Raven's Quest


Kikpesan just turned 13. She's from the Mi'kmaq Nation and she lives in Esgenoòpetitj, New Brunswick. Kikpesan is an accomplished archer. She has competed at the New Brunswick Indian Summer Games and has won many medals for all the sports she plays: hockey, swimming and more! Kikpesan takes care of twenty chickens and sells their eggs around her neighbourhood. Her special word, ,go'qolo'gwej, means ,chicken, in Mi'kmaq! Kikpesan's parents are lobster fishers, and on weekends she gets up early to go out on their boat to help with the catch. Kikpesan's special job is to measure the lobsters. With her best buddy, Harmony, Kikpesan enjoys playing hide and seek and they hang out together on the beach looking for interesting things. Kikpesan once found a small carved totem which she thinks might be made out of whale bone. Kikpesan and her family have a sweat lodge in back of their home. It's a very special and sacred place. Kikpesan explains that during ceremonies she and her family drum, sing and pray in the sweat lodge.