My Stay-At-Home Diary

My Stay-At-Home Diary - Compilation 5

In this episode we meet kids from Ontario Canada, the United States of America, Japan and even South Africa to find out how they are coping with quarantine during the pandemic. --- Mari-Sol and Benjamin's Stay-At-Home Diary (Toronto, Canada) 12-year-old Mari-Sol and her 11-year-old brother Benjamin are staying safe at home with their Dads. They spend time doing fashion shows, making crafts and playing with their pets. --- Benjamin's Stay-At- Home Diary (Combermere, Canada) 8-year-old Benjamin is staying home with his parents and his little brother who has cerebral palsy. Mom goes away to work and comes back for visits to do fun outdoor stuff like going on boat rides. --- Hanna's Stay-at-Home Diary (Tokyo, Japan)8-year-old Hanna normally lives in the US, but when the Coronavirus started to spread, Hanna moved to Tokyo with her mom and sister to be with her grandmother. With her dad staying back home, Hanna has to find new ways to feel close when they're apart. --- Kaelin's Stay-At Home Diary (South Africa) 12-year-old Kaelin lives with his family in South Africa, but he's had to go live with his Aunt to keep him safe from getting the virus. Kaelin misses his home and family but he is staying positive knowing that he'll be back soon. --- Xavier, from California in the USA, stays busy with his family by doing science experiments during quarantine.