Raven's Quest


Bradley is an 11-year-old boy from Six Nations of the Grand River in Ontario. He introduces us to his grandparents' home, where he spends his summer on Walpole Island. Bradley has a gigantic English Mastiff named Douglas as a pet. Bradley teaches Douglas tricks like sit and roll over. His special word is ,So:wa:s, which means ,dog, in Cayuga or Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ, his nation's language. Bradley loves to go fishing with his Grandfather, and he shows us his skills casting a line. He explains that many years ago there were so many fish in the river that you only had to dip a bucket into the water to catch fish! Bradley and his cousin Maverick take us exploring in the forest behind his grandparents' house. There are many animals that live there, including a toad that the boys find. At lunch, the boys cook up some delicious fried fish that came from the river outside. Bradley loves to play hockey, rugby and baseball and he and Maverick demonstrate how to play a game when there are only two players on the baseball diamond! Bradley enjoys drawing all kinds of animals and dinosaurs. His drawings illustrate a traditional story he tells Maverick about the Big Dipper and three First Nations hunters.