more interested in cars and fashion than world culture. Has her friend changed, or was Sue Ellen just reading him wrong?
4:30 PM
That TVOkids Show
Join TVOkids hosts Laura, Monica and Matt every weekday as they talk to Ontario kids and have fun in their special tree fort hangout! Today Laura and Monica think there is an abominable snowman in the forest.
4:45 PM
Odd Squad
Olive and Otto become concerned when they find out their Odd Squad test is being administered by Agent Obfusco - a mysterious agent who speaks only in word problems.
5:00 PM
Pup Academy
It's time for the annual student exchange, and Pup Academy is getting ready to welcome a... kitten! Spark tries to hide her secret friendship with this kitten from her judgmental classmates, as Corazon discovers cats aren't as bad as he thought when he's sent to Kitten Academy to learn about acceptance.
5:25 PM
Wild Kratts
Martin is hanging out with his pet Fruit fly Juice, when Juice suddenly dies. Even though Juice was young, he was pretty old for a Fruit fly. Jimmy wants to know if any animals can live to be over 100 years old. Soon the Wild Kratts are on a mission to discover the oldest creatures on earth!
5:51 PM
The Brilliant World of Tom Gates
A pesky Singing Cat meows all night long, keeping Tom awake. The next day, he falls asleep in Mr Fullerman's class. And drools! Marcus is quick to point it out to the whole class and Tom is totally embarrassed. HE DROOLED IN FRONT OF AMY! Tom shares his current top 5 embarrassing moments. Then Tom shows us how to make our own pesky cat out of clay. After school, Tom goes back home, and back in his bedroom, he hears the pesky Singing Cat again, but thankfully this time, Derek's dog Rooster chases it around the garden and away. Good dog Rooster! Liz Pichon shows us how to draw Rooster, Derek's dog, and the Singing Cat. The drawings come to life and the chase continues! The Singing Cat sings a song about itself to a music video. Tom starts to get ready for bed, hopeful for a quiet night. Phew. The Singing Cat has moved on... but only to the tree in Derek's garden next door!
6:04 PM
Backyard Beats
Master Corporal McKenzie visits the backyard with his bagpipes and shares some tips on how to play them. Monica creates her own bagpipe craft-strument and they're joined by Junior Jammer Xander for a backyard performance.
6:15 PM
The Wacky Word Show
Zoey has just read Alice in Wonderland. She and Lukas decide to create an Alice-in-Wonderland-like world filled with opposites, palindromes and tricky double negatives. With the help of their special guest, a psychologist and teacher who wrote a book in mirror writing, they try their hand at writing backwards just like the author of Alice in Wonderland sometimes did. Teams of kids match up pairs of palindromes in the game show. When Lukas programs Booboo Bot to say everything backwards, it sends Booboo Bot into a fit of hysterics. In the challenge, teams of kids have to follow commands filled with double negatives and opposites. It's not easy figuring out what to do, not do or not not do!
6:37 PM
How Do You Feel?
Akin has a friend who is being bullied because of her body, and it's making her feel upset and insecure. Akin meets up with Duane and some pals to talk through these difficult emotions, and he explains how we can focus on the positive by avoiding comparisons.
6:47 PM
Dino Dan
Trek is blown away when he sees a Psittacosaurus eating rocks. Trek's determined to find out what the dino's doing and, with a little help from Grandma, Trek learns that the Psittacosaurus didn't eat rocks but that rocks help them digest their food.