Green Squad


Milla is a twelve-year-old girl who loves spooky movies, trick or treats, and Halloween! What she doesn't love is all the plastic waste and pollution that comes with it... Here comes the Green Squad to the rescue! Lisa and Milla play a game to see what candy wrappers are recyclable, and chat about how to use all parts of the pumpkin to reduce food waste. Shakira takes Milla to a thrift shop to find elements to make the perfect sustainable costume, and then head back home to transform Milla into the most adorable panda ever! Eric and Milla create a scary DIY haunted house in the garage using materials from Milla's recycling bin. Once it's all complete, Milla spooks her step-sisters with a milk-jug skeleton, some egg carton spiders, and some super creepy second-hand decorations from the thrift store. The Squad left Milla's house knowing that she can definitely have a green Halloween!