My Stay-At-Home Diary

My Stay-At-Home Diary - Compilation 3

In this episode we meet kids from across Ontario, Canada, the United States of America, and Europe to find out how they are coping with quarantine during the pandemic. --- Victoria's Stay-at-Home Diary (Montreal, Canada) 10-year-old Victoria is the oldest of five kids. Her dad works from home and her mom is a nurse in a hospital. Even though she needs to help out with her younger siblings, Victoria makes sure she still gets time to herself for crafts and ballet. --- Amelia's Stay-at-Home Diary (Ottawa, Canada) 14-year-old Amelia's grandmother has come to stay with her family while everyone's at home. Amelia stays busy by learning new things with her grandmother and spending time in the backyard with her brothers. --- Xavier's Stay-at-Home Diary (California, USA)9-year-old Xavier is spending his time at home learning new responsibilities. He misses his friends but his family makes sure they have lots of fun doing science experiments, going for hikes and staying cool with water balloons. --- Joanne and May's Stay-at-Home Diary (Germany) 13-year-old twins Joanne and May are making masks to get ready to go back to school. They can't wait to show their friends new magic tricks they've learned while staying at home. --- Rani from Toronto, Canada shows us how she like to paint rainbows to stay positive during the pandemic.