(Clock ticking)

A young girl with curly brown hair wears a white shirt. She sits at a table with a white piece of paper and pencil crayons. She mutters indistinctly.

The girl gasps and says, TIK TAK!

(Soft music plays)

A title reads, Tik Tak.

The sun rises over a house with a ticking clock. Doors in the house open and sheep exit as the sun sets and the moon rises. The sheep circle in and out of the house under a starry night sky.

(Cheerful music plays)

Wooden blocks build a castle with a yellow flag.

(Celebratory music plays)

Flat wooden geometric pieces connect and create a lion. The lion growls softly.

(Clock ticking)

A young boy with wavy brown hair crawls toward the house with the ticking clock. The boy opens the clock and peaks inside where gears turn. Behind the gears, toy knights guard a castle on a floor that lights up.

(Fanfare music plays)

The knights move about a floor in a dance as the lights on the floor change colour. The knights pause outside the castle’s door. A drawbridge lowers and a toy king comes out. The knights and the king dance.

(Soft music plays)

Sliding puzzle pieces move until the puzzle is solved and reveals a lion.

A young boy with blond hair paints. An animated character made out of sponge chatters indistinctly. The sponge friend looks at a dish of red paint.

The sponge friend steps into the paint dish and absorbs some of the red paint. The sponge friend giggles and jumps into a dish of yellow paint. The sponge friend jumps into a cup of water. Water splashes out of the cup and the young boy flinches. The sponge friend, now orange, jumps out of the cup and looks down.

The sponge friend says, Huh?

The sponge friend smiles and winks. Soft music plays over a kaleidoscope of colours.

A ball makes music bouncing on wooden blocks of different heights and colours. The ball changes colour as it bounces off different blocks.

A dust pan holds dirt.

Between shadow pictures of children, flat wooden geometric pieces connect and create a hat and magic wand.

A pop-up book opens to a wooden chest in a dark attic. The chest opens and the hat flies out. The chest closes and the attic brightens. Lights flicker between the room. A shadow of a person steps into a loft in the room and slides down a pole.

The person puts on the hat. Outlines of shapes float out of the wooden chest. The person uses the magic wand to put the shapes together and make a bed. The person strikes a pose and lowers the bed to the floor with the magic wand.

The person climbs into the bed before waving and lying down. The pop-up book closes to reveal the house with the ticking clock under the night sky. The clock stops ticking.

End credits.

ketnet copyright 2020.

Distributed by serious lunch.