Text reads, “The Very Small Creatures.” The word “The” appears in yellow, “Very” is pink, “Small” is green, and “Creatures” is blue. Blue, red, orange. Yellow, and green stars appear around the words. Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Green—very small creatures of the same colour as their names, peek over a white disc with the text on top. They jump down and bounce in front of the text. Blue appears above the text and jumps down to bounce with the others.

[Giggling, upbeat music plays]

A white piece of paper lays on a wooden floor. Splatters of orange, mint green, yellow, blue, purple, and pink paint cover the paper. Paint brushes and small cups of paint lay beside the paper. The very small creatures walk to the paper and look at it. Text reads, “Colourful Puddles.”


Pink says, OOH.


Pink bounces on to the paper and looks at a puddle of blue paint.

Pink says, OH!

Green jumps in the blue paint and splashes it on Pink.

[Splash, laughter]

Pink bounces across the paper as Green flips in the blue paint puddle.

[Boinging, slide whistle, splash, giggling]

Pink jumps in a puddle of yellow paint and jumps on the paper.

[Happy music plays]

[Boinging, slide whistle, joyful squealing, splashing, giggling]

Orange, Yellow, and Blue look at Green.


Yellow slides in green paint.

[Rock music plays]

Yellow says, WEE!

Blue jumps backwards, leaving puddles of pink paint.

[Laughter, rock music continues, splashing]

[Blue gasps]

Orange moves as Green and Yellow slide past, leaving trails of yellow and green paint.

Pink looks into a cup of orange paint.

Pink says, OOOH.


Yellow, Blue, and Green watch as Pink jumps up on the edge of the cup.


Pink jumps into the cup.


Pink jumps out, entirely covered by orange paint.

Blue, Green and Yellow gasp, WOW!

Orange bounces across the paper, avoiding the smears of paint.

[Boinging, grunting, tense music plays]

[Orange laughs, slide whistle]

Orange notices Pink covered in orange paint.

[Tink, tink, suspenseful music plays]

They circle each other. Pink imitates Orange’s movements.

[Slide whistles, gasp]

Orange notices three very small creatures covered in orange paint. Pink looks over their heads as they stare at Orange.

[Tink, tink]

Orange backs away nervously.

Orange inspects the others.

[Upbeat music notes play]

Orange says, UH. HMM. HMM.

Orange notices the trail of orange paint that leads to the cup of orange paint.


[Slide whistles, laughing]

A paint-covered very small creatures blows kisses at Orange. Orange, purple, red and blue hearts appear over Orange’s head.

[Blown kisses, Orange sighs]

[Distant squealing and giggling, boing, splashing]

Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Green spin on the paper, creating puddles of orange paint.

[Gibberish, laughter]

The paint drips off Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Orange bounces over and looks at them.

[Boinging, laughter]

Orange jumps into the large puddle of orange paint.

[Splash, cheering, laughter, upbeat music plays]

End credits:
“Aardman production for Sky Kids.”

“Sky Kids”