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1:00 PM

Abby Hatcher - Kindergarten

Abby is babysitting Grumbles cousin Mumbles.

6:00 AM
Splash and Bubbles - Kindergarten
The others are alarmed when they find out the reason Dunk is talking funny is that he has a parasite in his mouth. Dunk tells them that he doesn't want to get rid of the parasite and even thinks of it as a friend, but in truth, he is afraid to go see the cleaner shrimp. --- Ripple hears a strange message traveling through the ocean and follows the voice all the way to a fin whale, who explains that the voice was a message from her brother thousands of miles away.
6:26 AM
I'm a Fish - K-2 Science
The elegant and graceful Sea Angel Fish is a fast swimmer which would be useful in getting away if their sticky coating didn't already keep away predators.
6:28 AM
Dino Dan
Trek tells a story to Hannah, Bobby and Penelope about what it would be like to have dinosaurs as pets and they all figure out that dinosaurs wouldn't make very good pets at all.
6:39 AM
Ping and Friends - K-2 Arts
When the naturally, musically talented Pong has a lot of trouble learning to play the bagpipes, the whole Meadow suffers.
6:46 AM
Bamboo Loves Sports - Kindergarten
Under the watchful eye of Lifeguard Elephant, Bamboo Love and Penguin spring into action. After a successful "cannonball" jump, Bamboo Love takes the adventure to the next level and makes a bigger splash in the graceful sport of diving.
6:49 AM
Tee and Mo - Kindergarten
Mo loves playing the piano, Tee wants to help Mo play the piano too... This could lead to some interesting music!
6:57 AM
Odd Squad - Gr 1-3 Math
Oona uses her Oonabots to fix an odd problem. Curriculum: Coding; Spatial reasoning
7:10 AM
My Stay-At-Home Diary
11-year-old Paris hasn't left his house in a long time, so he keeps busy with music and exercise. Even though Paris hasn't been able to see many people during quarantine, he has made a new best friend, his younger brother.
7:15 AM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
Famous wrong-way explorer, Travelling Travis, accidentally takes Chickaletta to the North Pole where they run into some... crocodiles?
7:27 AM
Wild Kratts - Gr 1-4 Science
The Team is still following a Sockeye salmon who is in the middle of the "Salmon Run" and are led on a wild chase, as they follow the salmon on this incredible and difficult journey - both battling the odds to reach their goals.
7:55 AM
Abby Hatcher - Kindergarten
Abby and the Fuzzlies visit Farmer Joe's petting zoo. When a baby pig hides in Abby's backpack it causes all kinds of trouble back at the hotel. --- After watching Abby tend to an ailing Grumbles, Princess Flug plays sick to get attention.
8:20 AM
How Do You Feel?
Akin's friend is down in the dumps. After breaking his arm on the playground, he can't do any of his favourite activities. Akin, Duane, and their friends discuss the problem, and Akin explains how an attitude of gratitude can sometimes be the feel-good fix we need.
8:27 AM
Let's Go Luna - K-2 Social Studies
In Beijing, Leo wants to taste all kinds of delicious Chinese food, but must first exercise patience in learning to use chopsticks.
8:40 AM
Hero Elementary
When a young boy's kite is ruined, Sparks' Crew tries to help him make a new kite. But the team has a lot to learn about how wind moves things.
8:52 AM
Create - Gr 1-3 Arts
This Mossarium is the perfect way to create a low maintenance and beautiful mini moss garden that you can keep in the house.
8:55 AM
Little Malabar
Little Malabar and his friend the Octopus go for a nice jaunt in the solar system. But when Octopus falls into the "Eye" of Jupiter, Little Malabar sets out to save him from this sticky situation! These two find themselves in a big stormy whirlwind... Jupiter is a giant planet made of gas. Enormous storms take place on its surface. The largest one forms a dark spot called the "Eye" of Jupiter!
8:59 AM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
When Chase crosses the ocean to the city of Barkingburg for special guard duty of the Royal Crown, he gets more than he barked for! Sweetie, the spoiled royal pup, steals the crown and plans to use it to crown herself Queen. When Chase discovers her plan, Sweetie locks him in her secret doggie dungeon. With Chase no longer on the case, there's nothing to stop Sweetie's plan. Except for the rest of the paw patrol! Receiving a distress call from Chase, Ryder mobilizes the team. Ryder calls it a "Mission Paw" to save their pup pal, extraordinary action and extraordinary tools are called for. The team boards the Air Patroller and jet to Barkingburg. But Sweetie's ready for them, she leads the team on a wild pup chase throughout the castle delaying them from finding Chase and the Royal Crown. If the team can't retrieve the Royal Crown and rescue their pup pal, Sweetie will become the bad queen pup of Barkingburg.
9:23 AM
Splash and Bubbles - Kindergarten
After hearing that a great white shark has a toothache, Splash and friends enlist Denny to help, not realizing that in the world of cleaner shrimp cleaning the teeth of the great white shark is a revered accomplishment.
9:35 AM
Tinpo - K-1 Science
Jo's Dad can't fit his truck through a tunnel. Can Team Tinpo help?
9:42 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - Kindergarten
Hatty shows Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave how to take perfect photographs of Speedy Sheep, Sneezy Sheep and Little Lamb for their aunt's photo album. But there's so much to remember to get that perfect shot: make sure your subject is happy and smiling, frame your picture with the subject in the centre, don't cover the lens and hold your camera steady to avoid getting blurry images!
9:53 AM
Animanimals - Kindergarten
The lion needs to get in shape. The gazelle doesn't think he can do it.
10:00 AM
Book Hungry Bears - Kindergarten
The Bears learn about possession: 'mine', 'yours' and 'ours', when Scout finds a special stone on the beach and suggests the other Bears all find one too. When the stones get mixed up together, Scout suggests that all the stones are 'ours'. BOOK: "The Trip" A little girl and her dog take a special trip to outer space where they run into some friendly aliens and learn that some things are 'yours', some things are 'mine', and some things are ours to share.
10:11 AM
Tik Tak
Explore a dolphin sand drawing and watch as a cheeky chameleon plays with cherries and Book Girl makes a climbing frame.
10:16 AM
Bing Season 2 - Kindergarten
Bing & Sula are painting in the garden. Bing accidentally knocks the water over & tries to refill it, but he turns it on too fast & the hose turns into a big snake, covering them in wet paint!
10:23 AM
Bamboo Loves Sports - Kindergarten
Switching from scooter to bicycle along with some helpful motivation from Mr. Elephant and the mice, Bamboo Love learns to ride a bike. Catching up to the Mice, Bamboo Love pedals along in the fast sport of Cycling.
10:26 AM
Ping and Friends - K-2 Arts
Ping and Pong join together in their quest to find the ideal music for Snail Mail and in doing so, meet Maria, who shares a new style of music with them from Brazil.
10:33 AM
Lily's Driftwood Bay - Kindergarten
Lord Stag comissions a portait of himself to hang in the Stag family gallery. When his photography session is disrupted by his enthusiastic friends, Lord Stag becomes very frustrated and sends them all away. Seeing his lonely photograph on the wall makes Lord Stag realise the true value of his joyous Driftwood Bay family!
10:40 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small - Kindergarten
Miffy is delighted to make friends with a cute baby duckling - but when the duckling won't stop following her, she has to find a way to get her back to her real mother!
10:47 AM
The Day Henry Met... - Kindergarten
Henry is on holiday in London and meets a red bus. Bus has lots of tourists arriving for a tour of London but his Bus driver has gotten stuck in traffic. Henry becomes a bus driver and drives them all around London. They see all the famous landmarks in and around London and all agree that it was the best sight seeing tour ever!
10:52 AM
Yakka Dee!
Dee encourages a friend to say bag and we go on a whirlwind word adventure.
11:00 AM
Ping and Friends - K-2 Arts
When Ping loses her voice before an important performance, the show must go on.
11:07 AM
Frankie and Frank
Frankie and Frank show the viewers some of their favourite shapes.
11:10 AM
The Ollie & Moon Show - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
When Stanley smashes a giant ice block at the Ice Festival, Ollie and Moon must slip, slide, and sled a frozen replacement back to him in time!
11:22 AM
Zerby Derby - Kindergarten
Mika asks Lily to try out a winch - a cable that should be able to pull her out of the mud. Zack and Lily find the muddiest spot they can to test it out.
11:29 AM
Zamzoom's Animal Adventures- Gr 1-3 Science
Zamzoom and Orbie drop down into Newfoundland, Canada to meet some gannets, peculiar sea birds that live on the cliffs of Cape St. Mary's. They dive off the cliffs and into the distant water below to hunt.
11:33 AM
Urban Tails
With his furry coat and big bushy tail, you may mistake RED for a playa, but this little squirrel doesn't play around! He's always at work because any time is a great time to gather nuts! In his new video ,Everybody Go Nutz!, he shows many of the skills he possesses. He demonstrates his agile acrobatics, scaling trees with great speed. His long bushy tail ain't just for's the key to keeping perfect balance while leap- ing high from tree to tree in the canopy. With his rapid movement he can out fox anyone, even!
11:35 AM
Dino Dana - K-2 Science
Saara is having a sleep-over with her friend Olivia and Dana wants to join in. So she tries to frighten Saara and Olivia by telling three spooky dino tales that pay homage to famous horror movies... but has a hard time with her stories' scary endings!
11:46 AM
Bitz and Bob - K-2 Science
Roll up, Roll up, because it's Circus Time on Faraway Island and everyone can't wait to show off their amazing acts. Bob is the great Robo-Bobino, the world's first robot tightrope walker, except he has never tried tight-rope walking before, so while Bevel puts him through his paces, Bitz and Purl need to think of a way to make his brilliant act, brilliantly safe.
11:57 AM
You Can Do It Too! - Kindergarten
We're putting toy safety nets to the test with our mini tight rope. But which will be more suitable, kitchen roll, tin foil or fabric? Our friends are on hand to assess the suitability of each material.
12:02 PM
Create - Gr 1-3 Arts
Make someone this special bush bouquet and everyone will want one!
12:05 PM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
Mayor Humdinger's plan to win the giant melon contest goes off the rails when his "melon" bounces away causing chaos all over town! --- Bettina the cow is restless! When Farmer Al's truck gets stuck on top of the broken bridge, it's up to the pups to lower them to safety and find out what's wrong with Bettina.
12:30 PM
Floogals - Gr 1-3 Science
Discovering that a strange, unusual butterfly-like creature has flown onto their ship, the Floogals' notice that it's drawn to light and use a variety of little lights ingeniously to help it escape.
12:41 PM
Ping and Friends - K-2 Arts
Pong's latest musical invention, the "Popcorn Pinger" goes berserk!
12:48 PM
Splash and Bubbles - Kindergarten
Splash and Bubbles stop to visit Tidy for the day, but find him exhausted from constantly cleaning up behind the new kelp forest resident, Tyke, a young female Pacific harbor seal pup. Splash and Bubbles try to help Tidy by seal-sitting the young seal pup, and quickly learn how hard it is to keep track of their curious and fearless new mammal friend.
1:00 PM
Abby Hatcher - Kindergarten
Abby is babysitting Grumbles cousin Mumbles but is having a hard time following the Fuzzly babysitting rules.
1:12 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave - Kindergarten
Hatty, Tweet and Dave help Ruff-Ruff make up a story about pirates! Captain Ruff-Ruff, Pirate Dave and Princess Pirate Tweet go in search of treasure on Desert Island, singing a pirate song as they go. Ruff-Ruff want to dig for buried treasure, but his pirate crew find a treasure chest, filled with all their favourite things, aboard a real pirate ship! The pirates agree to share the treasure and Hatty records Ruff-Ruff's story in a special storybook.
1:23 PM
What's the Big Idea? - Gr 1-4 Health
Hugo finds it scary when he sees some big robots fighting, and upsetting when he argues with his friend. But he learns that sometimes people have to fight to defend others from danger. Bravely, Hugo defends a princess from a marauding dragon.
1:30 PM
Bing Season 2 - Kindergarten
It's Bing's birthday! He shows Sula, Pando and Coco how to do the waka-oke but when Pando doesn't do it properly, Bing retreats. Flop helps him understand that Pando does things differently to him.
1:37 PM
Mr. Moon - Kindergarten
Mr Moon and the gang are playing on the rings of Venus when Castor and Pollux show up. Castor loves playing, but Pollux is too scared, until he finds a way to play at his own speed.
1:49 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small - Kindergarten
Dan's got a new skateboard, but he's not very confident on it. Fortunately Miffy and Melanie are here to show him how he's doing it wrong - but for some reason that's not helping!
1:56 PM
Tik Tak
Explore a horse puzzle, macro safari and watch as Book Boy makes a merry-go-round.
2:01 PM
Bamboo Loves Sports - Kindergarten
Ready for a game of Hockey, Bamboo Love is surprised to learn that Field Hockey is not played on ice, but instead, on the grass. With a quick change of equipment, Bamboo Love is ready to learn and play the sport of Field Hockey with her friend Polar Bear.
2:04 PM
Book Hungry Bears - Kindergarten
Boomer realizes that busy times seem to pass quickly, and quieter times seem to pass slowly for him. The Bears have physical fun learning opposites to inspire and describe different ways to move. BOOK: "The Quickly Slowly Day" A little bear cub and his mom go about their daily activities and the bear cub learns that some things seem to go quickly while other things seem to go so slowly!
2:15 PM
Ping and Friends - K-2 Arts
Mr. Prickles schedules his yoga day on the same day as Ping & Pong's punk rock concert. Mr. Prickles, Ping and Pong eventually compromise to find a solution agreeable to all.
2:24 PM
Olympia makes a list of her favorite villains.
2:26 PM
Animanimals - Kindergarten
The penguin-waiter wants the penguin-party to be perfect.
2:30 PM
Canada Crew - K-2 Social Studies
Bebe shares her pictures of forest animals with Mo. Gavin meets some wolverines and zookeeper Carl drops by with Raksha, the Arctic wolf pup.
2:37 PM
Mister Maker - Gr 1-3 Arts
Mister Maker shows you the perfect boredom buster for a rainy day - splatter stencils! Find out how to make an incredible ice cream cone game and hilarious wobbly eggs that will never fall over. Guess the answer to the shape puzzle and watch 'The Mister Maker Kids' build a terrific teddy bear.
2:56 PM
Treasure Champs - Gr 1-2 Health
Barry, Kari and Thingy are trying to decide what to play. They try the tactic of ,loudest voice wins, but Thingy is the noisiest of all! Instead, they opt to play what most of them want to play. Barry and Kari win with their choice of reading, and Thingy is more than happy to join in!
3:00 PM
Tinpo - K-1 Science
Team Tinpo are tidying up their HQ and testing out a bouncy new invention when they repeatedly run into one another trying to pass through one door.
3:07 PM
16 Hudson - K-2 Social Studies
When Amala thinks that Rona's parents are lonely, she sets up a 'Buddy Bench' in the 16 Hudson courtyard.
3:15 PM
Making Stuff - Gr 1-3 Science
Wiz and Gears visit a cheesemaker and see what goes into making their favourite lunchtime snack.
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol - Kindergarten
Mr. Porter new high tech waiter robot helps around the café, but it can't stop cleaning! It's up to the Pups to clean up the mess all over town! --- Mayor Humdinger creates a cyclone of delicious pies! The Pups must stop it before the town is covered.
3:43 PM
Backyard Beats - Gr 1-3 Arts
Monica is inspired by guest musician Heran's Chinese stringed instrument, the guzheng. Junior Jammer Melody explains the challenges of this large instrument and they come together for a backyard guzheng performance.
3:54 PM
My Home My Life - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
Meet Ben! This 10 year old talented artist and his family live in the city. They love to go for hikes, walk their dogs and buy art for their designer home!
4:01 PM
That TVOkids Show
Dr. Cheddar explains why parents are home, but still so busy.
4:03 PM
Arthur - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
It's Grebelings season and George can't wait to play! After all, no one knows more about baseball than George. But when he realizes knowledge of sinkers doesn't guarantee success in the field, will he throw in the towel? --- When Brain gets teamed with Buster and Binky in the annual Arithmattack competition, he immediately enrolls Buster in binomial boot camp. Can Brain transform Buster into a mathematic marvel? Or will he be forced to eat humble pi?
4:30 PM
That TVOkids Show
Join TVOkids hosts Lucas, Laura and Greg every weekday as they talk to Ontario kids and have fun in their special tree fort hangout! Today, Laura speaks to Veronika from Kids Help Phone about bullying.
4:45 PM
Odd Squad - Gr 1-3 Math
The conclusion episode of Olive's oddness trial.
5:00 PM
All Round Champion S2
It's week eight for the elite athletes competing in the ultimate sports competition. Speed Skating is revealed as this week's sport and Adam is deemed the Sport Leader and will have to get his fellow athletes' competition ready in only three days. However, he loses interest in coaching early. Caitlyn's nagging injury comes to a head. Sloane is given an off-ice task and Gage is not only worried about his proficiency in Speed Skating but also about his standing in the overall competition.
5:26 PM
Wild Kratts - Gr 1-4 Science
While searching for Martin's lost Creaturepod, the Kratt brothers encounter a Spectacled cobra. In a wild adventure to recover their prized gadget, the bros learn about the dual creature powers of the cobras - venom and a hooded defense. But when they encounter a King cobra, their newfound cobra powers are put to the ultimate test. Science Concept: Venom in nature. How it works and why animals have it.
5:53 PM
Dino Dana - K-2 Science
Dad and Uncle Ravi get competitive trying to help Dana determine which prehistoric creature was the fastest flyer: Microraptor, Pterodactylus or Archaeopteryx.
6:05 PM
Creature Mania - Gr 1-4 Science
Today on Creature Mania, we find out what's so sweet about a bitterling, get to know the ring tailed lemur and splash about with the humpback whale. We meet Ava and her dog Archie in Dog Tricks, and Marc and his bird in Pet and Tell. We have a laugh with Panda, Pony and the Two Bobs and get up close with the Racoon.
6:32 PM
When I Grow Up! - Gr 1-4 Social Studies
Mikaela goes to the Royal Ontario Museum to track down an entomologist and learn about her buzzing business. Antonia leads her through the process of identifying insects from far and wide.
6:43 PM
Leo's Fishheads - Gr 1-4 Science
When a fish is in trouble, you know the FishHeads will be there! Leo, Sayat and Christian are determined to help the Brook Trout, a cold-water native species that has lost over 80% of its population due to pollution. They get to work with Trout Unlimited to help rebuild the fish's fragile creek home, and are feeling totally lucky to get a special look at this fish at risk.
6:54 PM
Top of the Tops - Gr 1-3 Social Studies
Top 3 Skateboarding Techniques 3- Frontside 180 2- Backside 180 1- Kickflip