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7:14 AM

Paw Patrol

Farmer Yumi's new Yoga Goat class is a hit.

6:02 AM
Ella the Elephant
In trying to make her school newspaper more exciting, Ella borrows her dad's camera to take some photos. But when Tiki's monkey, Lola, 'borrows' the camera and goes on a wild adventure, it introduces Ella and her friends to a whole new kind of photography."
6:15 AM
Doki figures that to be a knight, all you had to do was joust. Gabi thinks there was more to it than that - but what did you have to do, to become a knight? To find out, they head to medieval festival in Tewkesbury, England! When they arrive, the King of the Festival isn't so sure they're ready to be noble knights - so he assigns them a story-quest to test their worth. As Doki, Oto and Gabi complete the challenges, Doki is slow to catch on to the idea that being a knight is about more than winning battles. But when a jousting contest goes wrong and Doki throws his own victory away to help Gabi, he finally discovers the true meaning of 'chivalry' - behaving with knightly honour. --- When Oto shows Anabella a Chinese coin, she yearns to get her own 'coin with a hole in it', and wear it on a necklace. Doki is curious - why DO some coins have holes in them? To help Anabella get a similar coin, they fly to Yap, Micronesia, where they know the coins also have holes. But to get one of the valuable 'rai', they have to make and trade a handmade canoe! Once the exchange is finally made, the Team learns there's been a BIG misunderstanding - rai are giant stone discs that Anabella could never wear on a necklace! But Chinese coins and Rai stones have one thing in common - their holes make them easier to transport.
6:37 AM
Opie's Home
Opie doesn't understand why Mommy and Daddy need to go on a "date night" without him. Until he learns the value of one-on-one time on a special night at home with Gram.
6:45 AM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit weather climatologist David Phillips at Environment Canada and learn how snow is frozen water that falls from clouds in the sky.
6:53 AM
Treasure Champs
Barry and Kari are trying to be patient as they wait for a shower of shooting stars to pass, but become distracted by a faulty camera and tiredness. But a game to pass the time does the trick and they are rewarded with a beautiful night-time display.
6:57 AM
Odd Squad
Otis and Olympia investigate why people in town are stuck in slow motion.
7:11 AM
Exercise your creativity by designing and decorating your own exercise book! An important tool in going back to school, TVOKids will show you how to personalise yours!
7:14 AM
Paw Patrol
Farmer Yumi's new Yoga Goat class is a hit, until her goats go missing! It's up to the Paw Patrol to find the goats and return them safely to Yumi's farm.
7:26 AM
Adam loves to play hockey.
7:28 AM
Wild Kratts
The Wild Kratts receive a call from Xavier, a Wild Kratt kid who lives in the Sororan Desert. A Gila monster has crawled under his house and he's scared! Martin and Chris go to check it out and Xavier soon learns about the amazing life of this creature.
7:55 AM
Bitz and Bob
Bitz promises to build a strong house for Little Bo Purl's goats and for the three little pigs, one that Big Bad Robo Wolf can't blow down. First they build the cutest little house out of straw but Robo Wolf soon huffs and puffs and blows it away. Then they build a house out of sticks but he blows that one down too and all they have left to use is some snow - and how can you build a house out of soft squishy snow? Its time for a Bitz Brain Blitz!
8:06 AM
You Can Do It Too!
Bitz, Bob and the children are building houses for their little pig toys. They have straws, lolly sticks and cubes - but which will be the strongest building material? Oink! Join in and make your own sand bricks at home; it's compacting fun!
8:10 AM
Box Yourself Minis
Øistein makes a funny chickenlegged monster from a tissue box and toilet paper rolls.
8:13 AM
Let's Go Luna
In Paris, Carmen is alarmed by Honey's kooky behavior, but after a thrilling chase to the top of the Eiffel Tower we discover that it's not what it seems!
8:26 AM
16 Hudson
When Luc finds a lost wallet, everyone has fun ideas about what to do with it, but doing the right thing proves to be the most fun of all.
8:34 AM
Five and friends discover a hole that makes their heads fall off! Learn how to count up and down and how to add to five with the Numberblocks.
8:40 AM
Are You Ready?
Our friend shows us how she makes breakfast all by herself.
8:42 AM
Space Racers
On a routine mission to collect rock samples from Mars, the cadets cause an uproar when Hawk brings back a stone that contains living bacteria. Coot is overjoyed: the kids have discovered life on Mars!! As a reward, they're given the honor of being first to study the new life form in Coot's laboratory. But the more they analyze it, the more Robyn is puzzled. This bacteria looks so familiar... what is it?? They soon determine that the rock was contaminated by a sneeze from Hawk, who has a cold. Meanwhile, Coot has excitedly been telling everyone about the discovery! When the truth comes out, they're all crestfallen - until Coot explains that proving a theory wrong is often just as important as proving it right.
8:54 AM
Can You Imagine That!
Ellery imagines what it would be like to be an architect. He designs and builds really tall buildings with slides to slide down in. Wee! Ellery gets to design two castles with a bridge linking them for a King and Rock Star. And even a tower for the Dragon to rock out in! Cool!
9:00 AM
Paw Patrol
Ryder and the PAW Patrol come to the rescue when there's a small oil spill in the Bay and a Baby Whale swims into it! The pups need to move fast to clean up the Whale and the oil before any other animals swim through it. --- When Adventure Bay's famous statue of Grandpa Grover Goodway ends up at the bottom of the Bay, Ryder and the PAW Patrol have to help Cap'n Turbot raise it to the surface and get it to Town Square before Mayor Goodway's family reunion.
9:24 AM
The moon has risen bright orange in the sky, and rumors begin to fly that it has been replaced by a giant pizza!
9:36 AM
Rob the Robot
When TK breaks her guitar, the friends head off to the Fix It Planet for some last minute repairs. There, they discover you don't need fancy instruments to make music, just a little imagination!
9:48 AM
TVOKids music videos.
Tvokids hosts Kara, Drew and Dalmar sing about trying your hardest. Don't be afriad to try something new.
9:51 AM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave each get a wish, to make their dreams come true. When their wishes go wrong, they learn that you have to be careful what you wish for.
10:03 AM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
Miffy finds a dripping tap, and Daddy's attempts to fix it - despite Miffy's warnings! - almost lead to a watery disaster. Boris saves the day, but will Daddy learn his lesson?
10:10 AM
Tee and Mo
Feeling sad that he can't use his umbrella in the rain, Tee seeks to find out what other uses this mystical item may have.
10:17 AM
Flop is feeling poorly so Bing decides to look after him. He makes Flop comfy on the sofa, gives him a blanket and reads an exciting Hoppity Voosh story. But when Bing tries to make Flop a honey-lemon drink he ends up making a big mess instead. Poor Flop.
10:24 AM
Tee and Mo
A monkey mom, Mo, and her 3 year old son Tee, dance and enjoy musical moments together.
10:27 AM
Yeti Tales
Nina asked Leon to come to the bookstore dressed up like a pirate, she has a surprise for him. Since he loves BOTH pirates and dinosaurs, Yetili will read...the Piratosaur.
10:35 AM
Uncle Zavier's car breaks down outside Zou's house. Watching Grandpa and Dad repair the car gives Zou an idea. He's going to be a repairman. He repairs lots of things around the house but he needs Grandpa's help. Grandpa explains to Zou that repairmen need to work as a team sometimes!
10:47 AM
After his piano lesson with Nanna, Zou discovers that other members of his family have musical talents too. He tries out Grandpa's old trombone, Dad's guitar and Mum's tambourine. He likes them all but can't decide which one is his favourite - so he decides to play them all at once.
10:59 AM
Opie's Home
When Opie's teacher comes over to get his computer repaired, it's a bit awkward for Opie until he realizes that it's his turn to be the host.
11:06 AM
Zerby Derby
Walter's wash station is on top of a hill. Which means, all the water from the Zerby Wash runs down the hill and causes a lot of erosion. Walter, Fill and Zack try to figure out how to get the water to flow without washing the hill away. --- Zack needs to get himself and his broken tire back to Zerby Town. But the only one around to help him is Flynn the Plane. --- Rex has created a hole right in the middle of the trail. Zack thinks they should fill it before Zerbies fall in. They set off to find something that has enough volume to fill the hole.
11:27 AM
Frankie and Frank
Frankie finally learns what it means to be the loudest of them all!
11:31 AM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit Ontario Park ranger Sheryl at a frog pond where she shows them different types of frogs and explains how a tadpole grows to become a frog.
11:38 AM
Dino Dana
While Dad is trying to get Dana and Riley to help him hang laundry, they would rather imagine that they're dino knights in a medieval jousting competition against dinosaurs.
11:50 AM
Bitz and Bob
Police Chief Bevel has his hands full trying to stop rowdy rascals, Zip and Pop on their noise making spree in Craft City. Luckily Superheroes, Woolly Wonder Girl, Zap Girl and Mega-Super-Robo-Bob are on hand to help. But when Bevel and the rowdy rascals end up careering out of control through the streets of the city on a runaway skateboard, the Superheroes need to create something strong and soft using threads of yarn to help stop them safely.
12:01 PM
You Can Do It Too!
Bitz, Bob and the children are investigating how individual strands of ribbon or paper can be made stronger by weaving! You just have to criss-cross the strands under then over one another. Engineers even weave metal to make it stronger! Hoo yeah!
12:05 PM
Paw Patrol
Raimundo and his monkeys are going to compete against The Paw Patrol in a charity game. But when the Adventure Bay track gets soaked, Ryder has to come up with a new plan... Kickball! Pups and monkeys play a goofy game... until an eagle swipes their ball! Now Everest and Skye have to follow the big bird to her nest to bring back the ball and save the game.
12:18 PM
Abby Hatcher
Princess Flug's Cousin Flugtilda comes to visit the hotel.
12:31 PM
Harvey tries out for the Marsh's biggest sporting event - Slimeball! --- When Boris the Bee loses his memory before making a big announcement, the Shutterbugs must use all of their senses to help him get it back.
12:55 PM
Lejo wants to listen to a sports game on the radio, but the recption is poor.
12:57 PM
The League of Super Citizens
This is a series about citizenship and making good choices. Liz works at a sporting goods store where she faces where he faces daily challenges. In this episode Liz helps a customer on crutches.
1:01 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave hear strange noises in Hatty's garden. Thankfully Dave's 'blue panda idea' helps them stop these noises keeping Hatty awake at night!
1:12 PM
Mr. Moon
Mr Moon and Silva want to do something special to show Sunny how much they appreciate her, so with the help of Gold Star, they make a Quark Show.
1:24 PM
It's music time at the nursery and everyone wants a turn on the drum. Bing gets impatient waiting for his turn but as he tries to grab the drum from Sula he trips and breaks it. Now nobody can play the drum.
1:32 PM
When Zak loses Zou's ball in the park, they have to try and find it. Instead of finding the ball, they find an old snow globe that belonged to Uncle Zavier and Aunt Zelda.
1:44 PM
Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small
The whole class has gone on a school visit to the farm. Miffy most wants to see the horse, but Melanie seems to want to see everything BUT the horse - why?
1:51 PM
Bamboo Love
Bamboo Love has been playing with her toys all day, and she doesn't want to go to bed. Admitting she is little afraid of the dark Bamboo Love is given a little counting game to keep her mind off her fears as she quickly falls into a sweet and peaceful sleep.
1:54 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Henry meets a surfboard stuck upright in the sand at the beach. Surfboard has always wanted to surf the "Super Duper Giant Wave of Doom" which no-one has ever surfed before but his surfer has had to run home and change his clothes because he got sand in his underpants. Henry becomes a surfer and helps Surfboard live his dream of surfing the "Super Duper Giant Wave of Doom".
2:00 PM
Lily's Driftwood Bay
A metal tent peg washes up on the beach and across the way, Lily joins the Driftwood Bay Buccaneers on a camping trip to the forest. But, just as the tents are about to go up, Lily and Bull are led astray by a little flying light and get very lost!
2:07 PM
Rob the Robot
When Rob can't get a song out of his head, the friends take him to the Repair Shop Planet to help fix a faulty chip. But when Rob decides to fix more than he should, he finds himself changed...for the worse!
2:20 PM
Zerby Derby
Zack, Axle and Lily are racing down the trails when they all have to squeeze through a narrow gap. They measure the gap to find its only one Zerby wide. They need to find a wider gap so all three Zerbies can race through the gap as a group without getting squished.
2:27 PM
Are You Ready?
Our friend shows us how he packs up his school backpack all by himself.
2:30 PM
Hi Opie!
During a power outage, Opie and Coast learn that you can have fun without electricity.
2:37 PM
Mister Maker
Mister Maker makes a 'surprising' picture, creates a wobbly clown in under a minute and shows you how to make a brilliant bubble wrap cactus that never needs watering! Guess the answer to the shape puzzle, and watch 'The Mister Maker Kid's' build a huge lion.
2:57 PM
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave help the Rabbit Family move home. Keeping track of all the bunnies' belongings proves is hard work and Tweet has to reassure Littlest Bunny that moving to a new burrow will be fun.
3:08 PM
Space Racers
Starling has a crucial flight test to pass before she can move on with her training. The older cadets have been helping her practice, but the day before the big test she's nervous. To calm her, Robyn mentions that a comet should be visible as it passes Earth that night - and it's good luck to make a wish on it. But the comet never shows. Turns out Robyn got the dates mixed up: the comet won't appear for another four months. Starling is crestfallen, and now convinced that she'll fail. But there's still a way to see a comet that night... just not from Earth! Eagle leads the way as they race through space, dodging meteorites and other obstacles that Starling has learned to navigate. They finally see Halley's Comet, and Starling gets to make her wish after all. When Headmaster Crane learns of her brave skills on their trip, he decides that she's already passed the flight test!
3:20 PM
Paw Patrol
In order to have the beach all to himself, Humdinger makes a robotic shark to scare everyone away. It's up to the Sea Patroller to investigate this so-called shark and then rescue Humdinger from his own creation. --- When Francois makes a statue of himself out of Jellyfish Jam for the Adventure Beach Art Festival, the whole pier could fall into the water when fish start nibbling on the jellyfish jam covered support post.
3:44 PM
The Ollie & Moon Show
When Moon assures Ollie she'll help him find a four-leaf clover, he thinks that's an impossible mission! They discover how to make impossible become possible by working together...
3:56 PM
Blynk and Aazoo
Our young inquirer, Yohanna, asks Blynk and Aazoo : Could I ever run as fast as a cheetah? With the help of our intergalactic scientist, Eugenia, discover the incredible speed of cheetahs and how we might be able to run faster by learning how they do it. Blynk's own invention takes speed in a whole new direction!
4:04 PM
Fern's been feeling low and no one can figure out why. Luckily, Buster Baxter is on the case! He'll leave no stone unturned, no lead unexplored, no ice cream uneaten... --- With Arthur out of town, Buster is on the hunt for a new best friend. Problem is, Buster only wants to play games HIS way. Will Buster learn to compromise? Or is he destined to play alone?
4:30 PM
Odd Squad
Odd Squad and Villains work together to stop a giant robot.
4:44 PM
Waffle the Wonder Dog
Zoe's back from her work trip and she's coming to the Brooklyn-Bells' house today to collect Doug, so he can stay with her for a few days. Waffle isn't used to being apart from Doug and he's going to miss him. When Zoe arrives, Waffle is so unhappy at the thought of missing Doug that he doesn't even come downstairs to say hello. But he cheers up a little when Zoe befriends him with a ball. Zoe has another surprise for the Brooklyn-Bells. She's brought snowballs back from Alaska! A big family snowball game breaks out in the kitchen. As the fun gets noisy, Mrs Hobbs uses brand-new spy equipment to watch from next door. She records Waffle's every wrong move in her 'dog log'. Zoe has another surprise - presents for Evie and Doug. They're snow alarms for when you're lost in the Alaskan snow. Evie and Doug love the alarms and Waffle does too and says so! Zoe is shocked to discover that Waffle can speak. Zoe shares video from her travels of humpback whales singing. When she explains that people say the whales break into song when they're missing each other, Waffle breaks into whale song too - because he's going to miss Doug! Waffle's whale singing irritates Mrs Hobbs but her cat, George, hurries through the tunnel to visit his friend Waffle next door. George knows that Waffle is whale singing because he's sad. When Doug and Zoe eventually leave, Evie suggests a game of dressing up with Waffle to cheer him up. Meanwhile, Mrs Hobbs reveals to George the new spy measures she's set in place. Soon Mrs Hobbs hopes to get Waffle sent away.
4:57 PM
Create a lunch that is sure to impress the playground and by changing one ingredient each time, you will keep your tastebuds happy every school day!
4:59 PM
Big Top Academy
During their first assignment, Nicholas regrets trusting Max with his biggest secret, April struggles to open up to Ella, and Axel and Celeste try to pull off the greatest prank in Big Top Academy history!
5:21 PM
Wild Kratts
When Koki and Jimmy get stranded in the desert, Aviva and the Kratt Brothers must rely on the eyes and ears of the Elf owl to help find their friends in the harsh habitat.
5:48 PM
Dino Dana
Dad, Dana and Saara are on a camping trip when their firewood is stolen. Dana is pretty sure the thief is the Incisivosaurus, Mammoth or Maiasaura and does a dino experiment to figure out which dino (or prehistoric mammal) eats wood.
6:01 PM
Science Max: Experiments at Large
How do you max out a dome made of gumdrops and toothpicks? Well, how about trying to build one with oranges? Still not good enough? How about watermelon!? Phil also gets the record in maxxed-out cup stacking, builds a cube of pencils and a self-supporting bridge.
6:25 PM
The lion needs to get in shape. The gazelle doesn't think he can do it.
6:33 PM
Anne visits Ada at Magnus Tech where she meets Magnus 22 (Ada's artificially intelligent computer) and Cleaner X1956, a cleaner robot Ada wants to retire. Meanwhile, Shania plays tag with the androids at the junkyard and Nick works on his chores at home. To avoid getting tagged, Pidgely and Eyes escape to Nick's house and make a mess. Luckily Anne brought Cleaner X1956 home to save it from retirement and, to help out, Cleaner X1956 cleans Nick's house and paints a beautiful picture. In the end, the kids give Cleaner X1956 a new name ("Art") and welcome their new friend to the junkyard.