Raven's Quest


Autumn is an 11-year-old Gitxsan girl from the Kispiox Band. She lives in Terrace, British Columbia. Autumn's two best friends, Rufus and Xaden, drop by to build snowmen and play in the snow. They make and then eat crispy fried candlefish as a snack. In her bedroom, Autumn shows us her perfect attendance certificates and her medals and trophy for running the Salmon Run Race at school. At school, Autumn tutors a kindergarten girl in reading and then plays the Ukelele. Autumn enjoys making roses from cedar bark, and she shows us how to make them. It's a traditional craft. Autumn, Rufus and Xaden go snowshoeing with their teacher, G'wales, who teaches them how to set up a special camera that captures pictures of animals in the forest. Autumn's special word is "saak" in Gitxsan which means "candlefish".