Green Squad


When twelve-year-old Vikram visits his grandparents in India, he's always inspired by how his family saves water and limits food waste, and wants the Green Squad to help him do the same at home. Shakira and Vikram head to the bathroom to measure how much water is wasted when the tap is left on while brushing your teeth, and create a helpful chart to keep track of how much water you save when you take shorter showers! Sigfried takes Vikram and his sister Shrika to visit Erin, who makes all kinds of sustainable bathroom products, and together they make plastic-free shampoo bars! Lisa learns a thing or two from Vikram's mom about Indian cooking and the Squad shares a meal with the family, then Lisa teaches Vikram some funky know-how about composting. With new waste-free habits in his toolbelt, Vikram is able take his family's eco-friendly lifestyle all the way from Bangalore to Burlington!