Bright yellow flowers spell the word, “Stop.” Sticks spell the word, “Look”, on top of green grass. Pebbles spell the word, “Listen”, on a wet rock.

[Waves slosh, upbeat music plays]

[Birds chirp, children chatter]

Three adults walk behind three running children. A boy with short dark blonde hair wears a bright green shirt and blue shorts. A girl with long blonde hair wears a white dress. A boy with short brown hair wears a blue shirt and orange shorts.

[Rustling, footsteps on dirt]

A child says, LOOK AT THE

A person crouches as they hold a small tortoise. The boy with dark blonde hair looks at the tortoise. The girl with blonde hair touches the shell of the tortoise. She gently runs her fingers over the lines on the shell.

A second child says, LOOK AT

[Birds chirp]

The boy with the short brown hair carefully places flower petals on a rock. The three children sit on the edges of the rock and watch the baby tortoise eat the flowers.

The girl says, SO HUNGRY.

The baby tortoise walks to a larger tortoise.

A child says, THERE'S THE

The children pretend walk like the tortoise.

[Playful music plays]

Text reads “Play School.” “Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Copyright twenty-eighteen.”