(Clock ticking)

A girl with curly blonde hair wearing a white and yellow floral-pattern dress spreads butter onto a piece of white bread.
Two white bowls with shiny silver polka dots sit on a blue table beside the bread.

(Soft music plays)

A title reads, Tik Tak.

The sun rises over a house with a ticking clock. Doors in the house open and sheep and a black and white cat exit as the sun sets and the moon rises.
The sheep and cat circle in and out of the house under a starry night sky.

Jigsaw puzzle pieces move together over a yellow placemat to form a picture of a hippopotamus standing in a river. The hippopotamus wiggles its ears.

A blonde-haired girl watches a rotating carousel in front of a starry night background.
The carousel has pictures of musical instruments on oval-shaped panels. An accordion rises out of the top of the carousel.


(Accordion music)

A ball of grey clay rolls in front of an aqua-blue background. The clay forms itself into the shape of a hippopotamus.
Another hippopotamus emerges from the background like swimming in water. The hippopotamuses cuddle. Pink hearts float over them.

A colorful ball of string rolls over a black background. The string unravels to form a colorful outline.
The base of the outline fills up with white string. The rest of the outline fills with red, blue, and yellow string, creating a colourful shoe.

A young brown-haired boy crawls toward the house with the ticking clock. The boy opens the clock and peeks inside where gears turn.

Inside the clock, a tiny mailbox stands next to a molehill.
Under the molehill, an animated mole wearing a yellow shirt and blue overalls using a walking stick exits a shop.
The shop has large storefront windows framed by swooping green panels.
A cardboard box falls beside the mole. The box hops and rotates then floats over the mole and opens.
A toy lion on a platform comes out of the top of the box.


A blonde-haired girl waters plants with a red and yellow watering can. A small green house with a red roof sits on a table in front of the girl.
A small farmer doll slides out the front door of the house. The girl watches the doll move across the table.

(Light playful music)

Between shadow pictures of children, flat wooden geometric pieces connect and create a colourful top hat and magic wand.

A pop-up book opens to a wooden chest in a dark attic. The chest opens and the hat flies out. The chest closes and the attic brightens.
Lights flicker between the room. A shadow of a boy steps onto a balcony at the side of the attic, then slides down a pole.

The boy puts on the hat. Outlines of a tub, a shower head, and a brush float out of the trunk.
The boy waves the wand, and the items fill with colour. The boy jumps and cheers.
He waves the wand again and the items float to the floor and form a shower inside an enclosure.
The boy takes off the hat, opens the door to the enclosure, then steps inside and showers, scrubbing himself with the brush.

(Lullaby music)

The pop-up book closes to reveal the ticking clock under the night sky. The clock stops ticking.

End credits.

Ketnet copyright 2020.

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