Sunny's Quest: The Complete Series


Dayvid-Ray is a 9-year-old boy from Montreal, Quebec. He is Canadian and Haitian, loves basketball and boxing, and is exited to learn more about his Haitian roots! Dayvid-Ray takes us on a tour of his bedroom and shoots some hoops on his mini-indoor basketball net! Then we're off to the Centre Toussaint where Dayvid-Ray spends the day learning about his Haitian culture! First, he learns the Haitian alphabet and grammar, and then he gets moving learning some traditional Haitian dances in his super fly Karabela clothes! Then he takes a break and plays Osselets, a popular Haitian game that uses real animal bones. Dayvid-Ray hits the court with his teammates and shows us his cool basketball skills! After a fun game, they enjoy some delicious Haitian patties. Boy, that hits the spot! Dayvid-Ray is blown away by his special inspirational message! He then ends the day with some boxing drills with his Dad!