Book Hungry Bears

Boomer and the Babies / Scout the Scarecrow

The Bears hunt for books near a farm, but when they come across a baby bird and baby horse, Boomer can't understand why they can't do things that all birds and horses can do. He learns that baby animals need time and practice to do things that adult animals do. BOOK: Kitten's Spring A story about mothers and their babies in spring and the sounds they make. Kitten visits them all before going to sleep at the end of the day. --- Scout gets startled by a crow and is upset that he scares so easily. So, when the Bears come across a scarecrow, Scout decides he will be a scarecrow too! He soon learns that while sometimes we compare ourselves to others and wish we were like them, we can be happy being ourselves. BOOK: Me and You Two very different friends explore what it would be like to be each other... and discover they are best just the way they are.