Raven's Quest


Waskwaabiish is a 10-year-old boy from the Mohawk and Anishinaabe nations. He lives in Waterford, Ontario. His mother teaches people to make moccasins and Waskwaabiish and his brother Miikhaans help her prepare the deer hide and materials for her classes. Waskwaabiish is a science fan and shows how to blow up a balloon using a chemical reaction from mixing baking soda and vinegar together. With his best buddy, Payton, Waaskwabiish loves to play baseball and together they go biking along the nature trails in town. His cousins, Winter and Phoenix drop by and the gang cooks up a delicious hash brown casserole - Waskwaabiish's specialty. In his bedroom, Waskwaabiish introduces us to his guinea pig, Furball, and shows us some of his sports medals for lacrosse and hockey and his air hockey table. Besides his love of sports, Waskwaabiish is a winning public speaker and enjoys speaking in front of crowds. He is also an accomplished smoke dancer and shows us his regalia and his footwork when he dances. His special word is ,giniiwaande, which is the Anishinaabe word for the colour pink. Waskwaabiish thinks we should all stand up to bullying.