Sunny's Quest: The Complete Series


Micah is a 10-year-old boy from Montreal, Quebec. He is Canadian, Jamaican and German, and also super creative with his drumming, origami, and stop-motion skills! Micah takes us on a tour of a beautiful greenhouse where we learn about his and his grandfather's love of horticulture. They bring home some Jamaican Callaloo to make a special dish! Micah and his grandfather make a delicious dish of Callaloo that is shared by the whole family. Yummy! Then we're off to see Micah's Afro-Caribbean drumming skills. Feel the beat! He then takes us on a tour of all his favourite things: his library collection, his rock collection, and his microscope! Next, Micah takes us to his robotics class where we learn about his latest creation! To top off the day, we dived into Claymation and Origami, two of Micah's favorite activities! Micah is going to be thrilled with his special message.