My Stay-At-Home Diary

My Stay-At-Home Diary - Compilation 1

In this episode we meet kids from across Ontario, Canada, the United States of America, Mexico and Japan to find out how they are coping with quarantine during the pandemic. Aaron's Stay-at-Home Diary (Burlington, Canada) 11-year-old Aaron is staying home with his family to be safe. It's up to Aaron and his siblings to look after each other while his parents work as teachers. When class is over it's time to get creative making movies and playing with puppets. --- Sadie's Stay-at-Home Diary (Fergus, Canada) 9-year-old Sadie has a blended family. She and her brother go between their mom's and dad's houses, so they make sure they are extra safe in order to see everyone they love. --- Aaron's Stay-at-Home Diary (New York City, USA) 8-year-old Aaron lives in one of the busiest cities in the world but with COVID-19 that has all changed. Learn how Aaron is having fun, staying safe, and making funny dog videos with his family in New York City. --- Paris' Stay-at-Home Diary (Mexico City) 11-year-old Paris' hasn't left his house in a long time, so he keeps busy with music and exercise. Even though Paris hasn't been able to see many people during quarantine, he has made a new best friend, his younger brother. --- Hanna from Tokyo, Japan, shows us her favourite quarantine activity - Origami.