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12:05 PM

Raven's Quest - Gr 1-3 Social Studies

Kikpesan just turned 13. She's from the Mi'kmaq Nation and she lives in Esgenoòpetitj, New Brunswick. Kikpesan is an accomplished archer, she has competed at the New Brunswisk Indian Summer Games and has won many medals.

5:00 AM
Gastroblast - Gr 1-3 Science
A Vegetable Lasagna is on today's menu, but first Link makes his own ricotta cheese. Using everyday ingredients: milk, cream, salt and lemon juice, along with some heat and time, before long Link is assembling triple layers of noodles, sautéed vegetables, tomato sauce, and of course, ricotta cheese, creating an ooey gooey pan of deliciousness.
5:12 AM
Manner Bot
Cosmo the astronaut and his robot Dot. Dot teaches Cosmo manners. In this episode Cosmo learns how to listen.
5:14 AM
Opie's Home - Kindergarten
Opie will do anything to prevent Mom from going to work on Saturday when she's supposed to be home playing with him.
5:21 AM
Canada Crew - K-2 Social Studies
Bebe and Mo watch Canada Day celebrations in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Halifax. Gavin introduces them to Canada's very own Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and invites them to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to watch the celebratory fireworks!
5:30 AM
Monkey See Monkey Do - Kindergarten
Monkey needs help from Dolphin to practice his basketball jumps.
5:41 AM
Monkey See Monkey Do - Kindergarten
Bird of Paradise helps Monkey with a costume.
5:52 AM
Yakka Dee! - Kindergarten
Dee encourages a friend to say 'duck' and we go on a whirlwind word adventure. We see lots of different ducks - a brown duck, a white duck and Dee even goes for a ride in a yellow duck boat! There are baby ducks, mother ducks and lots of funny ducks eating their dinner! The journey is repeated with some special surprises along the way and everyone has a boogie when Dee's friend finally succeeds in saying today's word!
5:57 AM
Frankie and Frank
Frankie finally learns what it means to be the loudest of them all!
6:00 AM
Book Hungry Bears - Kindergarten
The Bears climb a big hill to reach a book, but Melody slows them down. The others create different ways of motivating Melody to keep climbing. In the end, it is Melody who has to invent a way to get her friends to make it all the way to the top to enjoy the view. BOOK: Soon A baby elephant and his mum go on an amazing journey past many animals and make some amazing discoveries along the way. --- When Crystal and Scout try to make a surprise Snow Bear for Boomer and Melody, they are confused when Boomer and Melody make the same surprise Snow Bear for them. The Bears learn that it is not the surprise that's important, it's the thought. BOOK: Handa's Surprise Handa carries a basket of fruit on her head and walks to the next village to surprise her friend. But along the way, she is unaware that a variety of jungle creatures take the fruit from her basket. Then when her basket is unexpectedly filled with tangerines, it surprises both her and her friend.
6:21 AM
Splash and Bubbles - Kindergarten
Splash, Bubbles, Dunk and Ripple play a big game of hide and seek with Tyke, the Pacific harbor seal in the Kelp Forest. When they temporarily can't find Tyke, they are relieved to learn that even though she's quite independent and curious, she won't wander far from her home.
6:34 AM
Numberblocks - K-2 Math
Welcome to the fabulous fun fruit factory, where Three's super fruit-sorting machines aren't giving her any fruit.
6:39 AM
Yeti Tales - Kindergarten
Yetili reads us the story of The Hare and the Tortoise.
6:42 AM
Tinpo - K-1 Science
Time is money and it's taking a busy Business Po too long to get to work - can Team Tinpo speed up his commute?
6:49 AM
Ping and Friends - K-2 Arts
Ping and Pong try to get ready for Mr. Prickles' surprise party while nursing a caterpillar back to health..
6:57 AM
Tee and Mo - Kindergarten
Tee would love a garden of his own which looks as amazing as Mr. Og's. Mo does her best to help him create one, however gardens take time to grow. Luckily Tee's already thinking out of the plant box.
7:05 AM
Let's Go Luna - K-2 Social Studies
Leo feels very nervous about the wild animals wandering around Juneau, but realizes they need their own space and we must all learn to live together. --- In Juneau, Carmen wants to find a book to share with her mom, but in the process, learns to appreciate the tradition of native Alaskan spoken-word storytelling.
7:30 AM
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
Xavier is working away on his home-made volcano science project, but it blows up before he's able to get his camera and take a picture! He doesn't get it, what went wrong? How can he do better next time? ...To the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet an incredible scientist: Louis Pasteur. As Xavier attempts to work alongside Louis, first painting a picture and then conducting a very important science experiment, he realizes that no matter what kind of project you're doing, you have to think about what you need before you start. --- During a meeting of the Butterfly Club, Brad is daunted to realize just how far butterflies have to travel when they migrate. He really wishes there were something he could do to help protect them, but the job seems way too big for him. There's just one thing he can do... To the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet someone else who cared deeply about protecting nature: Rachel Carson. Brad watches in amazement as Rachel first performs simple tasks to help protect the wetlands near her home, then works her way up to studying and helping to protect all of the amazing life found within the world's oceans. Rachel inspires Brad to figure out his own way to help the butterflies, even if he is only a kid, because we can all help to protect the Earth.
7:54 AM
Yakka Dee! - Kindergarten
Dee encourages a friend to say nose and we go on a whirlwind word adventure.
8:00 AM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
Mayor Goodway honors the Paw Patrol with the Key to the City. But Sid Swashbuckle and his trusty pirate pup Arrby swipe the key. Ryder calls for an Ultimate Rescue as the pups team up, Police style, to solve the mystery and stop those pesky pirates.
8:23 AM
The Ollie & Moon Show - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
After Moon exaggerates her hooping abilities to her pen pal from India, she's afraid to tell her the truth for fear of not being liked and rather, attempts to learn. Fast!
8:35 AM
Abby Hatcher - Kindergarten
Abby finds herself as the lead singer of two bands after Rose and Tulip get in an argument and Rose forms a new band.
8:47 AM
16 Hudson - K-2 Social Studies
When Earth Ambassador Amala misses Earth Hour, she thinks it's the worst thing ever! Until her friends help her realize it's a small thing compared to all the good she does.
8:54 AM
Blynk and Aazoo - Gr 1-3 Science
Our young inquirer, Yohanna, asks Blynk and Aazoo: Could i get a robot to do my chores? With the help of our intergalactic scientist, Aaron, discover how you could make your own robot, how robots are helping us in space, and how robots are able to learn like we do! Blynk is inspired to create their own robot - one that becomes Aazoo's best friend!
9:05 AM
Odd Squad Mobile Unit - Gr 1-3 Math
The Mobile Unit is called to Odd Squad's Top-Secret Security Facility where an unknown villain has broken in to get to the mega-computer. But when Lady Bread, Wheelie Dan, and the Utensiler all claim to be the villain responsible, the team must recreate the break-in to discover the true culprit. --- "The Shadow" hosts a meeting of villains worldwide in order to convince them to join her Villain Network. But when she shows them their decline in villainy on a line graph, it catapults the villains into a game of blame. She must come up with a line graph that will convince them all to join, or her master plan will fail.
9:32 AM
Wild Kratts - Gr 1-4 Science
While flying over the Amazon rainforest, the gang share a bowl of colorful jelly beans. Martin tells them that the jelly beans remind him of parrots. This confuses everybody until he says it's because parrots come in almost every color. Soon, the bros are off on a creature mission to find as many colorful parrots as they can in the Amazon.
9:59 AM
Book Hungry Bears - Kindergarten
Boomer tries to keep a special snowball he has made but it keeps getting smaller as it melts in the Bears' paws. His friends each pitch in with a creative suggestion as to how to keep it from melting and end up with the best solution- they make a snow bear and place the snowball in its cold paw. BOOK: Up! About the various ways different families carry a baby: In arms, Shawl, Parka, Sling or even a Baby-pack
10:11 AM
Kit and Pup - Kindergarten
Kit and Pup are at the beach. Can you see who is carrying the heavy object and who is carrying the light object? Kit and Pup are also helping the little investigators discover whether big things are always heavier than small things.
10:16 AM
Tik Tak - Kindergarten
Explore disco dancing pirates, the memory game of a crocodile and watch as Book Girl makes a crane by doing magic.
10:21 AM
Bing - Kindergarten
Sula, Pando, Flop and Padget all have a knack, a special thing that only they can do. Bing is frustrated when all his own knacks are easy for everyone else to do too. When Pando accidentally hurts Bing's ear they are all in for a surprise as Bing discovers he does have a knack that no-one else can do.
10:28 AM
Bamboo Loves Sports - Kindergarten
When a lost ping-pong ball mysteriously returns, Bamboo Love is thrilled to see that Baby Elephant is ready for a fun game of Table Tennis. Learning that Table Tennis can be a swift and challenging sport that takes time to perfect, the pair are all too happy to keep playing to the very end.
10:31 AM
Ping and Friends - K-2 Arts
A Quebecois Beaver teaches Ping and Pong how to sing a fun Quebecois folk song but in the process Mr. Prickles' ice sculpture gets broken.
10:38 AM
Lily's Driftwood Bay - Kindergarten
Muddy Bull is told to leave the café until he can clean himself up. Lily goes one better and gives Bull a full, fancy makeover. Bull's friends find his new image funny and laugh at him, without realising that they are hurting Bull's feelings.
10:45 AM
The Day Henry Met... - Kindergarten
Today Henry meets a Crown in a palace who is bored, she'd love to throw a medieval banquet. But you can't hold a medieval banquet without a court jester to make everyone laugh, if only there was one around. That gives Henry a great idea he becomes a court jester and puts on an amazing show for the guests and the medieval banquet is a great success.
10:50 AM
Yakka Dee! - Kindergarten
Dee encourages a friend to say cake and we go on a whirlwind word adventure.
11:00 AM
Jojo and Gran Gran - Kindergarten
When JoJo hears the announcement of a new Captain Chloe film on the radio, she's disheartened to learn that it won't be available to watch for some time. Luckily, Gran Gran has a Gran Gran Plan - she and JoJo can make their own film to tide them over, and Jared (a keen filmmaker) can help. JoJo learns all about the camera, acting and editing, eventually producing an amazing film trailer for the gang to watch with popcorn.
11:11 AM
My Stay-At-Home Diary - Gr 1-4 Social Studies
14-year-old Amelia's grandmother has come to stay with her family while everyone's at home. Amelia stays busy by learning new things with her grandmother and spending time in the backyard with her brothers.
11:15 AM
It's My Party - Gr 1-4 Social Studies
Emily pairs up Party Host Ida-Maria with her Party Guest Gabriel. Together they prepare to attend a Carnevale event. Before the big celebration they practice a theatrical performance, cook up a delicious polenta dish and make masks for their costumes.
11:37 AM
Little Malabar - K-2 Science
Captain Little Malabar and his friend the Whale are not afraid of storms! They are searching for treasure and their map leads them right to Neptune. But the planet warns them that it has the strongest winds in the solar system... Neptune is a giant, icy blue planet. On its surface, enormous storms form spots with violent winds.
11:41 AM
Hero Elementary - Gr 1-3 Science
The class pet, Fur Blur, is competing in the school's Super Pet Races. But has Sparks' Crew given her everything a pet needs to be ready to race? --- AJ invents a wheeled robot that can do everything... except get up stairs. Sparks' Crew has to figure out how to get the robot up the stairs in time for the big Invention Fair.
12:05 PM
Raven's Quest - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
Kikpesan just turned 13. She's from the Mi'kmaq Nation and she lives in Esgenoòpetitj, New Brunswick. Kikpesan is an accomplished archer. She has competed at the New Brunswick Indian Summer Games and has won many medals for all the sports she plays: hockey, swimming and more! Kikpesan takes care of twenty chickens and sells their eggs around her neighbourhood. Her special word, ,go'qolo'gwej, means ,chicken, in Mi'kmaq! Kikpesan's parents are lobster fishers, and on weekends she gets up early to go out on their boat to help with the catch. Kikpesan's special job is to measure the lobsters. With her best buddy, Harmony, Kikpesan enjoys playing hide and seek and they hang out together on the beach looking for interesting things. Kikpesan once found a small carved totem which she thinks might be made out of whale bone. Kikpesan and her family have a sweat lodge in back of their home. It's a very special and sacred place. Kikpesan explains that during ceremonies she and her family drum, sing and pray in the sweat lodge.
12:12 PM
How Do You Feel? - Gr 1-4 Health
Akin's friend is in a sticky situation: two of his other pals are fighting, and he's worried about what might happen. He discusses the issue with Duane, then explores using "I" -messages to help to resolve an argument.
12:19 PM
My World Kitchen - Gr 1-4 Social Studies
Eddie makes a delicious cheese and olive pizza for his friends, using homemade dough and cooking it outside in his family's pizza oven.
12:30 PM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
The PAW Patrol heads to the Jungle in the PAW PATROLLER to meet Ryder's 10 year old pen-pal, CARLOS. They also meet up with an old friend, MANDY the Monkey! Still up to her old tricks, Mandy swipes Ryder's PupPad and it's a wild Monkey chase through the jungle that leads to a cursed temple. Now Ryder and Pups have to get Mandy out of the ancient ruins, and avoid all the booby traps in the process! --- Chase is taking part in a herding competition and starts to herd people around town as practice which causes more trouble than good. Farmer Al calls Ryder and needs help to fix his fence and herd all the sheep! Now the Pups have to fix the fence and Chase has to herd all the sheep in time to make it to the competition!
12:53 PM
Dino Dana - K-2 Science
Ms. Currie has asked Dana to help her adopt a reptile for Trek at a local Reptile Zoo/pet store. Dana is thrilled to help and uses the opportunity to compare modern day reptiles to the Archelon, Deinosuchus and Titanoboa.
1:04 PM
The Wacky Word Show - Gr 1-4 Language
It's carnival time and Zoey and Lukas discover the many ways you can say things without saying a word. Through body language, hand signals and other non-verbal cues, you can easily get a message across. Except when dealing with a bot - Booboo Bot! Professional clowns stop by and show how clown gibberish and exaggerated expressions can make for some wacky fun. In the game show, teams of kids play Speed Charades. The Holey-Moley Clown-a-roly challenge is a mash-up of Pictionary and beanbag toss...with wet sponges that just might land on someone's face!
1:26 PM
Yeti Tales - Kindergarten
Yetili reads us the story about the Heron.
1:30 PM
Bing - Kindergarten
Bing, Sula, Coco, Pando, Amma and Flop are making Leaf Pictures. But the wind whisks Coco's picture off the table! Bing catches it by stamping on her picture, now Coco's angry!
1:37 PM
Mr. Moon - Kindergarten
Mr Moon takes Stella's place watching the Cloud Dolphins so she can go to the meteor shower, and the dolphins teach him their tricks.
1:49 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small - Kindergarten
Grunty's always saying funny things, so when she says she's seen something very unusual, Farmer John isn't sure whether she's making it up. Miffy has faith in her friend though, and together they discover that sometimes real life is even stranger than make-believe!
1:56 PM
Tik Tak - Kindergarten
Explore a panda disco, a tower made of sticks and watch as Book Girl makes a car.
2:02 PM
The Day Henry Met... - Kindergarten
Henry meets a Cactus in a garden centre. Cactus grandfather used to be a Sheriff in the Wild West and always dreamt of following in his footsteps. That gives Henry a great idea and he becomes a Sheriff in the Wild West and Cactus becomes his deputy.
2:07 PM
Book Hungry Bears - Kindergarten
Scout wants to play on his own, but his friends ask to play with him. The Bears learn that playing can be just as much fun on your own as with someone else. BOOK: Play Ball A baby penguin loves playing with its ball - alone and with friends!
2:18 PM
Yeti Tales - Kindergarten
Nina asked Leon to come to the bookstore dressed up like a pirate, she has a surprise for him. Since he loves BOTH pirates and dinosaurs, Yetili will read...the Piratosaur.
2:25 PM
I LOVE - Kindergarten
Jett loves ballet.
2:30 PM
Splash and Bubbles - Kindergarten
When Lu's light goes out, Lu has trouble attracting food and seeing down in the Deep, so the kids decide to show her a world filled with light - the reef. There they realize that Lu's light didn't go out, it's just covered with mud.
2:42 PM
The Ollie & Moon Show - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
When Ollie and Moon set out to help baby turtles in trouble, Ollie discovers that wearing a cape isn't what makes you a courageous hero.
2:54 PM
Reading Rangers
The Mayor needs to raise more funds for a statue so she decides to tax everything that is a noun.
2:58 PM
Cutie Pugs - Kindergarten
While Petey, Poppy and Pablo tussle inside the pug house, Dee Dee plays on the deck steps in the backyard. Mom passes by, about to throw a cardboard box into the recycling bin, and Dee Dee borrows and places it on her head to pretend she's a robot. The pugs spy her through the window and race outside as she enters the pen and transforms the box into a pirate ship, with her as Pirate Dee Dee. A phone call from Grandma sends Dee Dee off to say hello, and curious Penny ends up overturning the box on top of her. When the other pugs discover she's stuck inside the box, they must alert Dee Dee for help. Dee Dee to the rescue, as she picks up the box and saves Penny. Now it's back to more Pirate Dee Dee and the pugs sailing in their cardboard pirate ship!
3:05 PM
My Home My Life - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
Meet Ben! This 10 year old talented artist and his family live in the city. They love to go for hikes, walk their dogs and buy art for their designer home!
3:12 PM
Lily's Driftwood Bay - Kindergarten
When the island gathers at the Cockle Café to stay out of the heavy rain, it quickly becomes clear that Nonna's roof is a little leaky. Bull, determined to help Nonna, takes it upon himself to fix the problem with destructive results.
3:20 PM
Book Hungry Bears - Kindergarten
Crystal is frustrated when the Bears are trapped under a rocky outcrop in a rainstorm, but she learns to love listening and imitating the sound of the rain. BOOK: 'On My Walk'. A little boy notices all the different sounds of nature while on a walk with his mom and his dog.
3:31 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - Kindergarten
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave follow recipes to make their favourite fruit and vegetable juice drinks. They collect the fresh ingredients from Hatty's garden and count out the quantities of each one needed to make A Ruff-Ruff Super Juice, Tweet's Sweet Treat and Dave's Bubbly Banana Juice. Then it's into Hatty's Bubble-Juicer they go, for some juicing magic!
3:42 PM
Zamzoom's Animal Adventures- Gr 1-3 Science
Our adventurous pair, Zamzoom and Orbie, are in Kenya, meeting several different species of antelopes. When Orbie malfunctions, the pair head to the shade to cool down, and meet a whole nother creature below the canopy.
3:46 PM
Floogals - Gr 1-3 Science
Having discovered some strange smudges on the hallway mirror, the Floogals discover them everywhere. What are they and where are they coming from? Leading to detective Flo on a case to solve this mystery.
3:57 PM
How Do You Feel? - Gr 1-4 Health
Did you know that the food we eat can affect how we feel? Akin explains how healthy eating keeps our bodies and minds balanced. And, he shows us how to make his favourite snack: banana sushi!
4:00 PM
Arthur - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
There's a mouse loose in the Read home! And D.W. wants it gone...NOW! When traps fail, Arthur enlists the help of an expert mouse catcher...a fearless hunter who laughs in the face of danger: Nemo?? --- While playing in the park, Binky, Muffy, and Ladonna stumble upon an abandoned kite. After failing to find the owner, the trio decides to take joint custody of the toy. But sharing it is easier said than done...
4:26 PM
Amy and Adam are social media experts. Using a scientific method they help their resident inventor, Eureka, turn his crazy ideas into trending products. In this episode they turn his towel belt idea into towel pants.
4:30 PM
That TVOkids Show
Lucas and Laura talk about our planet.
4:45 PM
A Week to Beat the World - Gr 1-4 Social Studies
The boys' team and presenter Karim Zeroual are in Guatemala, being introduced to the ancient Mayan ball game of Pitz and experiencing their first taste of local life.
5:00 PM
Hardball - Gr 1-4 Health
Bullfrogs footy stars visit school and Daddy is their new recruit. A badly aimed handball from Salwa gets her banned from SASI-WESTS-HAT when Ms Crapper gets sauced, literally. Jerry's Maori legend lie gets Mikey on board
5:21 PM
Odd Squad - Gr 1-3 Math
Oona uses her Oonabots to fix an odd problem. Curriculum: Coding; Spatial reasoning
5:35 PM
Waffle the Wonder Dog - Gr 1-3 Health
As the wedding party comes to an end, the Brooklyn-Bells wave off their guests and settle down for their first night as a family together....with Waffle, the new found pup! He proves to be quite a handful when he spills a bag of dog food all over the floor and splashes about in the bath. But even Simon is impressed when Waffle somehow manages to save his mobile phone which is loaded with wedding photos from falling into the water. At bedtime, Waffle causes more disruption when he doesn't want to be left alone downstairs, prompting a visit from next door neighbour, Mrs Hobbs, who isn't happy about the incessant barking. She reluctantly meets Waffle, who instantly wants to befriend George, her beloved cat. The Brooklyn-Bells assure Mrs Hobbs that Waffle should be reunited with his owner soon and will only be staying for one night, so the disruption will be short-lived. Waffle's barking continues into the night so the family decide there's only one thing for it. To keep Mrs Hobbs happy and Waffle company, their first night all together as a family is spent sleeping on camp beds on the kitchen floor! As they settle to sleep Jess hears Waffle speak but surely she must be dreaming....
5:47 PM
Wild Kratts - Gr 1-4 Science
When Chris sets up a massive cross country race in the North, each Wild Kratts team member must set off across the tundra with little more than one form of transportation and a small pack of gear. Along the way, each team is both helped and hindered by the greatest northern cross country traveler of all - the wolverine. Science Concept: Territory.
6:14 PM
Pup Academy - Gr 1-3 Health
Meet the freshman class at Pup Academy, a secret school where pups become dogs! There's goofball golden Corazon, shy sheepdog Whiz, stray boxer Spark and 10-year old Morgan, who is about to discover his secret destiny: his family have been the caretakers of this secret school for generations, and it's time for Morgan to start his new job!
6:38 PM
Making Stuff - Gr 1-3 Science
Gears and Wiz seek out the makers of yummy sausages to find what gives them flavour and texture.
6:43 PM
Top of the Tops - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
Top 5 Gift-Wrapping Ideas 5- Calendar paper 4- Recycle a Tin Can 3- Personalized gift wrap 2- Weaved wrapping paper 1- Reuse an old gift bag
6:47 PM
Super Mighty Makers - Gr 1-3 Arts
Craft Kid Joy wants to make her friend, Rayann, who loves playing Tic Tac Toe, a portable game that she can always have with her. Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Holly help Joy make the "Tic Tac Tweet".