Sunny's Quest: The Complete Series


Malik is a 10-year-old boy from Mississauga, Ontario, where he lives with his parents and five brothers and sisters. He is proud of his Nigerian heritage and is passionate about sports, especially track and field! Not only is he an athlete, but in his room, he shows us his favourite books and the cool journal he designed for young Black kids to keep track of their thoughts! Malik feels most connected to his roots when he wears Nigerian clothing, like the Agbada, which he models for us before heading to a traditional Nigerian wedding with his family! At the wedding, Malik shows us the tradition of spraying, where people gather around the bride and groom and throw them money to send them blessings and love. After a fun game of wall-ball with his brothers and sisters, Malik shows us how to make Moi Moi, a popular Nigerian dish, and a yummy one too! Later at the running track, Malik shows us his track and field skills and hopes to one day compete at the Olympics! He gets an inspirational message from a fellow athlete that encourages him to never give up on his dreams!