Green Squad


Hannabelle is a ten-year-old girl who is passionate about animals! When she grows up she wants to be veterinarian, but the Green Squad knows a few ways Hannabelle can help the animals now. Eric and Hannabelle visit the Wild Bird Care Centre where they learn about bird conservation, meet Indigo the American Kestrel, and release a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker into the wild! After, Eric shows Hannabelle other ways to help birds at home, like planting berries and decorating windows to avoid crashes. Kyle takes Hannabelle to the river where they learn about Seabins, which clean the waterways, and join a shoreline cleanup. Later, Lisa introduces Hannabelle to vermicomposting and together they build the composter, which will be home to Hannabelle's new pets - the red wigglers! Finally, the Squad says good bye to Hannabelle, knowing that she is going to be a big win for the wildlife!