Raven's Quest


Wiingashk is an 11-year-old boy from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. He's Ojibwe. Wiingashk loves to hang out with his father and together they practice archery on their home-made targets. They also go hunting together in the bush and Wiingashk shows us some moose, bear and deer photos taken by their trap cameras. He explains that when you catch your first animal, it's important to share the meat with other members of the community. Wiingashk's special word is ,adik, which means ,elk, in Ojibwe. Wiingashk has a service dog, Loki, that helps him at night and alerts him to his seizures. Loki is an important friend and a member of the family. With his cousin, Eddy, Wiingashk loves to ride BMX bikes at the local skate park and he's a pretty good soccer player too! When the weather is good, Wiingashk and his Dad throw on their wetsuits and go snorkeling in the river to look for lost fishing lures and to check out the underwater life. In his bedroom, Wiingashk shows us his beehive, which has traditional medicinal properties. He believes the beehive helps push away illness. Luckily, there are no bees inside! Wiingashk is a featured dancer at the Sault Ste. Marie Indigenous Day celebration and he performs the Fancy Bustle dance with great pride.