Sunny's Quest: The Complete Series


Lulu is an 8-year-old girl from Mississauga, Ontario. She is Brazilian Canadian and speaks English and Portuguese! She loves the snowy Canadian winters because it means she gets to snowboard with her family, which she's been doing since she was only two years old! Lulu loves to paint and draw animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up! She shows off her bilingual book collection before heading to ballet rehearsal. Lulu likes to dance, and teaches us about the five basic ballet positions. Next, she goes to her samba class, and tells us all about Carnival - a huge festival that happens every year in Brazil. As a family of Brazilian immigrants, Lulu loves to bring her Brazilian culture and traditions to Canada. She teaches us about musical instruments like the cuica. She also shares the traditional game called Peteca, and a special drink called chimarrão, which were both created by the indigenous people of Brazil. After the chimarrão, Lulu gets a surprise message from Dr. Jennifer Ogeer, a veterinarian who encourages Lulu to follow her dreams! Lulu loved the special message, and she loved sharing her Afro-Brazilian Canadian life with us!