Green Squad


Eight-year-old Kyra is obsessed with ecology, and for her ninth birthday, she wants to celebrate with the bees! The Green Squad arrives to help her prepare for the celebrations, but first thing's first: a trip to the bee farm to help her get over her fear of bees and learn about this amazing species so she can better advocate for them. There they meet urban beekeeper Maddy, who teaches Kyra and the Squad about bee conservation. They even get to try some honey right from the hive! Then they meet with Jon to make some beeswax birthday candles. Back at home, Shakira shows Kyra how to make some upcycled birthday decorations using second-hand materials, as well as some wildflower seed-bombs for her party guests to take home. Lisa and Kyra make a birthday cake with raw honey, and once they're done, they give Kyra a box to collect donations for bee conservation. After all the party preparations are in place, the Squad says good bye to Kyra, and wishes her a happy bee-day!