Sunny's Quest: The Complete Series


Meet Vance, an amazing 10-year-old boy from Brampton, Ontario! Vance's heritage is a beautiful mix of Canadian, Jamaican, African American, and Indian cultures, making him a true global citizen. Vance is here to teach us all about Juneteenth, an important holiday celebrated on June 19th. This special day commemorates the historic moment when Vance's African American ancestors were granted freedom. He proudly shares the significance of this day with us. Did you know that hip hop is a big part of African American culture? Well, Vance absolutely loves hip hop music! He's learning how to break dance alongside his dad, and he's even on his way to becoming a DJ! Watch out for Vance's sick beats and killer dance moves. Let's take a tour of Vance's room, shall we? It's filled with an awesome collection of books, and guess what? He's actually written two books himself! Vance is a budding author, and his creativity knows no bounds. Vance has a special vision board that helps him plan for the future. It's adorned with motivational words that remind him of his incredible self-worth. He knows that with determination and hard work, anything is possible. One of Vance's closest friends is Solomon, and together they talk about their school's Black Student Association. This incredible group gives a powerful voice to Black students and fights against racism not only in their school but across the globe. They are making a difference! Guess who else believes in Vance's potential? Member of Parliament Greg Fergus! He shares inspiring words with Vance, encouraging him to dream big. Who knows, Vance might just become the first Black Prime Minister of Canada one day! Stay tuned to see what amazing things Vance will accomplish next. We can't wait to witness his incredible journey unfold!