Sunny's Quest: The Complete Series


Valexia is an 8-year-old girl from Montreal, Quebec. She is French-Canadian and Afro-Cuban and is a triple threat: she's a model, singer and dancer! In her room, she shows us her love of unicorns and all the trophies she won for her pageantry and violin! She's one talented, busy bee! For lunch, she invites her friend, Leandro, and his family for her favourite Cuban dish, Roja Vieja, followed by a lively game of Cubilete, which is a popular Cuban game! Later, she gets her dance on at her Hip Hop class where she showcases her cool moves! Valexia takes us to her local church to join in the celebration of the end of Hispanic Month in Quebec. She shows off her beautiful traditional multi-coloured dress and long white skirt, inspired by both Spanish and African trends! During the ceremony, they pray and offer arts, crafts and food as offerings to the Virgin Mary. How special! To finish off the day, Valexia receives an unexpected message from a fellow actress inspiring her to pursue her love of the performing arts!