(Clock ticking)

A red-haired boy wearing an orange shirt sits at a table eating a mandarin orange. A red mug sits on the table.

(Soft music plays)

A title reads, Tik Tak.

The sun rises over a house with a ticking clock. Doors in the house open and sheep exit as the sun sets and the moon rises.
The sheep circle in and out of the house under a starry night sky.

Glowing blue beams rotate over a black background.
The beams come together to form the frame of bicycle-like toy with a black seat and handles that control a digging scoop at its front.
A brown-haired boy sits in the seat, then pulls the handles and scoops sand.

An animated person wearing a red vest over a white shirt, blue pants, and a yellow hat catches fruit falling from a tree with a net.

A brown chipmunk eats a nut under a tree branch.

Colorful plastic lugnuts form the shape of a wrench.

A young girl with long brown hair crawls toward the house with the ticking clock. The girl opens the clock and peaks inside where gears turn.

Inside the clock, in a dense colourful forest, a woman wearing a bright red outfit and hat rides in a carriage with a large straw elephant head. Monkeys swing from trees behind her.

(Monkeys screeching)

(Elephant trumpeting)

An orange bird hops across large green leaves. A monkey swings from a vine. Peacock feathers flutter.
A snake slithers across the ground. A parrot hops. The carriage travels past three decorative golden towers.

A puzzle cube with three rows that have different people’s heads, torsos, and legs twist until the rows match. The cube rotates to show a mechanic wearing a blue jumpsuit.

A boy wearing a multi-coloured striped shirt sits behind a sandbox on a table. A small toy truck digs a path in the sand.


The boy watches the truck dig a path in the shape of a wrench.

(Light playful music)

Between shadow pictures of children, flat wooden geometric pieces connect and create a colourful top hat and magic wand.

A pop-up book opens to a wooden chest in a dark attic. The chest opens and the hat flies out. The chest closes and the attic brightens.
Lights flicker between the room. A shadow of a girl jumps onto a trampoline in the room.

The girl flips off the trampoline and puts on the hat. Several outlines float out of the trunk.
The girl waves the wand, and the outlines move into the shape of a baby carriage. The girl waves the wand, and the carriage fills with colour.
The girl points at the carriage and strikes a thoughtful pose. She waves the wand and the carriage floats to the ground.
The girl peeks into the carriage and waves. She takes a white bunny out of the carriage and gently rocks it.

(Lullaby music)

The pop-up book closes to reveal the ticking clock under the night sky. The clock stops ticking.

End credits.

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