Sunny's Quest: The Complete Series


Leah is an 8-year-old girl from Orléans, Ontario who lives with her two baby brothers. She is a proud Canadian and Eritrean who loves science, soccer, and her Eritrean traditions! Leah takes us on a tour of her bedroom to see her cool book collection and her different gymnastics, soccer, and Scouts outfits, and all her medals! Leah and her family get all dressed up in traditional Eritrean clothing for a very special occasion: a Coffee Ceremony. She shows us how to roast beans and serves the coffee all while enjoying delicious himbasha bread. Leah's grandma then prepares Leah's hair in the traditional Eritrean style of gamme, while Leah tells us all about the different hair styles found in Eritrea. How beautiful! Next, Leah and her best friend show us how to make a snow volcano and demonstrate their love of science! Watch out, it's going to blow! Leah is going to be so excited about her special message.