Raven's Quest


Myles is a 10-year-old Ojibwe boy from Brandon, Manitoba. He demonstrates how to make a dream catcher with his sisters and, while at school, how to build a traditional drum from hide and wood. In his bedroom, Myles shows us his grass-dancing regalia and some artwork that shows ,The Seven Teachings,: love, honesty, respect, humility, truth, wisdom, and courage. These are teachings that his people believe you should live by to have a good life. Myles is learning how to play hockey and loves to hang out with his buddy, Kingston, on the rink. In the kitchen, Myles makes a delicious duck soup that his entire family enjoys. Near his home, there are some very rare and sacred white buffaloes. Myles visits them and explains why it's important to honour the buffalo with a special offering of tobacco. In Ojibwe, the word for buffalo is: ,Mashkode Bizhiki,