My Stay-At-Home Diary

My Stay-At-Home Diary - Compilation 4

In this episode we meet kids from Ontario and Calgary Canada, the United States of America, and even Ireland to find out how they are coping with quarantine during the pandemic. --- Rani's Stay-at-Home Diary (Toronto, Canada)6-year-old Rani lives with her mom in a condo in the city. She hasn't seen kids her own age while she's been staying at home, but she makes sure to say hi to her neighbours and to her mom's students on the computer. --- Austin's Stay-at-Home Diary (Calgary, Canada)10-year-old Austin misses going outside to play with friends but has decided to use his time at home to improve his dinosaur drawing skills. With Mom and Dad working from home he's learning new responsibilities to take care of his younger brother. --- Isabella's Stay-at-Home Diary (Northern Ireland)11-year-old Isabella lives in Northern Ireland in her newly blended family. Her mom's fiance and son have just moved in. Getting used to life in a new family has been challenging but she's been enjoying spending time getting to know them. --- Faith's Stay-at-Home Diary (Michigan, USA) 12-year-old Faith and her family are staying home to stay safe, especially since her cousin has the Coronavirus. Faith and her three sisters keep themselves busy by doing face masks, designing fashions and building forts. --- For fun Ephraim from Kitchener, Ontario Canada, invents a frisbee game to play during quarantine.