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How Do You Feel?

Akin's friend is worried that her friends will replace her as they meet new people.

6:00 AM
Book Hungry Bears
The Bears learn that you can play together in different ways when Melody wants to be a sandcastle but her friends want to be dinosaurs. Melody has to use her creativity, flexibility and persistence to find a way to play together. BOOK: Bobby's Castle Salma's persistence, creativity & positive attitude encourages Bobby to venture out and helps him realize that having a friend to play with is actually lots of fun. --- Melody wants to pretend she's a mother cat and her friends are her little kittens, but the others each want to be their own different animals. Melody learns that parents can love all kinds of babies. BOOK: Which Egg? A stork, a parrot and a crocodile get their eggs mixed up but come together to care for their babies as a family.
6:21 AM
Tucker's loose tooth is causing him some worry--and preventing him from doing his job as Birdwell Island's firehouse dog! After he learns about the Tooth Fairy from all of his friends, he realizes losing a tooth isn't scary at all -- as it even provides him with a cool new skill to use on the job.
6:34 AM
Donkey Hodie
Donkey is disappointed when all her pals are away for the day. Can she find ways to have fun on her own?
6:47 AM
Ping and Friends
Djembe is back to visit Ping and Pong in Melody Meadow. He brings with him his Kora and together they make a very special song
6:54 AM
My Home My Life
Dalia's family like to give each other glamourous make overs!
6:55 AM
Gabby's Farm
Tractors, trucks and even a wheelbarrow race; Gabby has fun exploring all the different kinds of wheels around her farm and what they are used for.
7:02 AM
Interstellar Ella
Madhu is excited to celebrate the anniversary of the day they all met. But Ella and Slippy say they can't hang out and send Madhu off with Maggie. Madhu finds the rock where they met and realises it's hurtling towards Uranus. Madhu thinks like Ella to save the rock but that fails. Then Madhu thinks like Slippy, but that doesn't work either. Ella and Slippy arrive to find Madhu in quite the pickle. It's when Madhu thinks like Madhu that a solution is found and the rock is saved. Time for a friendiversary party!
7:13 AM
Space Kids
The North Star is like a compass in the sky, always showing the way north. It also helps sailors navigate by revealing their distance from the equator. Learn how in this episode.
7:15 AM
Paw Patrol
When Mayor Humdinger swipes one of Ryder's early inventions - an aircraft - he must be rescued from an out of control flight.
7:27 AM
Wild Kratts
When Chris sets up a massive cross country race in the North, each Wild Kratts team member must set off across the tundra with little more than one form of transportation and a small pack of gear. Along the way, each team is both helped and hindered by the greatest northern cross country traveler of all - the wolverine. Science Concept: Territory.
7:54 AM
Elinor Wonders Why
Elinor is friends with a chickadee bird she names Chicky, but when snow covers the yard, she starts to worry about how Chicky will find food in the winter.She and her friends then observe that birds all have a unique way of finding food during the winter months called foraging. This new knowledge inspires Elinor, Olive and Ari to build bird feeders to make food easier to find for their feathery friends! ---- Elinor and her friends are sad after they learn that Senor Tapir is leaving Animal Town for the winter. They decide to give him a special going away present, but don't know what they should give him. The next morning, Elinor is woken up by a flock of birds making a special sound in the forest. She goes exploring with her mom and learns that some birds make a special call when they migrate, and that they leave, but always come back. This gives Elinor some comfort and inspiration: She and her friends come up with a going away song for Senor Tapir and sing it to him before he leaves.
8:19 AM
The baby sea turtles on Birdwell Island have hatched! But instead of crawling into the ocean, they walk through the park and all around town! Can the kids figure out what the baby sea turtles are following in time to safely direct them to their real home at sea?
8:32 AM
Jasmine & Jambo
Jasmine wants to enter a Eurovision-style song contest. She's got the song, but she needs backing singers. She holds auditions and ends up with three groups of finalists. But Jasmine likes all of them and doesn't know which to choose! Then she realizes that she can do it the other way round: they can sing, and she can be their back-up.
8:40 AM
Messy goes to Okido
Messy goes to Okido and helps his friends to mend Loopy Bridge but along the way Zim finds himself in a sticky situation!
8:51 AM
Dr. Cheddar
Annie is in a bad mood, and Felix would like to help. He's not sure how, but is pretty sure that Dr. Cheddar will have a few thoughts! Dr. Cheddar tries to cheer Annie up, but his first ideas don't work. Will he find a way to get Annie out of her cranky mood?
8:54 AM
Curious Crafting
It's not New Years without a party hat - that's why Mandisa helps Michael and Gabriela craft their very own celebratory party hats. They need card stock to each make a cone, then to decorate it with pipe cleaner and tinsel. The kids attach an elastic band to keep the hat secure, and then they are ready to party!
8:58 AM
Tammy the Toaster
Tammy the Toaster is a series about inventions. In this episode Tammy tells her kitchen friends about a jacket that charges in the sun and glows in the dark.
9:00 AM
Paw Patrol
Mayor Goodway dreams she's travelled to the mysterious Cluck Cluck Island-a very strange land where Chickaletta is royalty! Now it's up to the pups to save Chickaletta from her fowl new fans. --- Travelling Travis's balloon gets caught on the Flounder, Travis and Cap'n Turbot wind up on a wayward airborne cruise all the way out into the desert.
9:23 AM
Kids TV Interstitials
Coach Strong and Quinoa demonstrate skater hops.
9:24 AM
Wolf Joe
Joe believes he has magician's skills until he discovers Smudge the puppy helped in every one of his tricks but his real skill shines through when leading a rescue on a creaky bridge.
9:35 AM
Wacky Songs
Do you ever get frustrated because your computer or tablet isn't working properly? Ava did! Technology can be like that sometimes and it might just need a reboot or time to cool down. Be nice to your device and it will be nice to you!
9:37 AM
Pip and Posy
When Zac is reluctant to act out a story for Pip and Posy, he makes up a series of daft excuses. Pip and Posy get to realise that Zac was feeling uncomfortable about doing something they find easy and enable him to do it brilliantly.
9:44 AM
Jojo & Gran Gran
When JoJo runs out of story-books to read at Gran Gran's house, she visits the Library with Gran Gran and gets her very own library card from Terrence the Librarian. JoJo learns all about the Library and how it works, and discovers just how amazing it is; she is stuck for choice. JoJo feels very lucky to have a card that means she can borrow books to read over-and-over again.
9:55 AM
Curious Crafting
Aarav and Piper learn that a unicorn hobby horse is even more fun than a regular one, and Mandisa teaches them how to craft ones of their own. They cut out two identical horse heads from paper, painting them pink before stapling them together. The kids each stitch on a mane of yarn, stick on glittery horn, and last but not least, a wooden pole so they can gallop away.
10:00 AM
Let's Go For a Walk
Ranger Hamza and the Ramblers walk through the town to the beach, where they are all going to take part in a litter-pick. On the way they pretend to be mermaids, spin like wind turbines, run from their shadows and even paddle down a crystal river!
10:14 AM
Kit and Pup
Let's find out about fruit with Kit and Pup! Pup has been shopping for fruit, but whenever he puts the fruit in a bowl it keeps disappearing. Who could be taking the fruit? Through their adventures, Kit and Pup find out that fruits grow on plants, can be different shapes and have seeds. In the live action investigation a little scientist looks inside different fruits to discover whether all seeds look the same, and in the material world a little explorer looks out from behind the leaves of a pineapple.
10:19 AM
Kids TV Interstitials
Coach Strong and Quinoa demonstrate jumping jacks.
10:20 AM
Tik Tak
Explore a horse puzzle, macro safari and watch as Book Boy makes a merry-go-round.
10:25 AM
The Game Catchers
The Game Catchers travel to a planet where alien children teach them to play Witch Says Colour! But first they must wake a giant sleeping creature who is hibernating on their playing field.
10:33 AM
Momolu and Friends
Pepe sees a dragon flying through the sky and enlists all his friends to go on an adventure to find the mythical creature.
10:40 AM
Baby Baby
The babies and their friends have lots of projects in the garden. They water the plants, pick veggies, and enjoy gardening together.
10:45 AM
Kids TV Interstitials
Can you solve Watson's rebus puzzle?
10:46 AM
The Colourblocks travel through Colourland on an airship, picking up new and old friends along the way. In this inspiring musical episode, the Colourblocks reminisce about all of the amazing things they’ve learnt on their colour journey.
10:51 AM
B.O.T. and the Beasties
B.O.T. drops out of the portal and lands on top of the gigantic Drinky Driller's head! The huge beastie is thirsty and is searching the desert landscape for water. It taps the ground with its trunk and then, when water is located, turns its trunk into a drill! It drills down and sucks water up from deep underground. It then squirts the water, fountain-like, into the air. Opening its mouth wide it drinks the water down, momentarily quenching its thirst. B.O.T. must keep out of the way of the beastie's long trunk and try to find a way to gather the data needed to complete the mission.
10:56 AM
My Home My Life
Baking a Cake
10:57 AM
Cutie Pugs ABC
It's winter and it's snowing! Poppy builds a snow person in the backyard. Petey and Pablo go sledding down a snowy hill, while Penny figure skates at the bottom of the hill. Uh oh! Petey and Pablo slide down into Penny, who skates into Poppy and they all end up in a pile around the snowman! But where's Pablo?
10:59 AM
Polkaroo Counts!
Oh no, the number one is missing from the Number Wall! Polkaroo heads out into the real world while Hudson hangs out at the Polkaroo Counting Lab, both of them counting and finding different iterations of the number 1.
11:02 AM
Emily Elizabeth and Clifford are inspired by her parents' "Cozy Homes" magazine and decide to turn Clifford's doghouse into a warm and cozy paradise. But when cozy things keep disappearing, the friends discover a chilly squirrel may be to blame!
11:15 AM
The Ollie & Moon Show
On a trip to Peru, Moon overcomes her lack of confidence about her drawing and Ollie discovers he can draw even without his favourite pencil.
11:27 AM
Number 1 Newton Avenue
Jayden wants Papa's envelopes for his drawings, so he can deliver them like a postie. He counts on his hands that he needs six of them. After putting them all inside, he becomes puzzled to discover he has one spare envelope and wonders if he has lost one of his drawings. With the help of his trusty craft box and the counting song, Jayden starts to understand how maths can help solve this puzzle.
11:34 AM
Tiny and Tall
Tall can't wait to make music with his friends. But some of them don't understand the difference between music and noise! Once they establish a pattern, things really get rolling.
11:39 AM
The Brilliant World Of Tom Gates
Tom thinks he has found the perfect Birthday gift for his grumpy sister, Delia but he's got it wrong before, every year! This time it looks like Delia might just love her present... Or does she hate it? It's hard to tell! Make an epic gift box and doodle grumpy Delia with a birthday present!
11:51 AM
Riley Rocket
When Riley thinks her parents are about to move their family away, she tries to remind them how awesome Greenville is! But it proves to be challenging, as Dr. Dandelion is also out to try and convince everyone else to move away too.
12:02 PM
Wacky Number Songs
Bar graphs make results easier to compare and understand than just a bunch of numbers, and they're fun to make! Ava makes bar graphs to compare her friends' pets, favourite colours, and more!
12:05 PM
Paw Patrol
The Motorcycle Stunt Show comes to town - bringing famed stunt cyclist Wild Cat, and the trouble-making cyclists, the Ruff-Ruff Pack. Wild Cat joins the Paw Patrol to help stop the baddies from trashing the town!
12:28 PM
Momolu and Friends
Banni is afraid of going down Pepe's new snow slide. Instead of making her do something she does not want to, the friends come up with another fun way for her to participate.
12:35 PM
TVOKids - The Space
My Kindness Matters profiles kids who have shown kindness towards others. In this episode Aditya helped his mother when she was sick by doing the laundry for her.
12:36 PM
Messy Goes To Okido
Messy has to deliver the giant pongberry to the Pongberry Pie Festival, before it goes off and releases a terrible pong in Okido City!
12:47 PM
Blynk and Aazoo
Our young inquirer, Tema, asks Blynk and Aazoo: Could I ever live on the moon? With the help of our intergalactic scientist, Simon, we take a look at what humans need to live and breathe on another planet, how scientists are making some fascinating moon discoveries, and how there are actual plans for a moon village! Blynk's lunar invention has some refreshing oddities!
12:55 PM
Hero Elementary
On a warm day the team takes a field trip to the lake. But when a fellow super student accidentally freezes the entire lake, it's up to Sparks' Crew to find a way to restore the lake back to its original, liquid state.
1:07 PM
Molly of Denali
Molly is excited to meet Willow, a Yup'ik exchange student. After getting off to a shaky start, Willow teaches Molly about some Yup'ik forms of communication, including the story knife. Then, Oscar wants to be a storyteller one day, but he's not sure he can remember all the stories his elders want to share with him. While he works on remembering the old stories, Uncle Jack, Aunt Merna, and Auntie Midge help him tell a new one.
1:33 PM
Pins and Nettie
Pins and Nettie have been invited to a sleepover at their friend's house. They've been excited about it for such a long time but now that the night has arrived, they are apprehensive about sleeping somewhere other than their own beds. Lesson: if you try something new for a short time, you may realize that you like it
1:38 PM
B.O.T. and the Beasties
B.O.T. drops into Jungly, Splashy World. A fluffy little Joggly Jiggler appears, jiggling its pompom arms and cartwheeling around joyfully. It is joined by two other brightly coloured Jigglers and their playfulness causes problems for B.O.T.! They jiggle fruit loose from a branch and it bounces off the little robot's head... then they jiggle B.O.T. to pieces! To collect the data for this mission B.O.T. has to keep up with the energetic little beasties as they jiggle through the jungle.
1:44 PM
Jojo & Gran Gran
JoJo and Gran Gran go swimming in an outdoor pool on a hot summer day. JoJo is excited to show Gran Gran what she has learnt in her recent swimming lessons, but when she loses her goggles, she isn't sure she can jump into the water. After spending more time in the pool with Gran Gran, JoJo earns to jump in without her goggles - making a big splash!
1:55 PM
Bamboo Loves Music
While playfully plucking elastic bands, Bamboo Love finds joy in the twanging sounds that they make. But when she hears a soothing sound, Bamboo love is hypnotized and follows the melodic sound to her friend Giraffe, who plays an instrument called the harp. Snapping out of the trance, Bamboo Love learns to strum, pluck and play the harp.
1:58 PM
The Mixmups visit a fruit nursery where they embark on a competition to see who can grow the tallest fruit tree, but when things go wrong, will the MixMups find “another way” to be more fruitful?
2:08 PM
One day Cookie, Candy and Pudding are on their first train trip and everything around them seems new and unusual. The kittens are enjoying their train trip when they stop at Catfield station. Mommy and the kittens go outside to take a breath of fresh air and buy some apples. Mommy, Pudding and Candy are enjoying their apples when they realize Cookie has wandered off to look for a statue. Mommy and the kittens rush back to catch the train but it leaves without them. The kittens learn they should always stay at Mommy or Daddy's side when visiting a new place so they don't get lost or left behind!
2:13 PM
Kids TV Interstitials
What word associates with each of these words?
2:14 PM
Book Hungry Bears
Melody's friends learn to respect her right to do things the way she wants, and Melody learns to have the confidence to stick with her plan despite her friends' thinking it isn't great. BOOK: Nat the Cat Can Sleep Like That While everyone else is wide awake during the day, Nat the Cat is sleeping in all kinds of interesting ways and places.
2:25 PM
Pip and Posy
Pip and Posy try to help Frankie feel better about no-one choosing her modelling clay food creations on their stall. When their efforts fail they find a way to show Frankie that her creations have their own unique appeal.
2:32 PM
Ladybird & Bee
Ladybird and Bee learn how to dance with ants.
2:34 PM
Odo isn't chosen for the camp football team because he's 'too little.' So Odo and the little birds challenge the big birds to a football match. Will Odo's 'Awesome Acorns' have what it takes to win the trophy?
2:41 PM
Super Mighty Makers
Craft Kid Fabricio's dog, Buddy, has to be walked a few times every day. Since Fabricio is mostly at school, his dad often ends up walking Buddy. Fabricio wants to make his dad something that will help with walking the dog. With Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Holly, Fabricio makes the "Bow Wowie Pooch Peg".
2:53 PM
Now You Know
Magician game show host Howie brings Baboo onstage to win what's behind door number 3! When the door doesn't open, they wonder, ,How do some doors open by themselves?, They visit sales director Tim at an automatic door-making company, where they see how automatic doors use remote sensors to open doors.
3:00 PM
TVOkids Jokes
Various TVOkids characters tell jokes sent in by TVOkids viewers.
3:01 PM
Big Words, Small Stories
Davey and Abigail are at Al's cafe, where Davey is playing Flickityball. Abigail tells him to stop so they won't get on Al's bad side. Al notices and tells Davey he's the town champion. An audacious Davey challenges Al to a game for the title. Abigail objects because if Davey beats him, he won't serve them pies anymore. At the Colossus Flickityball Championship, everyone watches eagerly. Al scores a goal in the first three seconds, but then Davey gets one too. Davey scores again and could easily win, but Abigail pleads that he doesn't. Davey then uses one of Al's moves to score double points and wins the game! Everyone cheers but Abigail is sobbing. Al approaches Davey and Abigail thinks it's over, but he instead congratulates him and gives them free pies for life! But only the gross ones.
3:06 PM
Minty and Wasabi launch themselves at a herd of giant Brocolliosuarus. Ginger is alarmed at first, but soon discovers that Baby Pea-Rexes and Broccoliosaurus have a very unique relationship. The Peas groom the Brocs, by trimming off their florets and in return, the Brocs let the Peas treat them like their own private rollercoasters. Minty and Wasabi are having an absolute ball, but Split is nervous to have a go. Ginger tells Split that it's normal to be scared to try new things, enlisting the help of a Baby Brocc to convince Split to have a go.
3:11 PM
Kids TV Interstitials
Princess Olivia: Apple Stacking Challenge
3:12 PM
16 Hudson
When Amala drops her Diwali lights, she thinks she's ruined the holiday for everyone.
3:19 PM
Paw Patrol
Adventure Bay is hosting a Monster Truck Rally, featuring truckers Roxi and Boomer. However, when Boomer isn't declared the Champion, he causes chaos all over Adventure Bay to prove he's the best of the best. Ryder invites Roxi to join the Paw Patrol and introduces the Pups' new Rescue Wheel vehicles just in time for them to save Adventure Bay from the havoc caused by Boomer.
3:43 PM
It Matters
3:44 PM
Interstellar Ella
Ella is pet sitting Buttons, a friend's dog, on the very day she has to finish a school project about Venus. She decides to take on both responsibilities at once by taking Buttons to Venus to get video footage. When the thunder from the storms around Venus scare Buttons, he accidentally detaches himself from his pod and lands on the planet. Ella and her friends search frantically but cannot find him. It's Buttons who finds Ella! Ella admits she made a bad decision, but at least she learned fun facts for her project!
3:55 PM
TVOkids Jokes
Various TVOkids characters tell jokes sent in by TVOkids viewers.
3:56 PM
My Home My Life
Meet Peyton! He loves to have FUN with his mom, dad and two little sisters. Being the oldest can be hard sometimes but he also likes to help them out by making them snacks and pushing them on his backyard swing!
4:03 PM
Finding Stuff Out
Can I freeze myself and then come back to life? Why do things change when they're frozen? Zoey risks ice cream brain freeze to find out - with a little help from her friends in the Arctic and a scientist who works at the North Pole. She finds out that some animals can survive being frozen, and that Inuit have invented ingenious strategies to help us humans survive in extreme cold. My Great Challenge: To understand how blubber keeps animals warm, challengers put on gloves filled with lard and go "fishing" in a tub of ice water. In the Field: Zoey visits a sub-zero climate chamber where machines are tested for their endurance in the cold.
4:25 PM
B.O.T. and the Beasties
B.O.T. drops into Snowy, Icy World and lands on a large, very slippery, iceberg. The Icy Smashers pop up and surround B.O.T. They love to jump up and down. This cracks the ice under B.O.T. and the little robot struggles to stay upright as the Icy Smashers energetically bounce around, thudding up and down on the ice causing it to crack and break away. B.O.T. must avoid falling off the iceberg into the ocean below and try to collect the data needed for the mission. If the Icy Smashers succeed in smashing the iceberg, will something be released from the ice?
4:30 PM
Odd Squad Mobile Unit
When the villain, Confetti Betty, strikes the Odd Squad headquarters in the Arctic, the Mobile Unit returns to help Opal and Omar's old squad. As they attempt to crack the villain's pattern, they must teach the Arctic agents how to solve cases for themselves so that they don't keep getting called back to help. Curriculum: Addition Patterns, Force and Friction
4:58 PM
Space Kids
Although humans haven't travelled there yet, next to Earth Mars is the most explored planet in our solar system. In this episode, find out some of the amazing facts we've learned about the Red Planet.
5:00 PM
All-Round Champion
During Breaking week, the Athletes don disguises for a dance-off judged by ARC Alumni - Jai (Trampoline) and Liesel (Karate). Emily, the Sport Leader, is taken aback by her accomplished coaching partner. Mischa struggles with confidence, while Ariana and Lexie prioritize fun over learning. Deliya discovers newfound joy.
5:26 PM
Wild Kratts
While cruising across the African savanna in the Tortuga, a gust of wind blows a piece of paper out of Aviva's hand and into an ostrich nest. The bros think it's a new secret formula and they spring into action to rescue her work from one of the most protective parents on earth - the ostrich!
5:53 PM
In this episode Skaggs and Fibber misread the Captain's note and and don't understand the placement of a comma.
5:56 PM
When Vet Wilder's ASTONISHING magician's hat goes missing, he has to cancel his magic show, and everyone's day becomes unimpressive, ordinary, and boring. The Word Detectives narrow it down to Baker Graham and Singer Melody as their suspects and, in the end, uncover that what's truly astonishing is friendship.
6:04 PM
Kids TV Interstitials
Learn Sherlock's moves!
6:05 PM
Creature Mania
Today on Creature Mania, we find out how fast a kangaroo can go, how slow and slimy snails are, and how big a locust swarm really is. We meet Jo and her dog D.R in Dog Tricks, and Angeline and her Mice in Pet and Tell. We have a laugh with Panda, Pony and the Two Bobs, Hosted By Alfie Gledhill and Dr Katrina Warren and featuring the voices of David Dundas and David Collins of The Umbilical Brothers as the Two Bobs.
6:31 PM
Kids TV Interstitials
Scientist Walter explains that we actually grow in Space because the spine is not pressed down by gravity, allowing it to expand.
6:32 PM
Sunny's Quest
Hisani is a 9-year-old boy who lives in Whitehorse, Yukon. He is proud of his Tanzanian heritage and loves making delicious traditional Tanzanian dishes with his dad, like mandazi - his favourite, yum! At the rec centre, Hisani plays basketball, soccer and floor hockey with his friends. One day, he hopes to become a professional hockey player! Hisani is also a talented musician - he's been playing the ngoma drums since he was a baby! After showing us all the instruments that he owns and is learning to play, Hisani receives a special message from a role model who encourages him march to the beat of his own drum. He loves playing music with his dad - it makes him feel connected to his roots! Outside, Hisani takes us sledding on a hill that becomes a desert in the summer.
6:39 PM
My Home My Life
Walking the Dogs
6:40 PM
In this STEM episode Eric learns how to make delicious, edible, crystals! It's not magic, it's science! Educational Gist: Crystals and their unique formation in nature.
6:44 PM
It Matters
6:45 PM
Big Words, Small Stories
Cris and Crat are at Jerome Du Chocolat's gala. Crat notices a roped-off room and a sculpture covered in cloth. Crat goes in, lifts the cloth, but accidentally knocks and breaks the sculpture! Cris says to just tell the artist what he did. Crat decides he will put the sculpture back together. A reluctant Cris tries to distract Jerome and the crowd. He checks on Crat who has seemingly glued the sculpture back together, but it breaks again! Cris goes back, while Crat tapes the sculpture up. He puts the cloth back on and walks away, but his foot catches the cloth and the sculpture crashes down. Everyone goes to see the grand reveal, but as Jerome is introducing it, Crat breaks down and apologises. Jerome pulls the cloth off to reveal the shabby sculpture, but he thinks it's artistic!
6:50 PM
ABC Singsong
Stay away. Move on. Turn it down. It's a song about the word avoid!
6:51 PM
How Do You Feel?
Akin's friend is worried that her friends will replace her as they meet new people. Akin explores the issue with Duane and his pals. He also practices a feel-good activity called "positive self-talk."