Sunny's Quest: The Complete Series


Emily is a 9-year-old girl from Findlay Creek, Ontario. She is a proud Ghanaian Canadian, an important member of her community and loves science experiments! Emily is so excited to share with us her traditional Kente cloth, a popular fabric from Ghana! She then shows us her cool Adowa moves, a traditional Ghanaian dance, which was a war dance. Emily and her brother show us how to play Aware, a board game from Ghana, how fun! Now time for a sweet treat; Emily gets herself a snack of Ghanaian chocolate! Yummy! Next, Emily takes us outside to sell some Girl Guide cookies with her friend, Brianna. She loves being a Girl Guide as she gets to help her community and have fun at the same time! Emily shows us her paintings of a dog and cat in her mom's art studio! She shows us her love of painting as it always feels like an experiment. Speaking of experiments, we are off to do science! Emily and her friends show us how to do the Bubble Vapor Experiment, look at all those bubbles! Emily is going to jump for joy at her inspirational message!