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8:16 AM

Bamboo Loves Sports

Bamboo Love spots a skipping rope and explores some fun jumping activities.

6:00 AM
When Emery breaks down in the forest, it's Chug Patroller Wilson to the rescue. Wilson uses his new skills to locate Emery with the aid of a flare and gets him back on track with a huge crane.
6:10 AM
At the Chug-a-sonic Speed Track, Hanzo teaches Koko to control her new engine booster and she learns to brake at high-speed. Brewster discovers he has a good eye for track laying when he spots a buckled rail.
6:21 AM
Book Hungry Bears
Crystal expects a rooster to crow when the sun comes up but learns her new friend wants to finish his morning routine first. The Bears learn that routines can make you feel ready to accomplish your task. BOOK: It's Time for Bed A little girl needs to follow her bedtime routine, running and playing with her animal friends, before she can go to sleep. --- Melody thinks she has discovered a magic hole with a magical fairy living in it. But when she learns it is a rabbit's hole, Melody wants to make friends with the grumpy rabbit but doesn't know how. She learns that a homemade gift is a good way to make friends and amends. BOOK: I Am an Artist A young girl makes wonderful scriptures and art out of objects she finds in nature, in the forest, on the beach; even in the rain and sky.
6:42 AM
Camp Leader has important business to discuss with Inspector Feathers about Forest Camp. Odo thinks it would help if he served up the finest meal that the Inspector had ever been served. But, of course, it all goes comically wrong.
6:49 AM
Tee and Mo
It seems that all of Tee's friends have the brand new Mega Action Ape toy. Tee is desperate for one too but it's not his birthday for ages. However, anything is possible when Mo gets creative.
6:57 AM
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
Xavier is so curious about the new exhibit at the museum that he can barely focus on anything else. What is it all about? He just has to know! But, how? There's only one place to the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet one of most curious people in history: Albert Einstein. Xavier follows along with a young Albert as he ponders over the mysteries around him, like why balloons float while other things fall to the ground, and how does the entire universe work? Albert shows Xavier that the best thing you can do when you're curious about something, even really big somethings, is to ask questions.
7:10 AM
Wacky Media Songs
Ava wants to be on the cover of a breakdancing e-zine and she wants her pic to look perfect, just like her favourite influencer's pics! But, in real life, who's perfect anyway?
7:12 AM
Bamboo Love
Bamboo Love learns what the term 'nature' means and then has fun playing detective as she investigates what part of nature is and what is not. When she spots a caterpillar transform into a butterfly, she is even more amazed by the wonders of nature.
7:15 AM
Paw Patrol
A fun museum sleepover is interrupted when Alex and the mini-patrol go missing, and Mayor Goodway gets stranded on a T-Rex!
7:27 AM
Wild Kratts
While searching for Martin's lost Creaturepod, the Kratt brothers encounter a Spectacled cobra. In a wild adventure to recover their prized gadget, the bros learn about the dual creature powers of the cobras - venom and a hooded defense. But when they encounter a King cobra, their newfound cobra powers are put to the ultimate test. Science Concept: Venom in nature. How it works and why animals have it.
7:54 AM
Bitz and Bob
It's the Yum-tastic Pizza Bake Off with Purl as the expert judge. Bob is preparing his special top-secret recipe in order to beat rival competitors Zip and Pop, who keep trying to peek at his pizza. Soon it's time for the pizzas to go into the Castle kitchen ovens. Once there, Head of Security Bevel elaborately locks the kitchen door before accidentally sending the key flying over the castle wall. Now they need to retrieve the key and get back into the kitchen before the pizzas are ruined.
8:05 AM
You Can Do It Too!
Bitz, Bob and the children are using magnets to test all sorts of things; from teddy bears to alarm clocks. Anything made with metal will stick to the magnet! You can explore magnetism at home by making your own secret stars magnet game to play.
8:11 AM
One and friends can only escape from the Lair of Shares by learning how to share and solving the puzzles inside.
8:16 AM
Bamboo Loves Sports
While playfully jumping, Bamboo Love spots a skipping rope and explores some fun activities that the skipping rope has to offer. As her friends arrive, she realizes that jumping together is just as fun as jumping alone.
8:19 AM
Hero Elementary
Sparks' Crew is taking care of someone else's class pet, a super frog that can leap high and far. But when the frog gets out and hops through town, searching for food, Sparks' Crew has to figure out what frogs eat in order to lure him back.
8:32 AM
Step By Step Let's Dance
Dancers will be learning Popping and Locking onboard a spaceship!
8:39 AM
Let's Go Luna
Andy helps a lost pet find its owner in the huge city of Tokyo, Japan.
8:52 AM
Are You Ready?
Our friend shows us how to Cut and Paste.
8:55 AM
Big Words, Small Stories
When he wakes up to heavy snowfall, Davey is super enthusiastic to go outside and play. They can go sledding, build an ice fortress, all kinds of fun things! However, Abigail is much less enthusiastic and would rather stay inside where it's nice and warm. Davey convinces her to head outside with him, but she really does not want to participate in any of the snow related activities and mainly just complains of the cold. Luckily, they bump into Poppy and Chaz and Poppy is as excited as Davey about the snow activities. They play happily together having a great time while Chaz and Abigail avoid joining in as much as they can. Finally Poppy and Davey are feeling a bit cold too and decide to head home, much to the joy of Chaz and Abigail who cannot wait to be back indoors.
9:00 AM
Paw Patrol
While celebrating Friendship Day, the pups spring into action to prevent Mayor Humdinger from ruining Adventure Bay's reputation as the friendliest town on the map. Humdinger waylays Mr. Postman, forcing the pups to take over the delivery of Friendship Cards. He also sabotages Chase's truck to prevent him transporting Mayor Goodway's Friendship Cake. When one of Humdinger's plans accidentally sends a fleet of rabbits airborne on little balloons, Chase, Skye, Zuma, and Rocky must use all their skills to mount a rescue. Meanwhile, Marshall and Rubble confront the inhabitants of a spooky old house who have nabbed a bag of Friendship Cards. With Ryder's help, the pups deliver both Cards and Cake, save the balloon bunnies, and even make a couple new friends: all in time for the big Friendship Day celebration.
9:24 AM
Abby Hatcher
Mrs. Melvin's hairbrush goes missing, and Abby tracks it to a brand new Fuzzly who loves to style hair. --- When the Fuzzly twins, Mo and Bo, get separated in the hotel, it's up to Abby to get them back together again.
9:47 AM
Donkey Hodie
To join the Hidden Orchestra, Donkey must complete a scavenger hunt for hidden instruments. Will she remember all the steps?
10:00 AM
Book Hungry Bears
The Bears learn that you can play together in different ways when Melody wants to be a sandcastle but her friends want to be dinosaurs. Melody has to use her creativity, flexibility and persistence to find a way to play together. BOOK: Bobby's Castle Salma's persistence, creativity & positive attitude encourages Bobby to venture out and helps him realize that having a friend to play with is actually lots of fun.
10:11 AM
Tik Tak
Explore a panda disco, a tower made of sticks and watch as Book Girl makes a car.
10:16 AM
Baby Baby
The babies and their friends visit a farm... and meet some baby goats! The kids sure get along.
10:21 AM
Bing sees Coco with a plaster (bandaid) on her finger and of course he wants one too. In the absence of a real plaster, Bing makes one out of sticky tape, but it's so sticky that it hurts when he tries to take it off. Bing doesn't want Flop to help so Flop comes up with a new game so that Bing can do it himself.
10:29 AM
Gabby's Farm
Gabby counts to seven as she gets her farm animals ready for bedtime.
10:31 AM
Cutie Pugs
It's a hot summer day and Penny, Petey, Poppy and Pablo are thirsty in the shade near their pug house, when Dee Dee comes over to fill up their empty water dish and let them out to play. After a long drink, the pugs notice Mom filling up an inflatable swimming pool with something wet and clear from the garden hose. Is that a great big water dish? The Cutie Pugs watch Dee Dee splashes around and plays in the pool and wishes they could do the same. Turns out Mom has a smaller, pug-sized pool! The pugs jump right in, but Penny hops out when she hears that Petey has to use the bathroom!
10:38 AM
Pip and Posy
Pip and Posy try to help Frankie feel better about no-one choosing her modelling clay food creations on their stall. When their efforts fail they find a way to show Frankie that her creations have their own unique appeal.
10:46 AM
The Day Henry Met...
Today Henry meets a Bowtie from a tuxedo suit. Bowtie is sick of going to weddings and getting gravy stains down him all the time and dreams of the exciting glamorous life of a secret agent. Henry becomes a secret agent with lots of great gadgets and helps Bowtie go on an exciting top secret adventure.
10:51 AM
Yakka Dee!
Dee encourages a friend to say tummy and we go on a whirlwind word adventure.
10:57 AM
Polkaroo Counts!
Polkaroo and Thomas are helping unload the groceries. A giant bag of popcorn and a smaller bag of apples...yum...but which weighs more? Polkaroo and Thomas learn that small things can be heavier than big things!
11:00 AM
Opie's Home
Opie is afraid of a spider in his room, until Lucas helps him channel the bravery of his favorite action figure Knightosaur to confront the spider and discover that he's just a lost knight too.
11:07 AM
In this episode Skaggs and Fibber misread the Captain's note and mistake the word BANNED for BAND.
11:10 AM
Wolf Joe
Hoping to win the local art contest each of the trio search for something interesting in nature to paint. When a little raccoon needs help, the kids spring into action, giving up their chance to win a prize but learn a valuable lesson about the treasures in nature.
11:21 AM
Zerby Derby
The Zerby trucks, racers and construction vehicles are all parading through Zerby Town. But each kind of vehicle wants to do their own thing. It's up to Zack and is friends to make sure everyone in the parade sticks together.
11:28 AM
Little Malabar
Little Malabar and his friend the Frog are playing house when they meet bacteria that look like small algae plants. These bacteria tell them the recipe that made the air on Earth breathable. A little water, a pinch of sun... On Earth a long time ago, bacteria lived in the oceans. It transformed our air, making it breathable!
11:32 AM
How Do You Feel?
What do you do when you're feeling blue? Akin explains how he turns his frown around by making a list of things that make him happy. It's called a Happy Sheet, and you can make one at home with just a pen and paper.
11:35 AM
Backyard Beats
Guest Jiyoon brings her sogo, a Korean hand drum to the backyard, which inspires Monica's DIY craftstrument. Junior Jammer Alicia joins in and brings her moves for the jam.
11:46 AM
It's a beautiful sunny day! Eric learns how the colour of his clothing can make him feel very warm or much cooler! It's not magic, it's science... it's STEM! Educational Gist: Dark colours absorb light energy and light colours reflect it.
11:49 AM
Number 1 Newton Avenue
Dad is in the kitchen cooking dinner. Rio asks if she can help make dessert, which is trifle. But Rio gets confused, as some of the stew ingredients are mixed in with the trifle ingredients. She needs to find out which ingredients to use for her dessert and when. With the help of her trusty robot, Rio starts to understand how maths can help solve this puzzle.
11:59 AM
Animal Fun
fun facts about rhinos
12:02 PM
Dr. Cheddar
Felix is invited to his first sleepover, at his Grandma's house. He's super-excited, but having a little trouble figuring out what he ,needs, to pack, versus what he ,wants, to pack. Does he really need his accordion? A quick call to Dr. Cheddar helps him critical think his way to Sleepover Victory!
12:05 PM
Paw Patrol
The Pups are delighted to be spending the whole day watching an Apollo-Super-Pup marathon on TV. When everyone but Rubble falls asleep, Apollo gets captured by his greatest foe - The Spider King - and appeals directly to Rubble for help from the TV screen. Now it's up to Paw Patrol get to The Spider King's lair to help free their hero. They have to use everything they've got to get Apollo, and themselves out of danger. --- When Raimundo's newest circus animal act - Hippo-Daisy and her Dancing Hippo Babies - knocks down the trapeze, Ryder and the Paw Patrol need to rebuild the structure in time for the big show. Meanwhile, the Hippos escape their enclosure, and the Paw Patrol needs to head them off before they dance into danger by congaing across Rickety Ridge Bridge. Fortunately, Zuma knows where to find the Hippos' favourite treat.
12:28 PM
Hero Elementary
It's the day of the Hero Elementary Fun Fair, but the weather turns rainy, then sunny, then rainy again. Sparks' Crew learns to recognize the signs of changing weather in order to predict if the weather will be nice for the Fun Fair.
12:40 PM
Discovering that a strange, unusual butterfly-like creature has flown onto their ship, the Floogals' notice that it's drawn to light and use a variety of little lights ingeniously to help it escape.
12:52 PM
Blynk & Aazoo
Our young inquirer, Zayden, asks our intrepid inventors, Blynk and Aazoo, "Why does bread get moldy?" With the help of our intergalactic science expert, Jessie, learn how mold can be healing and how fungi, like mushrooms, spread quickly! Blynk invents a machine that can make lots of cupcakes quickly making our alien friends into sugar mountains!
12:59 PM
Abby Hatcher
When Abby loses her glasses, she relies on Bozzly and Princess Flug to get them back.
1:11 PM
Jojo and Gran Gran
A photo of Gran Gran and JoJo's mummy when she was a little girl inspires them to take a walk and compare old photos of their neighbourhood to see how it has changed over time.
1:23 PM
Wacky Number Songs
Let's play the probability game! Probability is the chance of an event occurring - certain, likely, unlikely, or impossible. For example, it will be impossible not to tap your feet during Ava's song about probability!
1:25 PM
Let's Find Out
This is a math series supporting a greater understanding of financial literacy. In this episode, Melissa's in trouble as she doesn't have enough money to buy her favourite sandwich.
1:30 PM
Bing, Sula and Pando are SUPERHEROES in the park. Bing rescues Flop from the giant spider, but falls off the rope and Hoppity has an accident! Now they have to rescue Hoppity.
1:37 PM
Mr. Moon
Mr Moon and Silva take Bootes the Kite for a fly and end up lost. Gold Star rescues them with the help of Cygnus.
1:49 PM
Kit and Pup
Kit and Pup are having a race. Can you see who is cycling on the flat path and who is cycling up the steep hill?
1:55 PM
Yakka Dee!
Dee encourages a friend to say bag and we go on a whirlwind word adventure.
2:01 PM
The Day Henry Met...
Henry is on holiday in London and meets a red bus. Bus has lots of tourists arriving for a tour of London but his Bus driver has gotten stuck in traffic. Henry becomes a bus driver and drives them all around London. They see all the famous landmarks in and around London and all agree that it was the best sight seeing tour ever!
2:06 PM
Pip and Posy
Pip finds a 'lucky stick' which he and Posy use to help their friends. When a ladybird gets into trouble he has to choose between keeping the last of the stick's luck for himself or sacrificing it to rescue the ladybird.
2:15 PM
Book Hungry Bears
Melody wants to pretend she's a mother cat and her friends are her little kittens, but the others each want to be their own different animals. Melody learns that parents can love all kinds of babies. BOOK: Which Egg? A stork, a parrot and a crocodile get their eggs mixed up but come together to care for their babies as a family.
2:28 PM
TVOKids music videos.
TVOKids music video starring Melissa, Daniel and Mickeey and featuring kids from all over Ontario playing outside. Produced for Ontario 150 celebrations.
2:30 PM
Koko's speed booster malfunctions and she speeds around Chuggington out of control. Chug Patrol get ready to rescue her with some strong nets, but even they can't stop Koko. Brewster has been crushing rocks and saves the day by dropping dust onto Koko, which clogs up her booster and finally brings her to a standstill.
2:40 PM
Super Mighty Makers
Craft Kid twins Edan and Shane want to make something for their mother, Dorry, - a supermom who works hard for her family. They want to make something to help their mom relax after a hard day at work. With the help of Bondini and Super Mighty Maker Holly, the twins make the ,Super Snail Spa,.
2:51 PM
Now You Know
Howie and Baboo visit astronomer Jen at the observatory where they look at stars, then set up an experiment to show how the sun is actually a star that is closer to the Earth.
2:58 PM
Donkey Hodie
To join the Hidden Orchestra, Donkey must complete a scavenger hunt for hidden instruments. Will she remember all the steps?
3:11 PM
Dino Dana
When Grandma comes over to drop off a bunch of Mom's old stuff, including a small chest that's locked, Dana uses egg-opening techniques from a clever Baby Troodon to try to get the chest open.
3:22 PM
Paw Patrol
An ice floe carrying three penguins lands in the jungle. Now the pups must get them back to their frosty home. --- Daring Danny is locked out of the lighthouse Turbot left him to look after. Now a freighter is headed straight for Seal Island!
3:45 PM
The Ollie & Moon Show
Ollie and Moon head to Berlin in order to look for Scoot's lost friend. Ollie is extremely focused of elaborating the best possible plan, but he doesn't see that Moon feels really uneasy about splitting up in order to conduct the search.
3:57 PM
Blynk and Aazoo
Our young inquirer, Latitia, asks Blynk and Aazoo, How can I grow a plant as tall as a skyscraper? With the help of our intergalatic science expert, Anthony, discover how plants grow, find out about the tallest trees in the world, and the future of trees in our homes. Blynk and Aazoo turn the spaceship into a space garden!
4:05 PM
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
Yadina is less than thrilled when her costume for the school play makes her look super silly! She worries everyone will laugh at her. What should she do? To the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet someone who loves laughter: Carol Burnett. Yadina watches in amazement as a young Carol puts on silly shows for anyone and everyone, even making herself look silly in the process. And as it turns out, it's really fun! Yadina goes home and tackles her own role in the school play with comedic flair, because as she and Carol both know, sometimes it's good to laugh at yourself.
4:17 PM
Hero Elementary
When a tree falls in the schoolyard, our heroes try to find a new home for a chipmunk. But what kind of home--or habitat--does a chipmunk need? Sparks' Crew will figure it out, one way or another!
4:29 PM
Odd Squad Mobile Unit Season 2
Globetrotting villain Stu Venir is turning monuments into keychains! Agents must uncover a pattern to predict where he will strike next. --- It's Oswald's birthday! After running into a Party Crasher creature, there are suddenly FOUR of him who seem identical.
4:57 PM
Waffle the Wonder Dog
It's the school show and Doug, Ali and Mrs Hobbs perform. Evie gets locked in the toilet but Waffle helps free her in time for the finale. Waffle sings his important line and big surprises follow. Mr Hobbs returns and Evie meets her birth Dad, Nate.
5:10 PM
Eric makes an anemometer to determine the speed of the wind. You can make one, too! It's not magic, it's science... it's STEM! Educational Gist: The large amount of energy in the wind can be measured with an anemometer.
5:14 PM
Wild Kratts
While exploring the Black Forest in Germany, Chris and Martin are amazed to discover a black and yellow salamander crawling out of the fire! They don't understand how this is possible, since salamanders need water - not fire - to live. It's a mystery that the Kratt Brothers are determined to solve and unravel the secret of the Fire Salamander.
5:40 PM
Leo's Pollinators
The Hummingbird Moth comes by its name honestly; not only does it look like one, but it also flaps its wings so fast it sounds like one! And the best part is that they're important pollinators, just like their namesake. Fins crossed Housten gets to see lots of them today. He's on a mission with Mark Read at Murphy's Point Provincial Park to expand his impressive moth research.
5:51 PM
A Week to Beat the World
The boys' team and presenter Karim Zeroual are in Guatemala, being introduced to the ancient Mayan ball game of Pitz and experiencing their first taste of local life.
6:07 PM
Big Top Academy
Nicholas is determined to figure out what his amulet is trying to tell him. New roommates Phoenix and April are not getting along; while Ella struggles to make friends. Luckily her sister Celeste helps her realize Big Top Academy will soon feel like home.
6:29 PM
It's My Party
Two kids who have never met are paired up to attend a Japanese party. At this celebration they'll perform Taiko drumming, eat mochi and play traditional games.
6:51 PM
Raven's Quest
Mya is a 10-year-old Anishinaabe girl from Kitigan Zibi who lives in Gatineau, Quebec. Mya loves her two pet fish and playing hockey! She'll show us how she dances women's traditional in her beautiful regalia. She also shows how she makes scrunchies, and has even started her own business! After a bike ride with her friend Morgan, she'll teach us how to make apple crisp!