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5:22 PM

Wild Kratts

While doing their annual Laundry Day, the Kratt brothers disagree on what's better: blue oceans or green forests.

6:00 AM
Book Hungry Bears
The Bears learn that using clues can help solve a puzzle. Crystal figures out what it is her friends see by asking them for specific descriptions and then solving the mystery of the bush-snake-bird, which turns out to be a peacock. BOOK: A Bit Lost An owlet falls out of the nest and other animals ask questions to find out where the owlet belongs. --- Boomer loves to play 'Boom, Boom Blue' but has trouble adapting when others want to change the game. He learns how to be flexible and try different things. BOOK: Purple Monster One likes red, Monster Two likes blue. But when some red paint falls into the blue can they mix it up, so it turns purple, which they both like.
6:21 AM
Pablo's butterfly has just hatched and he is so excited to play with her! But it turns out butterflies aren't the happiest in jars. With the help of his friends, Pablo learns to empathize with his new friend - just in time to send her off on a new adventure in Butterfly Grove.
6:34 AM
Donkey Hodie
Panda forgot his poetry notebook at Donkey's. Will Donkey find it inside her messy windmill before his poetry recital?
6:47 AM
Interstellar Ella
Madhu is sad to learn that the spectacular giant red star they were going to visit is now a small white dwarf star that will give off its energy until it goes dark. Ella and Slippy try to cheer Madhu up by going sliding, playing mini putt and having a dance party, but nothing works. Ella realizes that sometimes when something sad happens, you need to think about it to understand it and feel sad for a while. The best thing a friend can do is be understanding and supportive. Then, Ella and the gang are going camping! But as they approach their camp site, Maggie alerts them that a giant solar flare is heading their way. They must turn off all their electronics until the storm subsides. Slippy sets up the camp site while Ella tries to find a way out. She realizes that while she can't rely on technology, science can help them! They assemble a large tent and cover it with a gold sheet that shields them from the charged particles. They fire up their scooters from inside the tent and fly safely out of the storm.
7:08 AM
Dr. Cheddar
Felix loves the outdoors. Any chance he gets, he's out in the garden exploring! In this episode, Felix takes our viewers outside for a closer look at some of his favourite things in the garden!
7:11 AM
In an ocean full of big, bad fish, the pufferfish is trying to seem as big and strong as possible.
7:15 AM
Paw Patrol
Farmer Al has a wild dream that the Paw Patrol must rescue he and Yumi when his animals start acting like humans.
7:27 AM
Work It Out Wombats
Can the Wombats manage to watch their favorite game show AND water a plant for the Shellys at the same time? Then, a visit from Super's oldest and dearest friend, the trickster Chanáa, sends the Wombats on a riddle-solving scavenger hunt.
7:54 AM
Elinor Wonders Why
Elinor, Olive and Ari are happy to welcome new members to The Explorer's Club, but as more and more kids join, a big problem arises: their clubhouse isn't big enough to fit all the new Explorers! When the entire Clubhouse rolls down the hill, Elinor and her friends need to find a solution. After observing their snail friends, Norma and Lulu, they realize that a snail's shell expands as it grows, which gives them the idea to EXPAND their Clubhouse, adding new sections to make it nice and spacious for all to play! --- It's time for the Animal Town picnic, but Ari is growing impatient waiting for Ms. Llama's famous ketchup, which just won't come out of the bottle. Meanwhile, Elinor and her friends follow a bee to its hive and observe the honey-making process, where they discover that honey is goopier when it has less water in it. Using this new-found knowledge, the kids are inspired to solve Mrs. Llama's ketchup problem by adding water and making it less goopy, just in time for Ari to enjoy his delicious sandwich. Yum!
8:19 AM
Berry Season is one of Emily Elizabeth and Clifford's favorite times of year. When the pair gets up early to go berry picking, they get carried away with berry-day-dreams and don't leave any berries for the rest of Birdwell Island! Will Emily Elizabeth and Clifford be able to put aside their dreams of a berry cafe so that everyone in town gets to make their dream berry dish?
8:31 AM
Jasmine & Jambo
It's the Major Festival in Soundland. Jasmine has made a song for the occasion and is very proud of it. But, when she has finished playing it, everyone cries. They think it is lovely, but sad. Jasmine is frustrated, because she wanted to make a cheerful song. Jambo finds the solution: by changing just one note, the song will be much more cheerful. Because sometimes, a small change can make us see the world differently.
8:40 AM
Messy goes to Okido
Messy and his friends help Lofty the giant make the biggest birthday cake ever but will they be able to stop the out of control Growbot? And why are there carrots all over Okido?
8:52 AM
Space Kids
Eight planets travel in circular paths around a burning ball of gases, called the Sun. Welcome to our Solar System, our space neighbourhood.
8:54 AM
Curious Crafting
Luke and Chloe join Mandisa at the crafting table for one of the most magical crafts yet - a castle that looks like it's floating in the clouds. The craft begins with a cardboard box, which the crafters paint different colours of their choosing. After adding sparkly turrets and flags, they set the castles upon a base of cotton ball clouds.
8:58 AM
Gabby's Farm
Gabby counts ten animals as puts on her gloves and helps clean up the barn and hen house.
9:00 AM
Paw Patrol
Myrna the Mynah bird leads her new feathered friends astray and it's up to the Paw Patrol to recue the wayward flock. --- Adventure Bay is holding a "kids only" soapbox derby race when a mysterious newcomer named "Hum-Kid" shows up, and breaking rules!
9:23 AM
Kangaroo Beach
It's Carnival Day at Kangaroo Beach with two teams competing in lifeguard games. But it's the young cadets versus the lifeguards - how can they possibly win against a stellar team of grown-up champions?
9:35 AM
One day, the kittens are invited to a dance party. Cookie and Pudding are nervous because they think dancing is hard, but Candy teaches them a few simple moves. The kittens practice their new moves and feel ready to show them off to their friends!
9:37 AM
Momolu and Friends
Playing pirates allows Huhu, Hiko, Kimu, Momolu, and Banni to participate in their own ways and learn that it's fun to do nice things for your friends especially when they do nice things for you!
9:45 AM
Jojo & Gran Gran
Captain Chloe's adventures through space inspire JoJo & Gran Gran so, they make a visit to the Space Centre to see the planets!
9:56 AM
ABC with Kenny G
Kenny G sings about the two sounds the letter A makes: from the 'AYY' in "ape" and "cake" to the 'AHH' in "astronaut" and "achoo".
10:00 AM
Let's Go For a Walk
Ranger Hamza and the Ramblers walk to the library. On the way they count the domes on a temple, pretend to be trains, swirl like a barber's pole and even discover a jungle!
10:14 AM
Kit & Pup
Let's find out about fruit with Kit and Pup! Pup has been shopping for fruit, but whenever he puts the fruit in a bowl it keeps disappearing. Who could be taking the fruit? Through their adventures, Kit and Pup find out that fruits grow on plants, can be different shapes and have seeds. In the live action investigation a little scientist looks inside different fruits to discover whether all seeds look the same, and in the material world a little explorer looks out from behind the leaves of a pineapple.
10:19 AM
Tik Tak
Explore a helicopter mosaic and watch as a cheeky chameleon plays with a strawberry and Book Girl plays basketball.
10:25 AM
The Game Catchers
The Game Catchers travel to a planet where alien children teach them to play Witch Says Colour! But first they must wake a giant sleeping creature who is hibernating on their playing field.
10:33 AM
Bamboo Loves Music
Bamboo Love learns how to play the Jal Tarang, an Indian melodic percussion instrument consisting of ceramic bowls tuned with varying water levels. Bamboo Love realizes that to play this instrument, one taps the edge of each bowl with Bamboo sticks.
10:36 AM
The Mixmups take a holiday from tidying up, only to find that mess has a strange habit of following them wherever they go. Will the Mixmups find another way to have a tidy holiday?
10:47 AM
Red and Yellow meet new arrival Orange. Discover what happens when you mix red and yellow with the Colourblocks.
10:52 AM
B.O.T. and the Beasties
The Glowy Spotter is a keen artist. It uses its pompom-like antennae to cover the ground with spots. B.O.T. can't avoid being part of the beastie's artwork and is painted with spots too. B.O.T. must try to avoid being covered in glowing paint and keep up with the artistic little beastie, in order to collect the data needed to complete this mission. It may look like the Glowy Spotter has just covered the ground with a mess of spots but perhaps something is revealed when seen from above?
10:59 AM
Polkaroo Reads!
Eggs, the Earth, and an eagle - oh my! Polkaroo has an excellent experience finding these three things that start with 'E' at the nature museum!
11:02 AM
Emily Elizabeth and friends pretend to be farmers and start their very own farm in her backyard! With the help of Farmer Jones and Emily Elizabeth's Dad, the kids learn the value of hard work and patience required to make a garden grow.
11:15 AM
The Ollie & Moon Show
When Ollie and Moon set off to find a rare butterfly, Ollie's careful nature and Moon's wild personality get in the way of each other - and then save the day.
11:27 AM
Number 1 Newton Avenue
Today in Newton Avenue, Libby has made bracelets for her teddies. Mum is impressed and asks if she can have one too. Libby gets to work while Mum has a dance to some pop music. She teaches Libby a short simple dance routine, giving Libby an idea for her bracelet. With the help of her trusty whistle and the patterns song, Libby starts to understand how patterns work.
11:34 AM
Tiny and Tall
Tall has planned a special picnic party for his buddies. But Tiny gets so excited, she forgets how to share! Tiny's friends help her ensure that everything's fair and square.
11:40 AM
Galapagos X
In the future, there's a major water shortage and cities are now on wheels so as to better chase rain clouds. How did it get to this? Crock, of course! But how can the team convince this Olympic-sized water waster to turn off her tap?
11:51 AM
Riley Rocket
After Alex deals with the disappointment of not being able to get some cool merch he wants, Megablast decides to try writing a disco song. Beatrix loves it and knows all the dance moves. Same with Aunt Jenny. Meanwhile Starlet hatches a brilliant plan to give away free merch to help her make the comeback she's been trying to make for so long. The merch is a version of her glittery pink mic that plays her comeback song and makes people do its voguing dance moves - whether they want to or not. Megablast transforms into Rocket, Thunder and Metallix and, with some high tech help from AJ, uses their new disco tune to save the day.
12:03 PM
Five Ingredient Challenge
On today's Five Ingredient Challenge Maksim and Pradnesh are preparing Overnight Oats.
12:06 PM
Paw Patrol
Mayor Goodway and Farmer Al are ready for a day filled with Skydiving fun, but their adventure is quickly derailed. It's Paw Patrol to the rescue! ---- Alex and the Mini Patrol get locked inside the flounder, the Paw Patrol dives in to save the day!
12:29 PM
Momolu and Friends
Banni's attempt at an art lesson leaves Hiko stuck! With Momolu's help, Hiko's fear of messes and Banni's need to get organised are reimagined with the right preparation and equipment.
12:36 PM
Messy goes to Okido
Bubbles, bubbles, all over Okido! Zam invents a super strong bubble machine but things go a bit wrong and Zim finds himself in a spot of bother!
12:47 PM
Big Words, Small Stories
Cris asks Grandpa Rex about Grandma one afternoon. He reveals she loved to bake, so Cris decides to bake a cake to remind him of her. Grandma was an expert, so the cake has to be scrumptious. Cris and Crat bake their first sample which Christine tries and says is really yummy. Yummy isn't good enough, it needs to be scrumptious! They bake their second sample, which Christopher tries and says is delicious. Still not good enough! Cris and Crat bake their third sample, which Chrissy and Christy try. They say it's totally scrumptious! Satisfied, they bake the real thing, and play checkers while waiting. But smoke comes from the kitchen and they realise they forgot to set the oven timer! The cake is no longer scrumptious, but a disaster. Grandpa Rex reveals that Grandma burnt everything too!
12:52 PM
Hero Elementary
When our heroes learn that lots of paper is being wasted in different ways, they embark on a mission with Branchman (an adult superhero), to understand the problem and plan a solution to use less paper, while encouraging others to do so as well.
1:05 PM
Molly of Denali
Trini's Mom is coming home for military leave and Trini wants her first breakfast in Qyah to be perfect - which means serving up Dad's famous omelets! But when it gets cold, her chickens stop laying eggs. Can Trini figure out how to winterize the chicken coop in time to crack some eggs? Then, it's Trini's first winter in Alaska and she's not happy. Texas never got this chilly! When Molly and Tooey overhear Trini and her dad talking about moving back, they look for ways for Trini to warm up to the cold.
1:30 PM
Pins and Nettie
The hedgies wake up to their world covered in snow and are not sure what to make of it. They've never seen snow before and now their entire world suddenly looks completely different than they are used to. Lesson: something may be hard at first, but if you keep trying, you'll get better and better.
1:36 PM
B.O.T. and the Beasties
B.O.T. drops into Craggy, Sandy World and lands on the top of a tall pointed crag but nearly loses balance when the Crashy Basher runs and thuds straight into the crag on which B.O.T. is perched. The Crashy Basher is on a mission to smash crags into smaller rocks and collect them into a pile. What is it going to use the rocks for? Will B.O.T. manage to complete this mission?
1:41 PM
Canada Crew
Bebe and Mo go mountain climbing, see the wildlife of the Laurentian Mountains, and meet competitive downhill skier Bessie Sullivan, while Gavin explores Mount Logan, the tallest mountain in canada.
1:50 PM
Pip and Posy
Pip and Posy wake up disappointed when the snow they expected hasn't come. However, they soon invent ways to have snowy fun without actual snow.
1:57 PM
Space Kids
What makes Earth so special? Erath is the only known planet in the entire Universe to have life. In this episode of Space Kids, find what makes Earth the ideal place for life to flourish.
1:59 PM
Tik Tak
Explore a theatre of dancing egg cups, a snail mosaic and watch as Book Boy plays bowling.
2:04 PM
One day the kittens and Daddy visit the library. It turns out that the library has very strict rules: you are not allowed to make noise, run around or play and the only thing you are allowed to do is read books. Cookie, Candy and Pudding don't want to follow the rules and don't understand why everyone doesn't just use the internet to find things out. The librarian gives the kittens a map to find a rare book in the library. This book is so rare it can't even be found on the internet. The kittens track the book down and Pudding begins reading it aloud to Cookie and Candy. They are immediately fascinated by the hero's adventures and begin to understand why everyone loves coming to the library.
2:09 PM
Book Hungry Bears
Scout wants to play on his own, but his friends ask to play with him. The Bears learn that playing can be just as much fun on your own as with someone else. BOOK: Play Ball A baby penguin loves playing with its ball - alone and with friends!
2:20 PM
Kit & Pup
Let's find out about soil with Kit and Pup! Kit and Pup are gardening. The soil is too hard to dig, so Kit and Pup need to come up with a solution. Through their adventures, Kit and Pup find out that soil helps plants grow, can be crumbly and worms live in it. In the live action investigation a little scientist sieves soil to find out what it is made of, and in the material world two little explorers wave from inside a mound of soil.
2:25 PM
Chloe loves to make jewellery.
2:28 PM
Space Kids
Eight planets travel in circular paths around a burning ball of gases, called the Sun. Welcome to our Solar System, our space neighbourhood.
2:30 PM
Doodle doesn't like to let anybody down, so she says 'yes' to everyone. But this means she misses her favourite song on the radio. Odo teaches Doodle how to say 'no', but when she says 'no to everyone and everything in camp including Camp Leader, has Doodle gone too far?
2:38 PM
Super Mighty Makers
Craft Kid Akira says his dad, Alexander, is really creative, but sometimes needs help finding new ideas. Akira wants to make him a craft that will let him see things in a different way, while incorporating a shared interest- NINJAS! Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Holly help Akira make the "Super Ninjascope".
2:49 PM
Now You Know
Captain Howie and first mate Baboo steer their tall ship away from a waterfall, when they realize they've reached the end of the Earth, and it's flat! They wonder, ,Why does the Earth seem flat when it's actually round?, At the park, physicist David shows them a large inflatable Earth that seems flat up close yet is round from afar.
2:57 PM
Ladybird & Bee
Ladybird and Bee are joined by the creatures of Wild Meadow to sing a lovely song.
2:59 PM
My Home My Life
Meet Josiah! At his house there's always room for one more, which is why they are a foster family. Come learn about Josiah and all the ways he loves to have fun on his farm with his siblings.
3:07 PM
16 Hudson
Amala tries to recreate her trip to India but alienates her friends instead.
3:14 PM
The rhino is looking forward to his date with the rhino lady.
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
When Mayor Humdinger runs for Mayor of Adventure Bay, his Mayor Mobile runs out of control, the Paw Patrol have to save the day! --- Ryder and the Pups visit Tracker and Carlos in the jungle, a group of monkeys find themselves in sticky bubble trouble!
3:43 PM
Space Kids
Those tiny little stars in the night sky are actually giant burning balls of gas in space. Find out all about those Super-Giants and Yellow Dwarfs in this superstar episode.
3:46 PM
Kangaroo Beach
When the cadets create animals out of rubbish they've cleaned from the beach, they dub them 'trash pets' and inspire other beachgoers to make their own, but soon things get out of hand and their treasure becomes trash once more.
3:57 PM
ABC with Kenny G
Kenny G sings about the letter G to a crowd of animals and gives them a good grasp on giraffes, Germany and guitar solos.
3:59 PM
Jasmine & Jambo
The Moon has fallen asleep and, if they don't wake it up, the day won't come. Jambo solve the problem by climbing up the tallest buildings in Soundland. And Jasmine tries to do it on the ground, playing very high musical scales with the Lalalas. But neither of them succeeds. In the end, they will have to work together and Jambo gives a piece of advice for Jasmine's solution to work. Well, they will also need the help of the fish Tatxan.
4:07 PM
Messy goes to Okido
Okidoodle is jealous of the new RoboCar, which can go super fast! Will Okidoodle be able to catch up with RoboCar and earn Messy's admiration back? It's time to use the turbo button for a supersonic trip around OKIDO City to find out! Balabalaboomboom!
4:18 PM
Project Rube
Morley gives his Science Team the task to hammer a nail into a piece of wood. Together they build a Rube Goldberg machine that uses the simple machine, the wedge, and the science of mass vs force to get the job done.
4:30 PM
Odd Squad Mobile Unit
In this two-part season finale, the Odd Squad Mobile Unit must stop a group of villains who want to break into Odd Squad Headquarters to steal an ancient artifact. Little do the Agents know, their greatest challenge will come from someone inside!
4:57 PM
Space Kids
The big beautiful, burning ball in the sky is our Sun. In this episode, find out about our amazing Sun and see amazing, close up pictures sent back to Earth from our spaceships.
5:00 PM
Interstellar Ella
Slippy takes everyone on a constellation safari with his space sparkler! The Gemini Twins test the sparkler and promptly get lost in the Crab Nebula. Slippy offers his help but the twins are sure their trusty robot F-11 will get them out but the Nebula wreaks havoc with F-11's tech. Outside the Nebula, Ella, Madhu and Maggie try to find them too but can't see past the dust. If only there was something like a constellation to guide them. With the help of Glitch, they shine as brightly as they can. The cousins make it out safely! Then, The gang is playing tag the Meteoroid when Glitch fails to follow Slippy's instructions. But that's because Glitch found the comet Slippy has been tracking for months! Slippy is going to get to tag a comet, which means he can name it too! Gem and I.Lo get in on the race. The cousins send F-11 to tag the comet and Slippy sends Glitch after him. With the comet's tail forming, F-11 and Glitch are trapped on the comet and in danger.
5:22 PM
Wild Kratts
While doing their annual Laundry Day, the Kratt brothers disagree on what's better: blue oceans or green forests. They're disagreeing much more than usual. Aviva takes on the role of referee to demonstrate how oceans and forests work together to make our living planet, just like Martin and Chris need to keep working together. Can the gang get Martin and Chris back into sync in time to save Planet Earth from Zach and Paisley Paver's villainous plans?
6:10 PM
Secrets Of The Forest
From huge peat bogs to fire-loving tree species, the Boreal Forest is full of majesty. Taviss heads to Esker Lakes Provincial Park, where Ontario Parks will help her discover why the Boreal is called the ,lungs of the Earth,. But with the Boreal being the Earth's largest intact forest, the ultimate way to experience it is from the air. There's nowhere to go, but up!
6:21 PM
Make someone this special bush bouquet and everyone will want one!
6:24 PM
Leo's Fishheads
There's so much to do to help the Chinook Salmon, Leo has the team split up to complete their mission. Christian's going electrofishing, but not with the usual high-tech backpack. This time, he's on a boat with Toronto and Region Conservational Authority that controls the shock with a foot pedal! While he's monitoring the salmon, Sayat helps clear a fish-ladder, which assists the salmon with their uphill climb upstream to lay their eggs.
6:35 PM
The Brilliant World of Tom Gates
Tom and Leroy join the school choir to get out of Friday's spelling test, and accidentally end up entering a competition between all the local schools! Whoops. Liz shows us how to doodle Tom's music teacher Mrs Nap and we join in with Let's All Sing Together!
6:47 PM
Amaze your friends with your mind-reading super skills. Here's a brain game you can play by asking just a few questions and substituting letters for numbers! It's not magic... it's math!
6:51 PM
Raven's Quest
Shine is 7 years old and lives in Calgary, Alberta. They are from the Tsuut¡¯ina First Nation. Shine loves to play hockey with their cousins ¨C they are there for the fun, plus their skills are getting better and better. After showing us their room, Shine and their mom make pancakes ¨C and a super healthy smoothie! While having their hair braided, Shine explains that keeping your hair long is important for Tsuut¡¯ina people. They also help us understand what it means to be ¡°two-spirit!¡± After taking their weiner dog Beans for a walk, Shine visits with their Grandpa Bruce, who teaches them many stories and songs from their culture. Finally Shine goes four-wheeling with their uncle! Shine¡¯s special word is ¡°s¨©ts¨®gh¨¤¡± which means ¡°my hair¡± in Tsuut¡¯ina.
6:59 PM
Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur
Sir David Attenborough tells the story of the discovery in Argentina of the largest animal to ever walk the earth, a new species of the plant-eating titanosaur.